22 October 2006

NATO's Failure to Occupy Afghanistan Becomes Even More Glaring

The ongoing offensive by the Afghan Resistance has highlighted the failure of NATO's occupation of that country. It has reached the point that even Uncle Sam's most servile allies - France and Britain - have either begun to Cut'N'Run or are contemplating the possibility at the highest levels.

India Defense reported on 15 October that:
France plans to withdraw around 200 special forces from southern Afghanistan at the start of next year following a recent surge in violence, reported the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday.
Underscoring that not only the French are running away, the paper adds that, "the US was also downscaling its Enduring Freedom operation."

With news in the air that both the French and Uncle Sam are planning their retreat, Mark Townsend and Peter Beaumont report in today's Observer that the former field commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Peter Inge, warned at a public forum that British forces 'risk defeat' in Afghanistan and said the government lacked a 'clear strategy' guiding their military operations. Townsend and Beaumont write:
The remarks by the former chief of the defence staff, who also served on the Butler Commission into intelligence failures in Iraq, follow those by the present head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, who warned that the presence of British troops in Iraq had 'exacerbated' security problems in the country.

Inge's intervention, coming amid growing speculation about Britain's exit strategy from Iraq, is the first criticism of operations by a former head of the British army. His comments, made at a meeting of European experts on Tuesday and published here for the first time, reflect the growing dismay among senior military officers and civil servants involved in defence and foreign affairs, that in the critical areas of Afghanistan and Iraq Britain lacked clear foreign and defence policies separate from the US.

'I don't believe we have a clear strategy in either Afghanistan or Iraq. I sense we've lost the ability to think strategically. Deep down inside me, I worry that the British army could risk operational failure if we're not careful in Afghanistan. We need to recognise the test that I think they could face there,' he told the debate held by Open Europe, an independent think tank campaigning for EU reform.
Of course, it comes as no surprise to readers of this blog that a nation that follows the whims of Uncle Sam's foreign policy with such supine obedience, as Britain does, cannot think independently or creatively. But more obviously, Inge's comments and the other reports of NATO's failure to subdue the Afghan Resistance illustrate another failed component to the geopolitical resource grab Uncle Sam and his allies launched after alCIAda's 9-11 Black Op.

14 October 2006

Spies, Lies, and Propaganda on Uncle Sam's Plantation

Once again on Friday (Eric Lichtblau in the New York Times... this time) the corporate media reported the stunning revelation that Uncle Sam has an extensive spy operation - funded and run out of MafiaDon's Department of Torture and Genocide - responsible for collecting personal information and reconnaissance on civic organizations and religious groups on his plantation. The piece begins:
Internal military documents released Thursday provided new details about the Defense Department’s collection of information on demonstrations nationwide last year by students, Quakers and others opposed to the Iraq war....

The Defense Department acknowledged last year that its analysts had maintained records on war protests in an internal database past the 90 days its guidelines allowed, and even after it was determined there was no threat.
Despite its appearance in the Times, this is old news. Millions have widely known it for years, and Lichtblau acknowledges that even others in the privatized, state-sponsored news media reported it last year.
A document first disclosed last December by NBC News showed that the military had maintained a database, known as Talon, containing information about more than 1,500 'suspicious incidents' around the country in 2004 and 2005. Dozens of alerts on antiwar meetings and peaceful protests appear to have remained in the database even after analysts had decided that they posed no threat to military bases or personnel.
Many other people outside Uncle Sam's prevaricating, imperialist propaganda system have spoken about similar spy operations. Michael Moore reported it in 2004. And Lichtblau notes:
An internal report produced in May 2005, for instance, discussed antiwar protests at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and... noted that several hundred students had recently protested the presence of military recruiters at a career fair and demanded that they leave.
There's not a thing wrong or 'illegal' - even in Uncle Sam's decrepit, racist, arcane legal system - with the behavior of these people.

But Uncle Sam's belief in 'laws' - not unlike 'justice' - has forever been a myth. And the very system now reporting these violations will use the endless hours spent 'investigating' whether Sam violated his own 'laws' to erase and change popular history.

The fact that so many people still believe Uncle Sam after all the lies and deceptions is a credit to two factors. One is the huge, privatized, hierarchically organized system of thought control - i.e., propaganda system - force-feeding Uncle Sam's fairy-tale version of history and current events to those on his Plantation (n assist here must go to an educational system that falsifies history and indoctrinates an easily-influenced population stoned on pharmaceutical drugs).

The other component - brought on by psychotic, paranoid fear and virulent racism - manifests itself in Vanilla Sam's fetish for bloodlust, conquest, and murder of a mysterious 'Other'. It hardly matters to Vanilla Sam whether the 'Other' is a Mexican peasant, a Palestinian farmer, or a framed-up descendent of captured Africans living inside Uncle Sam's global gulag.

Because, to Vanilla Sam, they're all the same - "Not like me!"

10 October 2006

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri: “If Israel does not pull out we will have to drive them out."

Tuesday's Guardian ran an interview with a key Hizbullah ally in Lebanon. In it, Nabih Berri - speaker of the Lebanese parliament - makes some very interesting comments regarding the Shebaa Farms region of Lebanon, a region occupied by Apartheid Israel's Land-Grabbers - easy prey for Hizbullah Resistance fighters. The piece begins:
Hizbullah will resume its military campaign against Israel unless it withdraws from the disputed Shebaa farms area and other pockets of territory occupied during this summer’s 34-day war, Nabih Berri, speaker of the Lebanese parliament, has warned.

"If Israel does not pull out we will have to drive them out," said Mr Berri, who acted as a link to the militant organisation during this summer’s war with Israel, in an interview with the
This is a direct warning to Apartheid Israel from Hizbullah - get out of Shebaa. Nobody, including the Zionist spy site DEBKAfile, believes Hizbullah will stand idly by if the Zionist colony ignores this warning. Berri continues:
Mr Berri also expressed concerns some UN forces could be involved in gathering information that could fall into the hands of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad.

"We will allow them to do everything they need to complete their mission, we don't want to interfere in their work, but we will be watching closely. We have to be careful, but we have a very effective intelligence service and we are used to watching for Israeli spies."
Hizbullah knows all about Zionist spies. As New York Newsday reported, Hizbullah cracked Apartheid Israel's radio code during the Zionist colony's Summer Blitzkrieg.

[Incidentally, during the same time Hizbullah also destroyed many of Apartheid Israel's tanks and several ships - most of which are bought and paid for with Uncle Sam's welfare checks - and forced the attacking Zionist Land-Grabbers into an unexpected wholesale retreat.]

The Berri interview concluded:
We will help them and give them everything they need to complete their mission but we will not accept the force if its presence is to secure Israel. They are on our land, so that means they have to work in the interests of Lebanon, not Israel.
Despite the fact that Apartheid Israel deliberately attacked and murdered 4 UN observers in a targetted attack during their blitzkrieg of Lebanon, the UN remains an institution servile and quiescent to Uncle Sam and its ruling corporate order. That order includes Apartheid Israel.

With Uncle Sam's collaborators like German Prime Minister Angela Merkel playing a role in the UN occupation, Berri is rational to question whether their Land-Grabbers are working with the Zionist Land-Grabbers. Merkel (about whom we at Savage Justice have written 2, 3 - said that her country's job in occupying Lebanon was to "protect [Apartheid] Israel."