15 December 2007

Pigwatch meets Sexwatch:
Gang-Raping Jersey Pigs go Hog Wild!

Seven New Jersey Pigs who attacked and gang-raped a woman over a six-hour period have begun deploying lawyers and ANONYMOUS surrogates to impugn and attack the credibility of their twenty-five year old victim.

As is customary when Pigs rape, the ANONYMOUS sources told the AP stringer that their victim asked for it.
The 25-year-old woman voluntarily engaged in sex over a six-hour period with five troopers... according to a person familiar with the case and who has spoken to one of the troopers involved. The source spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.
The ANONYMOUS spokesperson for at least one of the Pigs explained that the woman voluntarily went home with one of her attackers who subsequently "invited three others to join in." He also asserted that the victim "later had sex [sic] with the owner of the home," presumably someone other than the man with whom she arrived.

One cannot imagine the horror this woman felt as the same Pig who sweet-talked her into bed invites 6 more steroid-addled Pigs - three of whom have wives - to gang-rape her for hours on end without thought or consequence.

What could you do in her situation? Call the Po-lice?

She must have felt like an Iraqi brutalized and tortured by Uncle Sam's Storm-Troopers.

But hers is not a perspective worth hearing - at least not to those who sign the propagandist's checks. So instead of getting the victim's perspective, as a journalist would, the AP employee instead interviews an attorney, representing one of the Pigs, who predictably attacked the credibility of the victim. “The suggestion that these were nonconsensual activities is absurd. It simply did not happen.”

As one ought also expect, on this case the wheels of justice have ground to a halt. Only a lunatic would expect that the most wretched beings on the planet - prosecutors - pursue a gang-rape committed by Pigs with any diligence whatsoever. After all, the two work hand-in-glove on the biggest racket going: the Prison-Industrial Complex.

Pigs frame-up their victims; prosecutors use jailhouse snitches, innuendo, and fabricated evidence to put them away; and everyone gets paid!

It's a beautiful testament to Vanilla Justice!

Given this relationship between prosecutors and the Pigs they protect, the refusal by the Mercer County Prosecutor to act comes as no surprise. By design that office has now given ample time to the Pigs and their legal team to develop a plan, including the smear campaign unleashed against the victim, and get their story straight before asking them to go on the record.

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