28 June 2007

Savage Sexwatch:
Zionist Rapists Get Off

Because of the friends they have, some people can rape without consequence.

Do I mean Moshe Katsav, Vanilla Zionists, or do I mean Apartheid Israel?

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27 June 2007

The Bolivarian Revolution Again Silences Uncle Sam's Vanilla Revolutionaries

The forces of counter-revolution have grown silent in Venezuela after a 2 June protest in which more than a half-million Bolivarian revolutionaries took to the streets in Caracas supporting the decision to return a television broadcasting frequency to the people of Venezuela.

The rally was a spectacular and systematic demonstration of democracy in action.

Before taking to the streets, Venezuelanalysis reported how accurately participants grasped the issues and distiled them clearly. At home and abroad, Public consciousness is - above all - Uncle Sam's greatest nemesis. That's why Uncle Sam needs his WarOn Commies: he needs everyone stupid!

He needs Vanilla Sam!

Chris Carlson reports, "more than six hundred different social organizations, including communal councils, political movements, collectives, community media, and cooperatives" signed a document rejecting the "imperial interference to destabilize and overthrow the Bolivarian government." He continues, "the organizations support the Venezuelan government's decision not to renew the broadcast license of the private TV network RCTV and insist that the protests in the country are a part of an imperial strategy."

This concrete manifestation of democracy stymied the nascent protest-movement of college students turned Vanilla Revolutionaries, who, as the day of RCTV's network feed expired, traveled the most affluent locales of Venezuela in search of devotees and demanding the government ignore the public will and renew RCTV's license. As soon as the Bolivarian masses took to the streets, the campaign collapsed, and today the WarOn Commies at RCTV have to make due with their cable and satellite empire.

But of far more interest than the shopping mall protests of Uncle Sam's Vanilla Revolutionaries are actions taken by the WarOn Commies at RCTV. They clarify, in a clear and compelling way, what led to the Bolivarian people's demand for more a democratic airwaves. Media Lens reports:
[F]or two days before the April 11, 2002 coup, RCTV canceled regular programming and instead ran constant coverage of a general strike aimed at ousting Chavez. A stream of commentators delivered fierce criticism of the president with no response allowed from the government. RCTV also ran non-stop adverts encouraging people to attend an April 11 march aimed at toppling the government and broadcast blanket coverage of the event. When the march ended in violence, RCTV ran manipulated video footage falsely blaming Chavez supporters for the many deaths and injuries.
Like the WarOn Commies who run the Fox Network here on Uncle Sam's Plantation, RCTV ordinarily pedals a healthy dosage of 'bread & circuses' - a mix of religion and reaction, smut, sillyness, and sport - to promote, advance, and conceal the machinations of the ruling class.

But when Duty to Uncle Sam calls, these WarOn Commies - along with assorted other lackeys, coupsters, WarOn Druggies, and sellouts (in other words, the same perennial election-losers who gave us the April 2002 coup and the management lockout of PDVSA later that year) - respond. And in May and June, they predictably busied themselves with rallying support for Vanilla Revolutionaries to riot against the government like Uncle Sam's Orange Revolutionaries did in Ukraine less than 20 months earlier.

We know that, "the student protests in Venezuela... '[were] not spontaneous,' but are rather a part of a plan to provoke violence." The Vanilla Revolutionaries sought spilled blood in Venezuela to provoke an international outcry and did all they could - from posting phony video clips from YouTube to attacking government buildings - to confect it, but they failed. Defenders of Uncle Sam assert that the protests were spontaneous. Nonsense. At every step of the way, the Vanilla Revolutionaries had guidance and direction.
Assembly members released two different recorded phone calls in which a leader of the opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), Alfonso Marquina, and his wife Tibisay converse about the protests and the necessity for them to continue but without the appearance of any political leaders in order to preserve their supposed spontaneity..."

The recordings are evidence that the student protests are directed by sectors that are adverse to the government. They assured that the protests are media-directed by the opposition and that they have the ultimate objective of producing "a death" so that they can "put in march a chain reaction that will create the conditions for another coup attempt like the one in April 2002"
When Sambo Rice arrogantly rose at the OAS and, acting as Uncle Sam's mouthpiece, made a paean to the WarOn Commies one sees "every night on CNN, on ABC, on CBS, on NBC" before denouncing Comrade Chavez, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro had a response ready:
"The OAS would have to make a special commission in order to study the daily violation of human rights along the southern borders of the United States." he replied denouncing "the wall of indignity" that Washington is building along the border with Mexico.

Maduro also made reference to the violation of human rights that takes place in the military base of Guantanamo, Cuba. "How many prisoners do you have in the Guantanamo prison, we ask the government of the United States. How many are there? Who are they? Do they have the right to a trial? Where did you kidnap them from? Do they have due process? Men and women, without a face, without a name, kidnapped," said Maduro.
Of course Maduro knew before he spoke these words that Sambo Rice would not listen. Uncle Sam never views its own actions by the same standards he uses to judge others.

Vanilla Sam!

Unlike Uncle Sam's wholly subsidized Venezuelan front-group Sumate, the groups endorsing the creation of the new station, TVes, actually originate in Venezuela. Their powerful march dispelled the myth and blew the lid off the propaganda - advanced by Uncle Sam's seditious, government-funded minions in Venezuela and his lackeys here on The Plantation - that the decision lacked popular support.

Forced to rely on its satellite and cable TV empire, RCTV's WarOn Commies cry and lament their plight to the heavens. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam decided "to allot $10 million for [Voice of America] broadcasts to Venezuela," a maneuver sponsored by the ancient WarOn Commie, Connie Mack.

Sam's decision to rely upon the Voice of America and his reliance upon such a stale 'Plan B' - in other words, Sam's absolute lack of options short of violence - point to failure in Venezuela.

With every campaign - the coups, lockouts, elections, and now a purely confected "protest movement" - Uncle Sam has failed to smash the Bolivarian Revolution. In fact, just the opposite has occurred. Whenever Sam does in Venezuela boomerangs, leaving him on shakier ground than before.

Yet another failure driven home again by the Bolivarian Masses has no doubt led Comrade Chavez to conclude that the same people who saved the Bolivarian Revolution in 2002 and saved the airwaves this month - the true source of his power - must rule Venezuela. His plan for Communal Councils will do exactly that:
Directly elected by Venezuelans over the age of 14, most councils have their own communal banks and command centers to organize public works projects, 30 percent of which are related to infrastructure.
The councils must defend their homeland, too. In an AP report entitled, "Chavez Warns of Resistance War With US," Christopher Toothaker quotes Chavez.
We must continue developing the resistance war, that's the anti- imperialist weapon. We must think and prepare for the resistance war everyday.

It's not just armed warfare. I'm also referring to psychological warfare, media warfare, political warfare, economic warfare."
Chavez understands Uncle Sam's "slow-fuse" campaign to smash the revolution relies principally on propaganda aimed at discrediting the Bolivarian Revolution. The Bolivarian masses understand it, too. That's why the decision by the government to refuse RCTV's renewal and turn the license over to the people themselves strikes at the heart of Uncle Sam's strategy there.

By viewing the first 20 or so minutes of TVes, the popularly-run network that replaced RCTV, one can easily see why the people of Venezuela support the move to take the airwaves back from the WarOn Commies. Rather than peddling Vanilla Smut and WarOn Commie Rants, the frequency now has a distinctly Bolivarian voice.

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22 June 2007

Savage Welfare: Uncle Sam Cuts More Apartheid Checks

Since the UN met in New York City to carve Apartheid Israel out of Palestine back in 1947, Uncle Sam has doled out countless billions in Welfare Checks to the settler population of European Zionists to cover the costs of ethnic cleansing.

For 60 years, the story has been the same: Apartheid Israel uses Uncle Sam's welfare checks to murder and expel Palestinians from their homes.

On Wednesday, Yitzhak Benhorin reported:
President George W. Bush pledged to increase US military aid to Israel over the course of the next decade.

An American team will land in Israel in July to finalize the deal. Israel currently receives an annual $2.4 billion in military aid...

The deal Bush seeks to finalize would commence in 2009 and would remain valid for 10 years. Olmert's office declined comment on the specific amounts being discussed.
Of course they did. That's because neither side benefits from the news.

Especially after their Summer '06 humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah, Apartheid Israel needs to maintain the facade that the colony can sustain itself economically and militarily. Another report about how much help they need does no favors for their only productive industry (besides baby-murder): Vanilla Tourism.

Meanwhile, with billions blown in Iraq, Uncle Sam needs to keep the news of yet another payout to Apartheid Israel hushed. He's already $40,000,000,000 in hoc.

But we already know the truth, don't we? We know that Uncle Sam bankrolls Apartheid Israel in the name of invisible Sky-Goblins to blunt the rise of an Arab Independence movement.
U.S. aid to Israel has some unique aspects, such as loans with repayment waived, or a pledge to provide Israel with economic assistance equal to the amount Israel owes the United States for previous loans.

Israel also receives special benefits that may not be available to other countries, such as the use of U.S. military assistance for research and development in the United States, the use of U.S. military assistance for military purchases in Israel, or receiving all of its assistance in the first 30 days of the fiscal year rather than in three or four installments as other countries do,” the report said.
What's the source of this damning information, you ask? Uncle Sam's own Library of Congress.

Apartheid Israel isn't just another Welfare Queen. Apartheid Israel is the biggest charity case on earth. Her defenders will go any length to conceal this reality.

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21 June 2007

Slave Revolt Radio
'Snow Job': Democrats, Progressives, and the Imperial War Machine

When the Democrates and Republicans worked out their funding (in the form of the Nancy Pelosi Bill) for the imperial war expansion in the Mid-East theater, many of progressives in America labeled it as a 'sellout'. A 'betrayal' of the will of the American public. In reality the Democrates and their 'progressive' side kicks like Moveon.org did what they were set up to do. Snow the public by portraying themselves as a opposition force to the Imperial war agenda while helping to carry out the mandate of Empire and the Administrators within it.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) segment called 'Snow Job: How the Democrates and the Progressive Movement are a Component of the Imperial War Machine' Slave Revolt attempts to expose just that. Clips from John Conyers, Hometown Baghdad, Nancy Pelosi and others help expose the grand illusion that many of those who claim their 'anti-war' yet support a Imperial war party (Democrates), in the hopes of stopping a genocidal war for Empire are in. And how their relationship to the State makes them easy 'Snow Job' candidates at the very least.

The program wraps up with a Tracey James Sound Design called 'Be all that you can be'. Which for the Slaves in Revolt means more than being disposable connon fodder by the Machine, and confused Snow Puppies for the 'Order'.

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Klanwatch Korner:
Open for Business

Introducing a feature to this blog: the Klanwatch Korner.

Without a doubt it will start as a disturbing sidebar of pure sadism and sexual perversity but over time, as the number of stupid and ridiculous posts grows, it will become increasingly humorous.

Especially so since most of the contributors earned a spot on the Klanwatch by censoring their own blogs of serious content.

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16 June 2007

Savage Graveyard:
More Dead GI Joes & Other
Bad News in Iraq

The news of Uncle Sam's GI Joes in Iraq continues to be bleak. The AP bureau of Sambo Rice's Corporate Propaganda Ministry reported on the Iraqi Resistance's killing of 5 more GI Joes.

Meanwhile, Sam's Reuters bureau reports on the new threat - this time in the skies. The news is not good for Uncle Sam when his invincible Carpet Bomber's become vulnerable.

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13 June 2007

Palestinian Fighters Stun Zionist Land-Grabbers; Storm Key Occupier Base

On Saturday, a team of Palestinian resistance fighters launched a surprise attack on an outpost of the Zionist occupiers near the Kissufim Crossing - one of 4 routes in which Apartheid Israel occasionally allows Palestinians to enter and exit the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist propaganda outfit Debka reported:
Three Palestinian groups mount joint surprise cross-border attack on Israeli position guarding the Israel-Gaza Kissufim border crossing Saturday. The attack... was staged in broad daylight by Hamas, Jihad Islami and Fatah-al Aqsa with the aim of killing and snatching Israeli soldiers, just a year after the kidnap of Gilead Shalit...

The Palestinians claim several Israeli soldiers were hit and one is held captive by an infiltrator inside Israeli territory.
Again, the story undoubtedly contains Zionist Propaganda, but it also no-doubt contains in it some truth.

Ma'an, a decidedly more reliable source than Debka, offers some details about the attack from those carrying it out:
The spokesmen of the Al Quds Brigades, Abu Ahmad, reported ... that "four men – two from Al Quds and two from Al Aqsa Brigades... were able to break into the base using a jeep, which was locally-enforced and armoured. They managed to destroy an Israeli jeep before clashes erupted between the fighters and Israeli forces."

Abu Ahmad added "the operation was complicated, the fighters managed to break through the gate after detonating explosives at the entrance and then four martyrs clashed with the Israeli soldiers in the post, while a reinforcing unit launched mortar shells into the base..."
Interestingly, Debka also reports - without any evidence - that "Al-Qaeda-Palestine may also have taken part" in the raid.

It's funny where alCIAda turns up, isn't it?

Now obviously Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists have nothing to do with this operation, since their main objective has always been to deepen, not retard, Sam's involvement in the region.

How so?

Months ago, Debka reported on the collaboration between Uncle Sam and Palestinian Zionist Mohammed Dahlan his merry brigade of Zionist killers-for-hire. This story was particularly noteworthy because of the news that Dahlan has teamed up with alCIAda's Palestine franchise to attack the Hamas movement using weapons furnished by Uncle Sam's Welfare Checks.

This alliance between anti-Hamas Zionist mercinaries and alCIAda - an alliance marinated by Uncle Sam's 'generosity' - works in unison to preserve the Zionists genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

At every step, Apartheid Israel has facilitated this ongoing operation, working to ensure Dahlan is well-supplied with Uncle Sam's guns. Meanwhile, the Zionist fake-state continues to steal millions of dollars every month belonging to the people of Palestine while maintaining its medieval siege aimed at "putting the Palestinians on a diet," in the words of a famous Zionist.

Under such a threat, Hamas's has acted to root out such brazen collaborators - people whose supplication for Apartheid Israel's welfare appears on the front pages. Consequently, the Hamas movement has gone on the offensive in Gaza to eliminate Dahlan's power-base.

And thus far, to the palpable chagrin of both Apartheid Israel and the collaborator government of Mahmoud Abbas, the Hamas fighters have succeeded.

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A Modest Proposal for 2008:

We at Savage Justice have followed the 2008 elections with a passing degree of amusement.

Uncle Sam's electoral campaigns chiefly test a man's ability to beg for Corporate Welfare Checks, and it's remarkable to see how low men will go in order to grovel. When it's all over, the winner usually becomes the next ShellGame Despot chosen by Uncle Sam to augment his historical legacy of imperialist pillage and slaughter.

Within such a rigged system, the main task for a revolutionary must be to highlight the contradictions and hypocrisy embedded within it. The degree of success or failure in achieving this objective, and not just the number of votes, serves as the measure of ones effectiveness during a bourgeois campaign.

For many years, millions and millions of people, awake to Uncle Sam's ShellGame Politricks, have sought an alternative to and concrete negation of that system, but had no candidate with an organic connection between themselves and the masses of people. Perhaps because Uncle Sam assassinated so many of the best young leaders. Perhaps for other reasons as well.

A campaign that puts Mumia at its head could reverse that.

Mumia Abu-Jamal makes manifest Uncle Sam's blatant hypocrisy on Human Rights and Press Freedom. His forced captivity calls attention to the plight of the countless Political Prisoners languishing in Uncle Sam's Concentration Camps and Torture Chambers. And his innocence exposes the Vanilla Justice that locked him up in the first place.

Any campaign must call attention to the racist Death Penalty and to the plight of the poor on Uncle Sam's Plantation. Any campaign must call attention to the plight of Black New Orleans, which none of dwarfs has done except except as a PR stunt (right HairDo?).

And of course, any campaign must stand in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, along with the Palestinians and the Iraqis dying daily by the dozens thanks to Uncle Sam's unquenchable thirst for bloodshed and plunder.

The entire cadre of tools standing for coronation refuses to reverse any of this now. They will refuse even less in the future.

The Left has a choice to make: Ralph Nader, his coronated successor, Bill Moyers, and the myriad other Left candidates all perform a needed service in mounting a challenge to the two-party system. Do they have the power and charisma to captivate the spirit and imagination of the people that Mumia does?

These other campaigns are no better financially than a yet-conceived Mumia campaign, which has the potential to be self-sustaining thanks to people's already-existing deep connection with him.

Uncle Sam will release Mumia under only one circumstance: the development of a collective popular will that demands it. Could that demand be made any clearer than through such a campaign? Wouldn't a powerful and organized campaign make murdering Mumia more difficult?

I cannot think of a more brazen or concrete way of exposing and articulating Uncle Sam's hypocrisy of thought, word, and deed than by lifting up Mumia Abu-Jamal as a political leader: a new Mandella! A campaign such as this one - with such potential to unify - could arouse the imagination and catalyze a movement that makes his release one act among many that strikes directly into the heart of Vanilla Justice!

MUMIA in 2008!

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08 June 2007

With Help from CrimeBill Clinton, WarOn Druggies Solicit Uncle Sam's Welfare $$

On Wednesday, the Financial Times ran 2 stories highlighting the servile dependence of Colombia's WarOn Druggie President - Alvaro Uribe - on Uncle Sam for guidance and, of course, his Welfare Checks.

The first story, written by Benedict Mander and appearing on Wednesday, begins:
President Alvaro Uribe arrives in Washington this week to continue his campaign to persuade Congress to continue military aid to Colombia, a draft bill for which is announced on Wednesday. But his battle is being undermined by a deepening political crisis at home.

In what has become known as the "para-politics" scandal, growing numbers of ministers and officials have been accused of co-operating with rightwing militias.
Not just 'accused', right Mr. Mander? In fact, hasn't evidence been pretty clear-cut for some time? Doesn't Mauricio Romero, who you quote, seems to think so?
"If the extent of government involvement with paramilitaries becomes public, "things will get very complicated, and the executive's ability to govern will be seriously weakened," [says Romero]. Paramilitary chiefs say they have had ties with as much as a third of congressmen, almost all pro-government.
The scandal did not begin today. It did not even begin Under CrimeBill Clinton (hat tip to Slave Revolt Radio),. But CrimeBill did authorize "Plan Colombia," an Apartheid Israel-sized Welfare Check to Uribe's WarOn Druggies to defend their Coke.

Remember: going back all the way to his days in Arkansas, CrimeBill's family supported the WarOn Druggies!

Uncle Sam's Colombia policy didn't begin with CrimeBill, but it clearly remains close to his heart. At least that's what Eoin Callan & Anastasia Molony report in Wednesday's Financial Times:
Colombia will ask Bill Clinton this week to imbue its lobbying efforts with his renowned charm as it seeks to persuade reluctant Democrats to embrace a leader tainted by scandal.

President Alvaro Uribe will host a gala cocktail party with the former US president in Manhattan on Friday, joined by Shakira, the Colombian pop diva.
While everyone knows that CrimeBill likes dancing with the stars, his true ambition is far more sinister:
One person involved in the lobbying effort said: “Bill Clinton is a political rock star. If he supports it, you’ve got to take a second look”...

Mr. Uribe also had a meeting on Wednesday with Charles Rangel and Sander Levin, veteran congressmen who are shaping Democratic trade policy and are both politically close to the Clintons.

“Charlie Rangel and Sandy Levin have been very generous with their time in meeting Uribe throughout this,” said a person involved in the dialogue, adding: “My hope is that they wouldn’t be doing that if it wasn’t worth the effort.”
CrimeBill's job: to put the Rangel in line. After obeying his Massa and ensuring the flow of drugs into his district, he'll look mighty sincere attacking ComradeChavez when he's giving them heating oil.

While Uncle Sam barks and howls at the Venezuelan government's decision to return a radio frequency to the Bolivarian people, he bankrolls WarOn Druggie Alvaro Uribe and his merry band of WarOn Druggie Death Squadders.

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07 June 2007

"What's New in the Zoo?": A Savage Klanwatch Primer

As one can see from the blizzard of bizarre, homoerotic, sexually perverse, racist comments, our pets in the Savage Klanwatch have been particularly active of late.

In addition to the comments, their ringleader - on this occasion - hastened to send dozens of unsolicited e-mails to many erstwhile comrades using my name.

The Klanwatchers are also taking another crack at a parody blog.

I know, I know: Name a way to be me and these guys have tried it!

But they're so cute!

One may recall their first attempt at the blog, a short-lived effort they called Thavage Justice. That's right: DON'T LOOK NOW -- they're at it again"!!

Zany, right? Kind of cute, even!

Here's what's ironic: they earned their place on the Klanwatch by censoring their own blogs!

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Solidarity with a Bolivarian Comrade!

The gods have brought to my attention the blog of a comrade whose recent writings on the events in Venezuela warrant a detailed read.

Larry Gambone writes on his Porcupine Blog:
Left wing parties, whether out of opportunism or a sincere desire to reform society and better the working population, ultimately depend upon what happens in the streets. Chavez did not create the movement which put him in power, but rather was created by it. He would like to control it, but that is what social democrats seek to do, nothing unusual or unique there. The task of anarchists and revolutionary socialists is to radicalize this movement, not undermine it, or show sympathy for pro-imperialists and reactionaries. The goal is to make the movement escape from Hugo's hands and sweep away the corporate state in its entirety.

Thugs? Dissidents? Critics? Words have meaning. No one would doubt that Saddam or Pinochet were thugs, with their mass murders, tortures and the millions they skimmed off and hid in numbered bank accounts.
Uncle Sam's bank accounts, to be sure. And just as Uncle Sam bankrolled Pinochet and Saddam (not to mention the Shah) as they massacred their way to power, he's now aiming to do the same in Venezuela with a new generation. With the old generation of lackys embarrassing itself so fully, Uncle Sam has turned his attention to Venezuela's remaining Vanilla campuses. Gambone continues:
The world does not work according to wishes, ideology or theories. It is messy. It would be nice if all the left-wing parties in Venezuela disappeared and were replaced by millions-strong anarcho-syndicalist unions and an anarchist federation with tens of thousands of members. But that does not seem to be in the offing. Class struggle is being reflected through the Chavista Movement (for now) – though not the origin of such.

In the face of such a reality, there is no room for equivocation.

Gambone's got a great blog - I'm glad to have discovered it! It's always encouraging to encounter a comrade. It's even more enjoyable when this newfound Solidarity results explicitly from the enemy's hard work!

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05 June 2007

Iraqi Resistance Report: 3 June 2007

Apparently Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Garver didn't get the memo: when one's working as a PR flak for Uncle Sam's jackbooting army in Iraq, never tell the truth. That's the word that comes straight from BringItOn Bush & Sambo Rice all the way down.

So, with his staggering admission that after more than 4 years of slaughter and occupation, "We control about a third of the neighbourhoods" in Baghdad and admitting to Uncle Sam's abject failure to accomplish anything beneficial to him in Iraq, Garver obviously broke protocol.

Think about that: 1/3 of one city. After about 1,500 days, all Uncle Sam has to show for his $500,0000,000 orgy of wanton, genocidal slaughter is 1/3 of the Baghdad under military occupation, world hatred, and plenty of DEAD STORM-TROOPERS.

But things are improving, right! In the next six months, everything will be all-right. At least that's what Thomas Friedman says!

Here's the latest:

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • US admits seven more American troops killed in Iraqi Resistance attacks across Iraq Saturday, Sunday.
  • Islamic Army Resistance organization issues statement.
  • US barrage kills two Iraqi civilians in ad-Dulu'iyah.
  • Turkish artillery blasts Kurdish villages in northern Iraq Saturday.
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    02 June 2007

    Iraqi Resistance Report: 1 June 2007

    Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Fighting between Islamic Army and al-Qa'idah Resistance organizations in al-'Amiriyah in western Baghdad subsides Friday afternoon.
  • Shi'i sectarian militias attack Baghdad district Friday evening, killing elderly man.
  • US troops wound 15 civilians near Ba'qubah Thursday evening.
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