31 August 2006

Another Day in Occupied Palestine

The political and military officials in Apartheid Israel continue to feel the heat from the Zionists' failed invasion of Lebanon. Amidst the ongoing dispensation of Uncle Sam's Welfare Checks to cover the costs of the sustained assault of Palestine and Lebanon by cluster-bombing Zionist Blitzkriegers, the economic news throughout Occupied Palestine reveals the hidden vulnerabilities and weaknesses of an Apartheid state totally dependent on the theft of land, labor, and resources for its sustenance. "Between a fifth and a third of residents (it varies by HMO) were displeased with service availability during the war," reported Ha'aretz.

Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports on Thursday that "Israel Defense Forces troops killed eight Palestinians yesterday, including a 14-year-old, in Gaza City." Yet even as money is spent to support the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people, Ruth Sinai reports in Ha'aretz that more and more of those living under the boot of Zionist control are impoverished:
Nearly 100,000 Israelis joined the ranks of the poor in the past year. More than half of them, 55,000, were children. This brings the number of children living under the poverty line to 35.2 percent of all Israeli children, a record for the developed world.

The number of Israelis under the poverty line reached 1,630,500 in 2005, 24.7 percent of the total population. Children comprised 768,000 of this number, rising from 33.2 percent of all Israeli children in 2004 to 35.2 percent in 2005.
Meanwhile, amidst a call by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine for a unified Palestinian Resistance, Zionist Land-Grabbers have once again retreated from northern Gaza after another failed campaign to stop rocket attacks from Palestinian Resistance groups. During the Zionist invasion, masked operatives acting in the interest of Apartheid Israel did murder a Resistance leader.

So, unable to pacify Gaza, the Land-Grabbers have turned their attention to the Occupied West Bank - specifically the town of Nablus. Fatah's Secretary-General in the West Bank and Zionist political prisoner - Marwan Barghouti - was moved from the outskirts of Tel Aviv into a Zionist Dungeon in the desert while a regional commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades died in the old city during heavy fighting there on Thursday, which Ma'an described:
After fierce clashes between the Israeli army and armed Palestinians in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, the Israeli forces assassinated the local leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades on Thursday morning. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Israeli army also suffered casualties in the clashes.

Fadi Qafaishah, 32, the local leader of the main military wing of Fatah, was killed in the centre of the Old City of Nablus after many hours of fierce fighting. The Al Aqsa Brigades have vowed revenge for the assassination of Qafaishah, both against Isareli targets inside the occupied Palestinian territories and inside Israel.

Six other Palestinians were injured, two seriously, and the Israeli forces are also reported to have sustained injuries....

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli forces raided the city from many directions. With the help of drones, the Israeli soldiers surrounded a group of Al Aqsa Brigades' fighters in the Old City of Nablus. A fierce battle, lasting for several hours, took place between the fighters and the Israeli forces, ending with the killing of Qafaishah and the injury of six other Palestinians.

The witnesses said that the operation started after the Palestinian fighters detonated a roadside bomb when an Israeli jeep passed through the area. They say that the jeep was destroyed with many soldiers in it. They added that pieces of the bodies of two Israeli soldiers were found in the area after the battle ended. In addition, Israeli military uniforms were found in the area covered with blood. Medical equipment was also discovered suggesting that the Israeli soldiers were treated on site.

In the same area, confrontations broke out between the Israeli soldiers and dozens of angry Palestinian youths who threw stones and empty bottles at the Israeli soldiers while the Israeli soldiers responded with live bullets, gas and sound bombs to disperse them. A number of Palestinians were injured in the clashes.
Apartheid Israel was soundly defeated in Lebanon largly because the vaunted Zionist Land-Grabbers have become nothing more than glorified Pigs who harrass women at checkpoints, fire indiscriminately at rock-throwing kids, and shell civilian homes. These tactics may work, in the short term, to quell the Palestinian Intifada. But in the long run, they only make for a weaker military.

And the racist brutality of the savagery undertaken by the Zionist occupiers in Palestine will have dire consequences that make the recent defeat against the Lebanese Resistance appear tame by comparison.

30 August 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Abraham's children of war

Slave Revolt Radio
Abraham's children of war, genocide, and Imperial State colonization: Israel and Sudan'
by Tracey James

Hierarchical beliefs in the form of the State construct or religious beliefs construct is a form of discipline on the mass population. In monopolistic privatize societies dominating elites weather in the form of Kings, Queens, Corporations, Presidents, Sultans, etc. Or in the form of all power full universe creating invisible spacemen (Gods), or of course 'Gods' administrators of 'his word' Priest, Prophets, Popes, Ministers, etc, serve as a system of institutionalized thought. In hierarchical societies the institutionalized population can often be lead into imperial wars. The State is but a institution of advance warfare for the interest of the elite. Many religions are a form of mass disciplining of the masses that benefit those elites within those privatized Hierarchical State constructs of death and control.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) piece called Abraham's children of war, genocide, and Imperial State colonization: Israel and Sudan'. Slave Revolt addresses this subject. We deal with how in the name of a 'greater Israel' the state of Israel justifies it's imperial ambitions to the 'believers' in part by it religion and a ethnic identity tied to that religion. At the same time Those in power in Sudan have expanded their wars on the indigenous populations by the logical use of their Abrahamic religion and ethnic (Arab) identity claims. Both Ab's really want to expand their privatized power, influence, and monopolize the resources for the interest of the few. This is how States function. Yet in many Abrahamic societies religions help shape their populations into war making cheer leading drones.

A religious glove fitted over a steel State fist. And a fist that like the glove demand submission from the slaves. Is a world that the Slaves, the ones who live without Sorcery based myths. Who h
ave tasted the chains of your genocidal war producing 'civilizations' can no longer absorb.

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29 August 2006

Has the Housing Bubble Begun to Leak?

Pay careful attention to the flurry of reports in recent days concerning the Housing Bubble on Sam's Plantation. Such reports have reached a fever pitch.

Calling last week's housing news "one big series of uh-ohs," a piece in Sunday's Washington Post reported on the deluge of bad news:
First there was the report that sales of existing homes in July dropped to a rate 11.2 percent below the level a year earlier, with the inventory of unsold homes rising to a record 3.85 million, enough so that it would take 7.3 months to sell them at the current pace. The declines were most striking on the coasts.

Then came similarly alarming data on new home sales.
On Friday, a report in the Financial Times provided those numbers: "sales of new homes in the US fell by an unexpectedly large 4.3 per cent in July, the third consecutive monthly decline, and the supply of unsold homes rose to its highest in more than a decade."

Richard Beales and Daniel Pimlott, the piece's co-authors, continue:
On Wednesday, data had also showed a much larger than expected fall in sales of existing homes, the latest in a string of weak reports on residential property....

The broader question is the impact a sharp housing slowdown could have on the pace of economic growth, a concern for stock investors.
No matter the immediate effect the bursting of the housing bubble will have on Wall Street, such a precipitous decline in home sales bodes ill for Uncle Sam's debtor economy. The Post piece ominously warns that "the hordes of recent buyers who, having assumed adjustable-rate mortgages that are becoming increasingly unaffordable as interest rates rise, may be forced to sell."

On Sunday, the New York Times weekend edition contained a piece with more ominous numbers and stark warnings to those caught in the adjustable-rate mortgage vortex:
The number of building permits being issued is falling at a rate usually seen only in recessions. In July, 11 percent fewer existing homes were sold than were sold a year earlier; 22 percent fewer new houses were sold....

In Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami, prices have almost doubled since 2003, and they have risen about 50 percent in New York and San Francisco, the National Association of Realtors says.

Jumps of this magnitude have little precedent. To afford homes, some buyers, especially in California, have resorted to aggressive mortgages, like those that allow artificially low payments in the early years. In effect, families seem to be buying houses they cannot afford, in the hope that their incomes or property values will rise significantly...

If prices do decline, some of the first victims would be families in a financial bind that are unable to rescue themselves by refinancing their mortgage. Foreclosures would then rise, damaging banks and increasing the number of homes for sale.
Uncle Sam's economic strength has become totally dependent on massive injections of cash generated by an artificially appreciated real-estate market that Mike Davis calls "the bastard offspring of the stock-market bubble of the mid-1990s." But unlike the relatively circumscribed stock market collapse from a few years ago, the effects of housing market collapse will devastate a much larger population that could anticipate an economic cataclysm of global proportions.

Iraqi Resistance Reports: 25-28 August

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Four US Marines reported dead in hour-long gun battle with Resistance fighters in al-Hadithah, midday Friday.
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US soldier in al-Fallujah at noon Friday.
  • Resistance landmine blasts American tank leaving two US troops reported dead in Hit late Friday morning.
  • US air raids kill seven civilians in ar-Ramadi midday Friday; 20 more residents wounded. Locals shocked at sudden strikes, as city had been totally quiet.
  • US artillery opens up on mosque in ar-Ramadi during Friday prayers, killing five worshippers, wounding 26.
  • Americans kill three local men, one of them aged 70, in ar-Ramadi, then use the bodies for target practice.
  • Shi‘i sectarian Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen together with pro-American puppet regime “Shock Troops” attack, destroy Sunni mosque in Baghdad late Thursday night, murdering two wounded mosque defenders.
  • Three US troops reported killed in Resistance ambush in al-Fallujah Friday afternoon.
  • SCIRI chief renews calls for “federal” partition of Iraq, echoing desires of US, Zionist imperial strategists.
  • New batch of Sunni captives herded to Buratha Mosque by pro-American Shi‘i sectarian death squads for torture and murder Saturday.
  • Deadly high-explosive Resistance bomb takes out CIA vehicle in Baghdad Saturday afternoon.
  • Resistance bomb blasts US Humvee in al-Mawsil leaving US soldier reported dead early Saturday.
  • Puppet “Governing Council” of al-Basrah issues stringent censorship order for journalists following demonstrations in support of Iraqi President Saddam Husayn.
  • US soldier reported killed by Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter in al-Khalidiyah.
  • Bodies of 26 Sunnis, all torture victims, found in Baghdad in 48-hour period. Among them a mother and her three sons kidnapped by Shi‘i sectarian gunmen two days ago.
  • US snipers kill 16 Iraqi civilians, including four women, three children, in ar-Ramadi.
  • US soldier reported killed by Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter in ‘Amiriyat al-Fallujah midday Monday.
  • Four US troops reported killed in ambush in eastern Hit.
  • Resistance mortars blast US consulate in al-Hillah.
  • US soldier reported killed in Resistance bombing in ad-Dayirah, south of Baghdad.
  • Hand of Iranian religious leaders seen behind battle over control of Shi‘i religious funds in fighting in ad-Diwaniyah.

27 August 2006

Free Arab Voice:
Declaration in Support of the Arab Resistance in Lebanon

The invaluable Comrades who translate the Iraq Resistance Reports into English, Free Arab Voice, recently published a powerful statement in support of those resisting the Zionists' long-planned imperialist attack against Lebanon.

The piece, written by Nabila Harb, makes clear that anyone refusing to categorically condemn the Zionist attack on Lebanon, anyone who claims to remain neutral, has made a fundamental political choice. By saying nothing, one gives their assent to the enless convoys of weapons, arming and funding the Zionist blitzkrieg, as well as Apartheid Israel's ongoing siege of Lebanon.

I've posted a selection of the text below.
To every Arab Nationalist, to every Muslim, to every supporter of the Resistance against imperialist and/or Zionist aggression, to every supporter of justice and freedom:

Any one who attempts to argue that Hizb'ullah is nothing more than a Lebanese Shi'a organisation might as well give active support to the Zionists. Any one who attempts to argue that Hizb'ullah is the instigator of unprovoked aggression here has his/her head in the sand and is in danger of finding a new world map when he/she finally takes a look at the world.

Western media propaganda is as far from the truth as the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Surely the Arab Nation, constantly victimised by Zionist-dominated Western media, has the sense to look elsewhere for the facts! We know that the majority of Arab leaders are corrupt and are concerned only with their own selfish and greedy interests. Motivated by a combination of greed and fear, they have seen fit to bow to Western pressure and have abandoned the forces who actually have the courage and determination to strike a blow against the enemies of the Arab Nation. Who will dare to show the same sort of courage?

20 August 2006

Apartheid Israel Destroys; Hizbullah Rebuilds

"First, there is a new - there's going to be a new power in the south of Lebanon, and that's going to be a Lebanese force with a robust international force to help them seize control of the country, that part of the country."

- BringItOn Bush -

"Apartheid Israel won this war." That's the fantasy BringItOn, Uncle Sam's unelected leader, tells us to believe in the opening quote. He uttered these words as a half-million Lebanese returned home to address the humanitarian and economic crisis in the aftermath of Apartheid Israel's intense, sustained, savage blitzkrieg.

But as it always does, reality has proven him wrong.

In the same way as Hizbullah took the lead in defending Lebanon during the Zionist attack militarily, it quickly and efficiently assumed command in the nationwide effort to rebuild the country. On Wednesday, a combined wire services dispatch reported:
Hezbollah has begun to help thousands of people whose homes have been damaged or destroyed in the conflict with Israel.

Hundreds of people visited a registration centre set up in a Beirut secondary school on Wednesday to report the damage to their homes...

Hours after the ceasefire began on Monday, the leader of the Shia Muslim group, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, appeared on television and promised to help Lebanese civilians rebuild, pledging money for civilians to pay rent and buy furniture...

Hundreds of workers were in the streets of Dahiyeh on Wednesday, clearing streets and removing rubble. Some areas were closed by Hezbollah members to protect the building from theft and only residents were allowed to enter after getting special passes.
Hizbullah's well-organzied campaign to rebuild Lebanon surprised Uncle Sam, which planned to seize upon the country's destruction to make it dependent on and subservient to Apartheid Israel. While Uncle Sam makes 'pledges' of 'aid' that would sabotage Lebanon, Hizbullah tells the truth.

More of Lebanon now relies on Hizbullah than ever before. On Thursday, the Toronto Globe & Mail featured a report on the rebuilding effort:
Hezbollah has even formed a construction company, Jihad al-Benaa (Holy War for Construction) to handle the rebuilding of the south....

The work had already begun yesterday. A Bobcat mini-bulldozer, rented by Hezbollah, was clearing the streets of rubble so that cars could again enter the town.

Until there are homes that residents can return to, Hezbollah has announced it will pay to rent fully furnished apartments for one year for all those currently homeless. Those who lost relatives will receive a lifetime monthly stipend from the Party of God. Abu Hassan wouldn't reveal the amount, but said it was enough to make the bereaved families "comfortable..."

By doing the rebuilding themselves, Hezbollah was also helping cement what many see as their victories in towns like Aita al-Shaab. Fighters clad in black T-shirts and green cargo pants strolled through town yesterday, proudly pointing out sites where they claimed to have ambushed groups of Israeli soldiers.

A combined wire services report from Friday further detailed the rebuilding campaign:
Hezbollah has begun dispensing hand-outs of $12,000 in cash to families whose homes were destroyed by Israeli air strikes in southern Beirut.

The group said on Friday that it had compensated 120 families so far with the one-off cash payment, intended to help victims of the bombings rent a flat for a year and furnish it.... The scheme appears likely to cost at least $150 million.

The Lebanese government has yet to launch any similar scheme.
Ah, the use and abuse of language. One wonders if this writer wished that Uncle Sam had a similar "scheme" after Katrina. Regardless, the piece continues:
A Hezbollah official at one of 12 centres set up in southern Beirut to organise the hand-out said families were being asked to produce an identity card and a certificate of ownership of the property.

"We have full information on all the buildings that have been destroyed or damaged," he said.

"Later on, we will either pay for new flats or rebuild the buildings that were destroyed...."

He said 15,000 dwellings had been completely destroyed in the Israeli bombardment but the guerrilla group, which runs a large network of health, education and social centres, would also pay for repairs to houses that were still standing.
Just as Hizbullah's campaign to restore Southern Lebanon got underway, the country's collaboratioinist March 14 Movement leadership - a collection of anti-Hizbullah figures who seek greater Lebanese alignment with Uncle Sam - attacked the Resistance group.

Instead of directly confronting Hizbullah in Lebanon (where its popularity stands around 90%), Uncle Sam's lackeys there - people like Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblatt - have gone after them by proxy, attacking Syria. They alledge, implictly or otherwise, that Hizbullah is a figurehead and Syria calls the shots. Jumblatt and Hariri do not blame Apartheid Israel - even indirectly - for the massacres of innocent civilians, the destruction of bridges, the attacks on hospitals, schools, etc.

On Saturday, the Hariri/Jumblatt fairy tale became even tougher to defend. Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reported this weekend that:
A senior Israel Defense Forces officer was killed yesterday, another officer was badly wounded and a third officer was lightly wounded in a firefight with Hezbollah men in the Bekaa area of Lebanon. All three officers were from Sayeret Matkal, the General Staff's elite special-operations unit.
The Zionist Land-Grabbers - dressed as Lebanese soldiers - were discovered and attacked by Lebanese Resistance fighters from Hizbullah near the Ancient Roman city of Baalbeck, deep in the heart of Lebanon. Do Hariri and Jumblatt blame Syria for this, too?

Seeing Hizbullah's strength and popularity, Syria has proposed starting its own Hizbullah to liberate the Zionist-occupied Golan Heights. This move - a concrete manifestation of Hizbullah's triumph - fuels concerns held by Zionist Land-Grabbers in Occupied Palestine and those here on the Plantation that the 'cease-fire' represents a stunning and overwhelming defeat for Apartheid Israel that leaves the Zionist colony on the verge of political collapse. According to a Ha'aretz report:
Some 160 infantry reserve soldiers are accusing their commanders of preventing them from participating in a demonstration against the war in Lebanon, which they called a "debacle." The soldiers said they had been used as "sitting ducks."
One of Apartheid Israel's many lackeys at the New York Post, Ralph Peters, writes on Thursday 17 August that "I wish I could back up our president's surreal claim that Israel won. I wish Israel had won." He continues:
Israel's rep for toughness in tatters. Hezbollah triumphant. Iran cockier than ever. Syria untouched. Lebanon's government crippled....

The debacle in Lebanon wasn't even a war. It was only round one of a war. And Israel's back in its corner, dazed and punch-drunk....

Israel couldn't wait to throw in the towel and start pulling out troops.

If you're an Israel supporter - as I proudly admit to being - get ready for some tough love: Not only did Israel's abysmally incompetent government start a war impulsively and prosecute it half-heartedly, the country's military leadership failed, too....

The IDF's reserve forces were a shambles when they mobilized. Information from an inside source reveals that, when the reserves' warehouses and depots were opened, key stocks were missing - stolen... What was gone? Fuel, weapons, ammunition, food, spare parts - all that a modern military needs to go to war.
Despite the fantasies and hopes of Uncle Sam's unelected leader, no international power has the military, political, or logistical capacity to disarm the Resistance or "seize control of the country." UN Resolution 1701, the cease-fire resolution, calls for 15,000 UNIFIL soldiers to occupy Southern Lebanon as a proxy force for Apartheid Israel.

Yet thus far, the world has pledged to send a paltry 3,500 soldiers - 2,000 of whom are from Bangledesh - with no timetable for deployment. France, who has claimed the mantle of heading up the operation, has offered to send only 200, vowing more only when Hizbullah gives up its arms. In Friday's Independent, Robert Fisk writes:
The French are on their way - or are supposed to be. It is the French - whose own General Alain Pellegrini already commands the small UN force here - who will run the new international army in Lebanon. But are they supposed to disarm Hizbollah? Or fight them? Or just sit in southern Lebanon as a buffer force to protect Israel? The French are still demanding - very wisely - a clear mandate for their role here. But Lebanon does not provide clear mandates for anyone, least of all the French.
Many have claimed the UNs reluctance to send forces into Lebanon comes out of Hizbullah's unwillingness to unilaterally disarm. But a far greater concern, one realized in recent weeks, comes out of fear that Apartheid Israel will target them again as it did during its blitzkrieg of the country weeks ago.

As the Baalbeck raid reminds us, we know Apartheid Israel will not honor this 'cease-fire' because they never honor any cease-fire.

Undoubtedly Hizbullah knows this, too.

19 August 2006

Comrade Chavez on President BringItOn

My comrade Jesus del Norte posted this clip from 30 May at his blog, Still Hangin' on a Cross & Snarking from Golgotha.

18 August 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: 16 August 2006

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Two Iraqi Resistance bombs and Resistance fighter with explosive belt kill 15 Shi‘i sectarian militia gunmen in Baghdad’s al-Bab ash-Sharqi district Wednesday afternoon.
  • Resistance fighter detonates explosive belt among gathering of US troops in al-Miqdadiyah. Eight Americans and their Lebanese translator reported dead Wednesday afternoon.
  • Iraqi Resistance liberates the western part of the city of al-Mawsil – Iraq’s third largest city – after a day of heavy fighting.
  • Shi‘i tribesmen attack puppet government building in al-Basrah.

16 August 2006

Savage Pigwatch: Mexican Federales Attack Peaceful Protesters in Mexico City

In his 16 August AP dispatch, Ioan Grillo ominously reports on the recent developments in Mexico City over the popular demand to count every vote in the recent Presidential election:
A potentially dangerous confrontation between the Mexican army and thousands of protesters loomed larger Tuesday as federal officials insisted on holding annual Independence Day celebrations on the same streets occupied for weeks by supporters of the leftist presidential candidate.
Grillo is right: with the assent of Mexico City's political 'leadership', the Federal pigs seem determined to provoke a confrontation between themselves and the thousands of people who have taken to the streets demanding that the Mexican government count the ballots of the July 2 election. This demand for a military parade regardless of whether the votes have been tallied lays the foundation for an Independence Day bloodbath in Mexico City next month.
Mexicans celebrate their independence from Spain every year... on the night of Sept. 15... as multitudes gather in the central square, or Zócalo. The next day, the Mexican army assembles in the square and marches down wide Reforma Avenue, to the cheers of thousands of families.

This year, the celebrations will be impossible unless protest camps are cleared.
The Financial Times quotes Manuel Camacho, "one of Mr López Obrador’s key strategists," who argues that "the struggle remains centred on tangible facts of fraud. The latest proof of that is the long list of 'irregularities' that have surfaced from a partial recount of the votes ordered last week by Mexico’s electoral tribunal."
He says the partial recount has already shown that a huge number of ballot boxes contained more votes than there were people on the corresponding electoral register. “If the tribunal annulled those ballot boxes – a step they are obliged to take legally – Andres Manuel would win the election by almost 29,000 votes,” he says.
Mexico's Federal pigs could care less about political maneuvering or vote counts. They respond to raw power, pure and simple. And while politicians opposed to counting the votes made their proclamations, another 16 August wire service piece reported that Federal police exerted that power by attacking a protest opposing the pronouncement outside of Congress:
Hundreds of riot police in black body armor sealed Congress with roadblocks and a metal wall Tuesday to keep leftist protesters away after a clash over Mexico's disputed presidential election.

Federal police took control of all the streets around Congress in a show of force to prevent protesters from blockading the building ahead of President Vicente Fox's state of the nation speech there Sept. 1.

About 15 legislators from the left-wing party whose presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, narrowly lost the July 2 election were among those hurt Monday when police tore down tents in their partially built camp, tear-gassed protesters and drove them back with clubs.
"This is a message to intimidate us, but we are not cowards, Mr. President," Andrés Manuel López Obrador told a rally later. "We won't allow ourselves to be provoked." But unfortunately, faced with a situation where Mexico City's police - who answer to an ally of López Obrador - refuse to attack protesters, Mexico's Federal Pigs violently escalated the conflict, promising far greater bloodshed in the coming days and weeks.

The pigs' attack against the people on Tuesday comes on the heels of a recent speech by López Obrador stating that he and his supporters will intensify their protests against the fraudulent election. In Tuesdays Financial Times, Adam Thomson quotes selections from a recent López Obrador speech in Mexico City:
Never again will we allow them to install an illegal and illegitimate government in our country... Here and now begins a new period in Mexico...with the sovereign power of the people we will undertake the changes and transformations that this country needs.
López Obrador's supporters - along with some new allies including "some followers of Sub-commander [sic] Marcos, the masked guerrilla leader who led a 1994 uprising in Mexico’s poverty-stricken southern state of Chiapas" - seem prepared for and committed to intensify the struggle with new tactics.
These included mounting protests at every one of Mr Calderón’s public acts, and holding another rally in the Zócalo on September 16 - the same day that Mexico’s armed forces traditionally parade in the square to mark the country’s independence. He also said his blockade of Paseo de la Reforma, a central avenue in Mexico City, could last for years.
López Obrador is deluded if he honestly believes that this crisis will resolve itself in his favor so long as his supporters remain deferential to ruthless, barbaric pigs. But such is the nature of reformism.

Yet in the course of struggle, as crises emerge that demand immediate action, reformism tends to equivocate itself into nothingness. As AMLO's supporters confront the material reality of forces aligned against them, they must face it not with reformist illusions but steadfastness, brutal truth, and determined action. Otherwise, reaction will triumph in yet another bloodbath.

Iraqi Resistance Report: 14-15 August 2006

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • High-explosive Iraqi Resistance bomb explodes under American Humvee in al-Fallujah, reportedly killing three US troops, mortally wounding fourth.
  • Eleven Sunni youths disappear at checkpoint run by puppet forces in western Baghdad Monday morning.
  • Resistance rockets, bombs target Shi‘i sectarian militia gunmen in “Suq Maryam” in Baghdad’s az-Za‘faraniyah district Sunday night.
  • Refugees from sectarian violence, family of four killed in American air raid in ar-Ramadi.
  • Four US troops reported killed in Resistance rocket attack on Humvee in ar-Ramadi midday Tuesday.
  • US soldier reported killed by Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter amidst spate of Resistance attacks in al-Fallujah.

Lenin's Tomb:
Apartheid Israel Denies Lebanese the Right to Return

Lenin's Tomb covered an issue I was hoping to address yesterday: Apartheid Israel's threats and intimidation of the Lebanese people - cryptically warning them against returning home - and the steadfast refusal of the Lebanese people to cower in fear of these threats.

Of course, since Apartheid Israel is a crypto-fascist military dictatorship for whom violence is normalized and glorified, it even ignores a cease-fire that was brokered for its benefit after much strong-arming from Uncle Sam, killing people right and left and demanding that Hizbullah again resume its campaign of resistance.

Did alCIAda Kidnap Two Fox 'News' Reporters in Palestine?

The mysterious kidnapping of 2 Fox 'News' reporters became even more intriguing on Wednesday after all Palestinian political factions denied responsibility for the operation. AP reports:
The wife of a kidnapped Fox News cameraman said Wednesday she's been told by Palestinian officials her husband's captors acted on their own, without support from militant groups....

"The bottom line is, there is no good reason for these two men to be held," said McNaught, a BBC World presenter. "They are friends of the Palestinians. They are here telling the Palestinian story for weeks now, when the rest of the world's media has not been here."
While it hardly bears mentioning that reporters from Fox are not friends of Palestine, it is noteworthy that while most media have dropped the ball there, these stayed, covering the story. Their exposure of what Apartheid Israel routinely does in Palestine may tells a story by itself. That story may explain why they were attacked.

Considering that just last month Zionist Land-Grabbers fired on a different Fox 'News' reporting crew, this speculation is not without foundation.

Just as Uncle Sam has trained teams of Mosque Bombers and Death Squads in Iraq whose operations are meant to deligitimate the Resistance and divide the country, we must at least speculate, as Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel aim to foment a civil war between Hamas and Fatah, that the same strategy may be in motion in Palestine.

In the past, as we have covered at Savage Justice, Uncle Sam, Apartheid Israel, and Palestinian collaborators like Mahmoud Abbas have invoked the spectre of EVIL alCIAda GOBLINS like Zarqawi to demonize the Palestinian Resistance.

We have seen in recent days, with the absurd campaign of Trans-Atlantic fear mongering, the concrete manifestations of how Uncle Sam and his surrogates and offshoots like the ISI and MI6 use their own creation - the Psy-Op alCIAda conspiracy - to advance their respective political agendas.

So amidst the creation of a unity government in Palestine that will unite all political factions in opposition to Apartheid Israel, it makes sense to assume that similar a political calculation underscores this brazen kidnapping.

15 August 2006

Will Mossad Ignite a War with Syria by Killing Fouad Siniora?

Since the sham cease-fire took hold in Southern Lebanon two days ago - a ceasefire in which the UN allows Apartheid Israel to freely blockade, murder and pillage the same Lebanese whose land it occupies while crying about Hizbullah's arms - the Zionist propaganda site DEBKA has written several articles suggesting that an attempt on the life of Lebanon's Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, is imminent. As one would predict from such a propaganda outfit, DEBKA claims to have anonymous sources who assert that Syria will carry out the assassination.

But in the wake of a great victory for the Resistance that has, in the words of Syrian President Bashar Assad turned, "their 'New Middle East,' based on subjugation and humiliation, and denial of rights and identity... into an illusion," such an attack makes no sense. With Lebanon's pro-West Prime Minister already emaciated by the failed Zionist invasion, Syria has nothing to gain by assassinating him. Such a move would only serve to counter-productively blunt victorious euphoria of the Lebanese people.

For these same geopolitical and strategic reasons, however, such an attack on Siniora carried out by Mossad followed-up quickly by a propaganda campaign to accuse and then attack Syria makes perfect sense. And as we at Savage Justice have reported for months, such targetted killings by Mossad - usually carried out via car bombings - are not without precedent. Apartheid Israel assassinated Rafik Hariri for essentially the same reason as they would execute Siniora today: to weaken Hizbullah and drive a wedge between Lebanon and Syria.

Make no mistake about it: the historic victory achieved by Lebanon's Resistance - mainly Hizbullah - against Apartheid Israel is significant. But that hardly means that the Zionist colony will simply accept defeat. Instead, Apartheid Israel will regroup and rethink its battle plan. Rather than directly confronting Hizbullah again and suffering all the pain such a fruitless attack entails, Apartheid Israel clearly sees itself better poised to fight a war against Syria. So that's where it will go next. It will do whatever it takes to get there.

The difficulty they will encounter is that, just as Hizbullah knew what to expect from Apartheid Israel, Syria too has had ample time to plan extensively for this predictable contingency.

Blogging with Ahmadinejad

Unlike Uncle Sam's current unelected ignoramus of a 'leader', Iran's democratically elected populist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a teacher's appreciation for such high-minded concepts like literacy, knowledge and education. In the first entry of Ahmadinejad 's new blog, he writes:
My father’s sledgehammer and anvil could not cover my family’s necessary expenses. Thus, I had to start working in a shop that made certain parts for cooling system of buildings to make some money to cover a portion of my family’s expenses and also my educational costs... I was a distinguished student. From that time, I was interested and attached to teaching. I used to teach my friends and others in their houses. The last year of my high school, I prepared myself for university admission test-conquer. And later on that year, I took the test. Although I had nose bleeding during the test, but I became 132nd student among over 400 thousand participants. I was admitted for civil engineering major in one of the technical universities in Tehran.
The power of Ahmadinejad's blog derives totally from his ability to communicate intelligently with a wider audience. I eagerly anticipate following what Ahmadinejad writes - both for its own sake but just as much for the always amusing, always ignorant, always racist, and always uninformed responses by wackjob Zionists.

Given how Ahmadinejad's recent PR blitz - including this blog as well as the 60 Minutes interview - has already spun Zionists on Uncle Sam's Plantation and elsewhere into an an apoplectic fit, this blog promises to deliver great fun!

14 August 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The Empire Spreads it's Wings

Slave Revolt Radio
The Empire Spreads Its Wings:
The Long March Towards Permanent Genocidal
Imperial Resource Wars in the Middle East
by Tracey James

The recent events unfolding in Lebanon and Israel are part of a larger imperial struggle on the Grand Chess Boards privatized stage. The attack by Israel is part of a larger Geo-political war tactic to dominate the life energy blood of all industrialized societies, hydrocarbons. this strategy Outlined and backed by the powerful Elite in the Anglo/Western financial military corporate axis are determined to maintain and recement their power block by all genocidal means.

In this (Ruins Of Empire) segment called 'The Empire spreads it's wings: The long march towards permanent genocidal imperial resource wars in the Middle East' Slave Revolt aims it's sights at this subject. Listen as we explore the financial crisis Sam is in and how this is spurring on more adventurist actions. Hear how this expansion of capitalist death is based around China, Russia, and the evolution of the (SCO). And soak in as we explore how Syria and Iran are planned to be 'visited' next on this march of Imperial death.

Empires are forged by war. Empires are maintained by war. Empires are destroyed by war. Wars of privatized financial and of military decimation. Unless the Slaves of the planet realize and respond to these dynamics without any illusions and mystical beliefs this may turn out to be humanities final war.

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Iraqi Resistance Report: 11 August - 13 August

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Fighting rages in ar-Ramadi as more than 70 Resistance men assault US headquarters Friday evening.
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills American soldier in al-Fallujah late Friday morning.
  • Five US troops reported killed in early afternoon Resistance bombardment of base in al-Mahawil.
  • Two Resistance bombs rip through American column in al-Fallujah leaving six American troops reported killed.
  • US, puppet troops move to exert authority in al-Fallujah after ordering locally-recruited puppet police force dissolved on Friday.
  • Americans execute 15-year-old boy in ar-Ramadi Friday.
  • US soldier reported killed in Resistance bombing in al-Mada’in.
  • Resistance pounds joint US-Polish occupation base in al-Kut with heavy mortars.
  • Fourth highest-ranking Shi‘i cleric in Iraq abducted in Baghdad.
  • US soldier reported killed in bombing in Hur Rajab to the south of Baghdad.
  • US soldier reported killed by Iraqi sharpshooter in al-Yusufiyah.
  • Puppet governor of al-Mawsil survives second assassination attempt in less than a month.
  • US troops murder their Iraqi pimp in an-Najaf.

11 August 2006

Savage Welfare: Uncle Sam Ships More Cluster Bombs to Apartheid Israel

In order to continue to massacre children indiscriminately as part of their blitzkrieg of Lebanon, the pro-war New York Times reports on Friday that for the third time in the last month, Apartheid Israel had to beg its Uncle Sam for more weapons of death and slaughter.

This time, Apartheid Israel asked that Uncle Sam's welfare checks pay for cluster bombs.

The request comes amidst growing concern in Apartheid Israel that it cannot defeat the Lebanese Resistance militarily. Such a conclusion, taken in tandem with this request, seems to underscore yet again the deep interconnectedness between the Zionist ethnic cleansing campaign in Lebanon and arms giveaways by Uncle Sam that make it possible. If Lebanon cannot be conquered, at least its population will suffer:
Israel has asked the Bush administration to speed delivery of short-range antipersonnel rockets armed with cluster munitions...

The request for M-26 artillery rockets, which are fired in barrages and carry hundreds of grenade-like bomblets that scatter and explode over a broad area, is likely to be approved shortly, along with other arms, a senior official said...

Israel is asking for the rockets now because it has been unable to suppress Hezbollah’s Katyusha rocket attacks in the month-old conflict by using bombs dropped from aircraft and other types of artillery, the officials said. The Katyusha rockets have killed dozens of civilians in Israel.
After "Israel was found to have violated a 1976 agreement with the United States in which it had agreed only to use cluster munitions against Arab armies and against clearly defined military targets," Uncle Sam for a short time refused to give away cluster bombs. But, considering Sam's interest in slaughtering Arabs coincides with the Zionists', such prohibitions have long since ended.

Obrador Supporters Defend Mexico's Democracy in the Streets

A piece by Adam Thomson in Thursday's Financial Times describes the inspired effort afoot by Mexican citizens to demand that the government conduct a recount of last month's fraudulent election. Actions taken to demand a full recount has brought Mexico to a halt.

During the course of the post-election struggle to make certain that every Mexican vote gets counted, supporters of Andrés Manuel López Obrador have taken to the streets to demand their democratic rights in a most unique and creative way: by setting up camps where people gather to organize, cook, read, study and play - all in the name of democracy. Thomson writes:
Ever since July 30, when Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leftwing presidential candidate, called on followers to camp along the avenue to demand a full recount of the July 2 election, the hissing and screaming of buses has been replaced by the giggles of children in painting workshops and old men plucking traditional melodies on guitars.

Attitudes to the protest – Mr López Obrador insists he won the election even thought the official count says he narrowly lost to the centre-right candidate, Felipe Calderón – depend largely on who you are.

Businesses, particularly hotels along Reforma, complain that the protest has scared away their corporate clients. Some estimates suggest that local commerce has suffered an 80 per cent decline in income.

The blockade has also made the lives of many city residents miserable. On Circuito Interior, a nearby avenue, the traffic has grown to proportions rarely seen in the city’s history, and drivers seethe in their motionless vehicles and blast their horns with frustration.

But on a bridge about 10 metres above them, on a part of Reforma that stretches over Circuito Interior, life has never been calmer. In the Magdalena Contreras camp, named after one of the city’s 16 districts, a group of boys and girls plays chess with crudely carved oversized pieces while two policemen yawn and smoke cigarettes.

DVDs about Pancho Villa, the revolutionary heroes, are on sale and a portly man promotes a reading workshop: free of charge to anyone with the time to sit down for a while are Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad. Also available is a dog-eared copy of Leftwing Governments in Latin America. Farther up the avenue, María Lydia Guadalupe Vela Chichino, a middle-aged woman with warm dark eyes and an engaging smile, has erected a bright orange sign outside her tent showing a stick person shovelling earth. “Sorry for the inconvenience – democracy at work,” it reads.

Life in the camps is both organised and tranquil, she says. The street is clean and the 150 people who live in her camp have drawn up rotas for cooking and cleaning....

Peek into the storehouse of the Tlalpan camp, named after another of the city’s districts, and there are as many as 150 spare blankets. All are the same colour and all are new, which seems to undermine organisers’ insistence that they are all small donations from residents....

How long the blockade remains is anyone’s guess. But until Mr López Obrador announces a change of tactics it will continue to offer a logistics headache to those trying to get to work and a rare chance for others to enjoy the fun as they stroll unmolested down one of the world’s busiest avenues.
We on Uncle Sam's Plantation can learn much from this inspiring movement in Mexico, where people have refused to acquiesce to the blatantly fraudulent 'partial' recount to hold fast in defense of their democratic rights and a full recount of all the ballots.

Palestinians Withstand Zionist Terrorism, Continue Resistance

Since Apartheid Israel decided - several weaks ago - to launch yet another invasion into Lebanon, the world has watched the Resistance there use a combination of superior tactics, smarter leadership, and steadfastness to annihiliate and embarrass the Zionist Land-Grabbers. Because their courageous Resistance has so changed the equation in the region, many people (and among them I count myself) have become fixated on Lebanan and lost sight of the ongoing Resistance in Occupied Palestine as another site of Zionist collapse.

The question of Palestine is central to the fight for Lebanon. One recalls that Apartheid Israel first decided to escalate their genocidal campaign to cleanse the region of Arabs and Muslims by attacking the Palestinian Resistance on the flimsy pretext of recovering one captured Land-Grabber and stopping the rocket attacks launched from occupied Palestine into Apartheid Israel. As in Lebanon, the Zionist's efforts to achieve their aims - while brutal, indescriminate, and criminal - have achieved nothing. And while it remains less capable militarily of inflicting losses upon the Land-Grabbers, ongoing Resistance to Apartheid Israel in Palestine has forced the Zionist colony to respond in the same tactically ineffective way in Palestine that it has in Lebanon: by using Uncle Sam's bombers, bulldozers, tanks and helicoptors to slaughter Palestinians.

On Friday, Ma'an provided details from a number of recent reports detailing Apartheid Israel's atrocities in occupied Palestine.
July 2006 was Gaza's bloodiest month in almost two years, according to a special report issued by the Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG).

The group... specified that, from 27 June to 8 August, "Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of 170 Palestinians, including 138 civilians (some 25 per cent of whom were children), 14 security officers, and 15 armed Palestinians". The group added that "an additional 506 Palestinians were injured".

On the other hand, the Israeli peace organization "B'Tselem", said that "163 Palestinians were killed in Gaza last month due to the Israeli armed operations", adding that "78 of them were civilians".
As in Lebanon, because Apartheid Israel cannot effectively combat the Palestinian Resistance directly, it lahses out, expressing its inability and frustration by slaughtering innocent civilians. While its blitzkrieg has predictably massacred a high number of civilians, it has failed to stop rocket attacks or locate the captured Land-Grabber.

The blitzkrieg and resulting slaughter of the innocent in Occupied Palestine has obviously taken an enormous toll on the people living there, but it has not defeated them or compelled them to acquiesce to Apartheid Israel's terrorist tactics. Just the opposite, in fact. Another report in Ma'an provides details of the extensive ongoing operations undertaken by the Palestinian Resistance against their occupiers.
Palestinian resistance fighters have launched a number of homemade projectiles into Israeli towns along the edge of the Gaza Strip, early on Friday morning.

The Al Aqsa Brigades and the Al Mujahideen Brigades, both military wings of the Fatah movement, and the National Resistance Brigades, the military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), have claimed joint responsibility for launching two homemade projectiles into the city of Ashkelon early on Friday morning, stating that "they will continue their resistance against the Israeli occupation".

In addition, the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, along with The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, have claimed responsibility for launching two homemade projectiles into the kibbutz of Nahal Oz, east of the city of Gaza, on Thursday night.

In a joint statement released by The Al Quds Brigades and Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the two militant groups said that "the launching operation was in response to the ongoing Israeli aggressions and the assassination policy that the Israeli forces carries out against the leaders, where the last was the assassination of two leaders of the Al Quds Brigades, in the city of Jenin on Thursday, and another two on Gaza, in addition to the ongoing massacres in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories".
One must always keep in mind that Apartheid Israel's attack on Lebanon was preceded - and in many ways anticipated by - an operation carried out by the Palestinian Resistance. Judging by the support given to Hizbullah by the Palestinians and the example set by the Palestinian Resistance of tenaciously resisting occupation and Apartheid, it becomes clear that both those resisting Zionism in Lebanon and those fighting it in Palestine see themselves aligned, more than ever, against a common enemy.

10 August 2006

Michael Levin: Dyin' for Zion

An article in the most recent issue of the Zionist Forward reports on the death of Michael Levin, a Land-Grabbing Zionist Soldier who left his Pennysylvania home in 2002 to serve the cause of Apartheid and slaughter Arabs with impunity. The piece begins:
More than 1,200 men, women and children came together... on the evening of July 31 to demonstrate their support for the State of Israel. The evening's most poignant moment came when a speaker recognized the presence of Mark and Harriet Levin, noting that their son, Michael, had immigrated to Israel and become a paratrooper in the Israeli army. The spontaneous standing ovation reduced Mom, who was wearing a paratrooper's shirt, to tears.
At the time of this sadistic rally in support of Apartheid Israel's slaughter of Lebanon, Levin and his colleagues had already crossed into Lebanon to do there what the Zionist Land-Grabber Army does every day in Palestine: confiscate land, bulldoze homes, bomb apartment buildings, and massacre whole villages.

But for Levin, Hizbullah's fierce resistance ensured that things did not go according to plan. The article continues:
Less than 24 hours later, Michael Levin, a first sergeant, was one of three Israeli soldiers killed when their platoon was hit by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile in the southern Lebanese town of Aita al-Shaab.
Levin was one of the many Land-Grabbers that Hizbullah gunned down since Apartheid Israel decided to attack. Because Levin's family lives here on Sam's Plantation, many words have been spilled about his death lauding his valor and courage.
Rabbi David Silverstein, a close family friend, noted that Levin wasn't content to support the State of Israel and pledge allegiance to the Zionist ideal from the comfort of his suburban Philadelphia home. So after his 2002 graduation from Council Rock High School in Newtown, Pa., he immigrated to Israel. However, Levin wasn't content to merely live in Israel; he wanted to defend the Jewish homeland... The 5-foot-6-inch, 118-pound Levin had a burning desire for higher service, and his determination led him to become one of the few Americans admitted into an elite paratrooper unit.
We at Savage Justice do not share these sentiments.

We believe Levin's death will serve as a warning to anyone thinking of traveling to Apartheid Israel and acting as an instrument of imperialism and conquest. It should serve as a platform to defend Hizbullah's right to self defense. The fantasies and myths spun to exonerate Apartheid Israel's criminal and barbaric actions should only reinforce our committment to anti-imperialism.

Because he chose to fight and die for Apartheid, one should memorialize Levin not by speaking of self-sacrifice but by pointing to his death as a consequence - perhaps a Divine consequence - for those who wantonly invade, plunder, and massacre the innocent.

George Galloway Questioned About Apartheid Israel's Savagery

Here on Uncle Sam's plantation, we don't have politicians who make appearances on television and speak the truth.

The Brits, on the other hand, have George Galloway. When interviewed by Rupert Murdoch's SKY TV, Galloway went on the warpath and, as he customarily does, embarrassed another shameless lackey.

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Apartheid Israel Ships More Land-Grabbers to their Graves

It's safe to say that the government of Apartheid Israel - fresh off its bloodiest day of fighting since its floundering attempt to invade Lebanon began last month - has entered into all-out panic mode.

On a day when Hizbullah killed 15 Zionist land-grabbers and wounded 25 more, the cabinet met to decide whether it should serve up more cannon-fodder into Lebanon. Aluf Benn wrote about this tension-filled meeting in Thursday's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz:
The defense establishment's proposal to expand the Israel Defense Forces operation in Lebanon was approved by a large majority of cabinet ministers on Wednesday... But according to some attendees, the results of the vote do not reflect the ministers' true opinions. "If everyone voted the way they spoke, there would be a majority opposing the proposal," one minister said. So why didn't anyone vote against the proposal? We were afraid, the minister explained, of showing the public and the Hezbollah that there are rifts within the government and cracks in its support for the IDF.

The problem is that such cracks exist and no one is really making an effort to hide them anymore... One of those present summed the situation up by saying, "everyone was involved in at least one quarrel...."

And so the cabinet meeting ended in a rather predictable compromise: Approval of an outline of the operation in principle, while postponing its implementation to allow for development in the UN talks. Troops, however, will take up positions in preparation for the operation. Israel is telling the UN "hold me back," in efforts to prevent itself from getting swept up in any one decision and hoping for the best. Olmert's moment of truth has been postponed, at least until Friday.
Ma'an reported on additional concerns voiced to the pro-Apartheid media concerning the decision.
Israeli non-governmental press sources revealed that severe criticism has been made over the past few hours among military experts in the Israeli army against the political and the security decision of the cabinet about the expansion of the ground war in South Lebanon.

The experts said that the news of the tragic losses that will hit the army would not hesitate to arrive.

In commenting on the cabinet decision, one Israeli officer said "when there is a lack of political horizon of the government, the army will be asked to go and create it."

In an interview with the website of the Israeli newspaper Maariv, the unnamed high-ranking Israeli officer called on Olmert's government to halt the decision that was taken yesterday, and according to one television station, "the officer did not hide his conviction that the decision of the cabinet ran against the wishes of the Israeli people, and Condoleezza Rice contacted Olmert several times, calling on him to continue the war, despite the conviction of the Israeli staff that the losses will be huge"...

Another officer in the Israeli army said "the last decision to be taken by politicians is sending ground troops to stay, uncovered, without specific tasks in Lebanon, where the resistance will attack them rapidly, by way of guerrilla warfare and will inflict considerable damage to us".
While gung-ho at first to march into Lebanon slaughtering Arabs, the tone of the Zionist Land-Grabbers has moderated after taking so many dead and wounded soldiers at the hands of Hizbullah. Of course, petty trilflings like dead children and senseless slaughter does nothing to deter Uncle Sam - who finds slaughter from Afghanistan to Palestine good fun - from insisting that Apartheid Israel its aggression.

Apartheid Israel's political leaders know that it is now caught in a trap of its own creation: geopolitical interests demand that it not retreat from Lebanon without meeting any objective. Doing so not only weakens Apartheid Israel while strenthening its enemies, but retreat also weakens its sugar daddy, Uncle Sam.

On the other hand, any decision to send more land-grabbers into Lebanon means more rocket attacks on Occupied Palestine - more ghost towns, more dead pets, more fleeing bedwetters, and more property destruction - and ensures that the number of dead Zionist Land-Grabbers will escalate dramatically.

Either option leaves Apartheid Israel with potentially catastrophic consequences for itself and Uncle Sam.

Over the last several weeks, Apartheid Israel has demonstrated amazing efficiency in targetting innocent civilians - women and children - along with Lebanon's means of production. However it has shown no ability whatsoever to damage Hizbullah, who it says is the target of its blitzkrieg. Given this failure, we now find Apartheid Israel groveling to the UN about enforcing resolutions (not those many resolutions it violates daily, of course), hoping that Uncle Sam can confect a scenario that blames and vows to disarm Hizbullah while exonerating Apartheid Israel from responsibility for its savage and bestial actions over the last 6 weeks in Lebanon and Gaza.

This will not be easy, especially with Bolton running the show for Uncle Sam. And that feeling of pending failure - the understanding for whom the bell tolls - now drives every panic-stricken decision made by the Bedwetting Apartheid government.

09 August 2006

Uncle Sam's Colombia-Afghanistan Needle Exchange Takes Hold

In one of the more laughable reports published in recent months by the corporate media, propagandist Andy Webb-Vidal writes in Wednesday's Financial Times that Colombia, the Western Hemisphere's most flagrant narco-state - a state whose current President was labeled an "important Colombian Narco-Trafficker" by Uncle Sam in 1991 - has offered to help Afghanistan "combat the flow of illegal drugs." The report continues:
An agreement for such a plan could follow the return last weekend of an exploratory mission to Kabul by four Colombian anti-narcotics police, and the arrival in Bogotá of Said Tayeb Jawad, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Washington,

Colombian police have stepped up anti-drugs efforts under the US-backed government of President Alvaro Uribe, who this week began a second four-year term.
In Colombia, Uncle Sam has for years used the 'War on Drugs' as a cover story to both arm paramilitary death squads and facilitate the trafficking of drugs. The current occupation of Afghanistan shares these same goals. And since Colombia has now volunteered for service in Afghanistan, we can expect to see the same phenomena in which the very people charged with eradicating drugs are those profitting most from their movement.

Based on this Colombian model, nobody should be surprised to find that where hired Colombian guns become involved, drug trafficking and gangsterism will accelerate.

In Word and Deed, Comrade Chavez Opposes Zionist Genocide

"It really causes indignation to see how the state of Israel continues bombing, killing... with gringo planes, with all of the power they have, with the support of the United States... so many innocents, children, women."

- Hugo Chavez -

When Comrade Chavez on Thursday announced that Venezeuala had recalled its charge d'affaires to Apartheid Israel in response to the war crimes against the people of Lebanon and Palestine, he drew a line in the sand for anyone that claims to oppose imperialism.

To aid the people of Lebanon, Xinhua reports that Venezuela has pledged more than 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid.

As he made the announcment, Chavez lamented: "It's hard explain to oneself how nobody does anything to stop this horror."

Chavez knows it isn't hard to understand. Imperialist horrors continue because not enough people act to stop them. They continue because too many people refuse to support Resistance. In this specific case, the horror continues because many who claim to oppose Zionist aggression skirt the issue, equating the crimes of the aggressor with the victim's right to self-defense.

With its own action, Venezeula has helped to render this position untenable. By acting as it did, Venezuela says to the world: you cannot be neutral in this conflict. There is no "third camp". Either you oppose the aggression of Apartheid Israel against the people of Lebanon, or you support it.

It's a clear choice.

Quickly following Chavez's move, Apartheid Israel retaliated, recalling its own envoy and asserting that, "we are disturbed by the one-sided Middle East approach of the president of Venezuela."

Of course Chavez has taken a one-sided approach. Such is the only position a decent human being could adopt. He has done so because Apartheid Israel has launched a genocidal, unprovoked war of aggression against millions of innocent Lebanese.

Likening the actions of Apartheid Israel to Hitler and calling the attack on Lebanon a "new genocide," Chavez further underscored his committment to the Lebanese people early this week by moving to sever diplomatic ties with Apartheid Israel over its savage and ghastly war crimes.

By taking such a resolute position in solidarity with Lebanon and in support of its right to resist Zionist aggression, Comrade Chavez resisted the temptation to sit out the conflict, to espouse parlor-room socialism while blaming both sides - oppressor and oppressed - with equal vigor. Instead, as with Venezuela's alliance with Iran demonstates, Comrade Chavez has chosen to involve himself in the struggle for popular liberation and anti-imperialism.

Zionist Bedwetters Flee Northern Palestine, Leave Pets Behind

By any measurable standard, Apartheid Israel's invasion of Lebanon is floundering. And while Apartheid Israel must address each part of this failure immediately, no Hizbullah tactic represents its inability to subdue the increasingly powerful Lebanese Resistance than the missile barrages striking daily across Northern Palestine.

While it is true that based on both the number of innocent civilians massacred in these bombardments as well as the damage done to the infrastructure in Northern Palestine, the Resistance attacks on Apartheid Israel's Jim Crow cities pale in comparison to anything the Zionist Blitzkriegers have done to occupied Palestine or Lebanon. Still, the weak-willed, hysterical reaction among the same colonialist settlers accustomed to terrorizing Arabs has nevertheless proven itself a serious liability for the Zionist colony.
Terrified and exhausted residents of Kiryat Shmona were fleeing Wednesday from the daily rain of Hezbollah rockets in the first evacuation of an entire town since the creation of Israel....

"Get us out of this hell," an angry Israeli man told Mayor Haim Barvivai, as the remaining residents scrambled to be included in the evacuation plans.

Of the town's 24,000 inhabitants, "around 15,000 have already fled to the south, in hotels, in kibbutz or found refuge with their families," Barvivai said.

"Most of the 9,000 residents who are still here want to leave," he added.
Facing a difficult dilemma, the land-grabbing Zionist Bedwetters - torn between their desire to remain on stolen land and the equally powerful impulse to flee - turned to the Jim Crow nanny state, demanding welfare checks to bankroll their evacuation. Eli Ashkenazi, Jack Khoury and Ran Reznick report in Tuesday's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz:
The government is offering some 17,000 residents of border towns to leave for several days, Cabinet Secretary Yisrael Maimon said Tuesday....

The government will pay for the stay of those leaving the border area.

The Kiryat Shmona municipality decided Monday that hundreds of the town's residents will evacuate this week for other parts of the country....

They are expected to leave the town on Wednesday.
The reason for such a move is clear: with their nanny state unable to protect them from the missile attacks, residents in the North are terrified and they want that same state to rescue them.
Gila, who returned north with her two children, said she was "scared to death. They should have looked after us. Where are going back to? There are rockets falling there. We support the prime minister and the war, but he must look after us."
A woman named Barda told Ha'aretz, "There's no way I'm leaving here, I'm not going back to Kiryat Shmona. I have a 6-year-old who is wetting his bed again. My friends back home just told me of another rocket landing, another siren." The same report quoted a Kiryat Shmona councillor who said, "all the residents should be evacuated. This is no way to live. I'm calling on the prime minister to help us." In many cases, the flight from danger has been so abrupt that the colonialist settlers have left their pets behind to starve.

With the government cutting welfare checks to foot the bill, "some 10,000 to 14,000 residents of the northern town of Kiryat Shmona and its surrounding areas will be evacuated in the next few days."

It hardly comes as a surprise that these very same colonialists occupying stolen land thanks to the welfare policies of the Apartheid government now look to that same government to support them with more welfare to flee. What is perhaps more surprising is the support such government-subsidized evacuations have among those ordinarily opposed to such nanny-state welfare measures.

08 August 2006

Sumate Caught Red-Handed Fixing Elections in Venezuela

The story of Uncle Sam working through front organizations to rig elections in foreign countries has become so commonplace and its successes so infrequent that we have not bothered spilling much ink on the subject of late. But occasionally a story exposing the audacity of these organizations catches our attention. And more often than not the audacious party happens to be Uncle Sam's vote-rigging front group in Venezuela - an organization called Sumate.

On Monday, Michael Fox repored in Venezuelanalysis that Sumate, the NED-backed operation in Venezuela charged fixing Venezuela's elections to overthrow Comrade Chavez, now finds itself in legal trouble because of its willingness to flout Venezuela's electoral laws.
According to José Albornoz, National Assembly Representative with the pro-Chavez coalition party Patria Para Todos (PPT) and president of the commission currently investigating financing for the opposition primaries, Súmate has received over $400,000 in undeclared deposits from foreign banks since 2003. This does not include contributions made to Súmate by the US Congress funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the German- Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Canadian Embassy, deposits of less than $10,000, or the approximately $1 million that the Superintendent of Banks and Other Financial Institutions (SUBEDAN) verifies that the organization has been managing.

The largest of the undeclared deposits in Súmate accounts over the past three years were made public this past week, including a deposit of $300,000 from a Bank of America account, on November 18, 2005. This transaction in particular has raised attention, because of the large sum and the fact that the deposit was made just ten days before the opposition withdrew from last December’s congressional elections.“

According to Albornoz, the funds were never declared to the Commission of Currency Administration (CADIVI), which manages currency transactions, and Súmate is not registered in the national agency.

Any citizen or legal entity that receives more than $10,000 should be registered with CADIVI,” said Albornoz in late July. “The aforementioned organization [ Súmate ] received $240,000 last year, but nevertheless, this organization is not registered. That is a crime in violation of the laws and the Constitution.”
We know not only from this report but from the way in which Sumate has operated for years that the organization uses foreign money - Uncle Sam's money - to fix elections.

We also know that all over the world, but especially in places like Bolivia, Haiti, and Venezuela, these campaigns lack credibility. While nominally independent, they offer a mouthpiece to candidates willing to espouse Uncle Sam's party line... but that's all.

The case of Sumate is especially revealing because of all the money given to the organization - from Uncle Sam, from Canada, from Germany - only a tiny fraction originates among the population in whose interest they claim to act. The rest comes from imperial interests abroad.

The exposure of this lone fact effectively buries all of the organization's rhetoric about 'democracy' and 'civil society' far beneath the weight of its own hypocrisy.