29 January 2006

Saad Hariri: Bush's Latest Middle East Crony

Saad Hariri, the son of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri who was assassinated a year ago (likely done by Israel to grease the skids for the construction of an airbase in Lebanon for Uncle Sam), met with G-Dub in the White House on Friday.

The visit confirms for us much of what we knew about Hariri from his recent actions - he is a tool of Uncle Sam, no doubt taking Sam's money to promote Sam's agenda. He's not a mediator or a diplomat. He's another Abbas - a corrupt Sambo who's cast his lot with the Western warmongerers as they lie their way into unwinnable wars against Syria, Iran, and Palestine.

On the recent developments in Palestine, Saad Hariri took a position more hostile to Hamas than Apartheid Israel - a country that killed 20,000 of his own countrymen in the 1980s:
Hariri... said Friday that Palestine's newest parliamentary majority group Hamas "needs to move forward on how to make peace with Israel"....

Hariri said Hamas might follow the example of Fatah, the more mainstream Palestinian group it defeated in parliamentary elections, and come round to accepting Israel, a step Bush said Thursday was necessary for the U.S. to deal with Hamas.
Bush no doubt ordered Hariri to the United States to discuss the strategy for disarming Hizbullah, the only Lebanese organization to successfully repel the aggression of Apartheid Israel. The Daily Star piece confirms that Hariri asked Bush to give him guns, but denied for the moment, that those guns would be turned against Hizbullah. No doubt that will change.

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