30 May 2007

The Explosive Reality: alCIAda at Work

A 10-part compilation of corporate news footage put together and made available on YouTube puts to bed the silly conspiracy theory that, by sheer force of will and in violation of Newtonian physics, 19 hijackers demolished the World Trade Center and Solomon Brothers Building (aka Building 7).

Watch and decide for yourself whether the 11 September operation could have occurred as Uncle Sam has told us it has or whether people who actually had motive, means, and opportunity pulled it off.

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Slave Revolt Radio: Immigrant Bashing On Sam's Stolen Land, Wynton Marsalis

After a few weeks of missing the show, we at Savage Justice had the pleasure of listening to the latest broadcast of Slave Revolt Radio today. Broken into two segments, the show opened with an analysis showing how the relentless assault on immigrants undertaken by the usual suspects covers up their vicious exploitation on Uncle Sam's plantation. The host then uses the case study of exploited immigrant labor in New Orleans to segue into an critque of Wynton Marsalis's cynical and hypocritical attack on the very activists combatting Uncle Sam's effort to Ethnically Cleanse New Orleans of its Black population.

The Cowardly attacks on immigrants by the likes of Bill O'reilly is based off the exploitative nature of this market system. Barking to the the public so that the State can more readily implement more draconian laws against the larger population is part of the goal.

In this (Ventures In Corporate Media Land) segment called 'Immigrant Bashing On Sam's Stolen Land' Slave Revolt ventures into this 'debate' featuring a clip from Bill O'reilly and Gerardo Rivera. Both Corporate Ho's for Fox's Disturbed and Unbalanced network.

Slave Revolt then zooms in on New Orleans horn blower Wynton Marsalis and his jingle song 'Where y'all at' from his new CD. A song where while Marsalis blathers where are the radical activist a honest look exposes that many are in Wyntons hometown rebuilding a new future for the people crushed under the hooves of Hurricane Sam. In this (Amos and Andy) segment called 'Wynton Marsalis's Sounds of Nonsense is Not Where It's At'. Slave explores this issue. Clips from Mama D, Malik Rahim, Allen 'Lenny' Harris, and Eric Arceneaux amongst others exposes the horn blowers scam. While Eric Arceneaux's first hand Hurricane Sam experience in New Orleans in 2005 not only exposes Americas barbarity but makes clear how a future for America is not 'Where it's at'.

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15 May 2007

Iraqi Resistance Report: 14 May 2007

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • US admits Monday American soldier killed in Resistance attack near al-Hadithah.
  • US admits one American soldier killed in Salah ad-Din Province Sunday.
  • Resistance attack near al-Basrah leaves one Danish occupation soldier dead, five more wounded, three reportedly taken prisoner by the Iraqi Resistance.
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