09 August 2006

Uncle Sam's Colombia-Afghanistan Needle Exchange Takes Hold

In one of the more laughable reports published in recent months by the corporate media, propagandist Andy Webb-Vidal writes in Wednesday's Financial Times that Colombia, the Western Hemisphere's most flagrant narco-state - a state whose current President was labeled an "important Colombian Narco-Trafficker" by Uncle Sam in 1991 - has offered to help Afghanistan "combat the flow of illegal drugs." The report continues:
An agreement for such a plan could follow the return last weekend of an exploratory mission to Kabul by four Colombian anti-narcotics police, and the arrival in Bogotá of Said Tayeb Jawad, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Washington,

Colombian police have stepped up anti-drugs efforts under the US-backed government of President Alvaro Uribe, who this week began a second four-year term.
In Colombia, Uncle Sam has for years used the 'War on Drugs' as a cover story to both arm paramilitary death squads and facilitate the trafficking of drugs. The current occupation of Afghanistan shares these same goals. And since Colombia has now volunteered for service in Afghanistan, we can expect to see the same phenomena in which the very people charged with eradicating drugs are those profitting most from their movement.

Based on this Colombian model, nobody should be surprised to find that where hired Colombian guns become involved, drug trafficking and gangsterism will accelerate.

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