15 August 2006

Will Mossad Ignite a War with Syria by Killing Fouad Siniora?

Since the sham cease-fire took hold in Southern Lebanon two days ago - a ceasefire in which the UN allows Apartheid Israel to freely blockade, murder and pillage the same Lebanese whose land it occupies while crying about Hizbullah's arms - the Zionist propaganda site DEBKA has written several articles suggesting that an attempt on the life of Lebanon's Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, is imminent. As one would predict from such a propaganda outfit, DEBKA claims to have anonymous sources who assert that Syria will carry out the assassination.

But in the wake of a great victory for the Resistance that has, in the words of Syrian President Bashar Assad turned, "their 'New Middle East,' based on subjugation and humiliation, and denial of rights and identity... into an illusion," such an attack makes no sense. With Lebanon's pro-West Prime Minister already emaciated by the failed Zionist invasion, Syria has nothing to gain by assassinating him. Such a move would only serve to counter-productively blunt victorious euphoria of the Lebanese people.

For these same geopolitical and strategic reasons, however, such an attack on Siniora carried out by Mossad followed-up quickly by a propaganda campaign to accuse and then attack Syria makes perfect sense. And as we at Savage Justice have reported for months, such targetted killings by Mossad - usually carried out via car bombings - are not without precedent. Apartheid Israel assassinated Rafik Hariri for essentially the same reason as they would execute Siniora today: to weaken Hizbullah and drive a wedge between Lebanon and Syria.

Make no mistake about it: the historic victory achieved by Lebanon's Resistance - mainly Hizbullah - against Apartheid Israel is significant. But that hardly means that the Zionist colony will simply accept defeat. Instead, Apartheid Israel will regroup and rethink its battle plan. Rather than directly confronting Hizbullah again and suffering all the pain such a fruitless attack entails, Apartheid Israel clearly sees itself better poised to fight a war against Syria. So that's where it will go next. It will do whatever it takes to get there.

The difficulty they will encounter is that, just as Hizbullah knew what to expect from Apartheid Israel, Syria too has had ample time to plan extensively for this predictable contingency.

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