28 December 2006

Savage Welfare: Zionist Land-Grabbers Demand Money from Apartheid Israel to Flee Palestine

Since the UN met in New York to carve Apartheid Israel out of Palestine in 1947, its lily-white settler population of European Zionists has demanded massive amounts of welfare to cover their land-theft.

Those demands continue unabated to the present.

So when Apartheid Israel told the white Europeans to whom it had given welfare checks to move into Gaza that it could no longer protect them from the indigenous semitic population, the same Zionists who so bravely stole Palestinian land turned tail and ran, insisting on even more welfare to cover their retreat.

And thus, a lesson was learned about Zionist cowardice: Once the Apartheid government no longer promises to protect them with tanks and bulldozers - themselves ironically paid for with welfare checks - they will always run away rather than defend themselves.

Of course the Apartheid government granted their request, agreeing to give away billions to the fleeing White European settlers. But the sum wasn't nearly enough to satisfy Zionists so accustomed to living off the dole. Tovah Lazaroff reports on The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post on testimony before Apartheid Israel's Knesset in which uprooted Land-Grabbers demanded more:
Disengagement has cost former Gaza farmer Ronit Balaban NIS 5 million, her long-standing clients and her pride.

She was one of several farmers who came to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning to testify before the Knesset State Control Committee and to demand that the cabinet change the way the Evacuation-Compensation Law addresses the problems of those Gaza farmers who want to rebuild their businesses.
Lest anyone try and convince you that the demands for welfare are purely financial in nature, Balaban cites the cold weather... and the lack of sufficiently subsidized infrastructure... and lack of sufficiently subsidized spy equipment... and her commute.... and her insomnia. The piece continues:
The new site is colder than the old one, she said. So she had to spesnd more to heat the hothouses and to put in infrastructure to accommodate the new temperatures.

She also needed a different irrigation system to adjust for changes in the water quality between Gaza and Mavki'im.

Early on, Balaban's tractor was stolen, so she understood she now needs a surveillance system, something that was almost unheard of in Gush Katif, where the hothouses were located next to farmers' homes.

She now has a one-hour commute from her modular home in Yad Binyamin to the hothouses...

Balaban can't sleep at night for fear she will never get out of debt. "It shouldn't be this way," she said.
Unlike the paralysis that pervades Apartheid Israel's government when it comes to dealing with the Palestinian Resistance, to these requests for welfare the Zionist colonial government responded swiftly - perhaps because they're so used to making similar requests of Uncle Sam.
Both left- and right-wing parliamentarians at Wednesday's meeting agreed.

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon (Labor) called for the law to be changed.

MK Ami Ayalon (Labor) said he didn't understand how the government could plan to withdraw from additional territory without first properly compensating the Gaza evacuees.
Appeals to Apartheid Israel for welfare, as seen above, come frequently from a settler population living on stolen land by the grace and charity of European imperialism. The Zionist settler colony produces very little of value to the outside world; this explains why its survival depends on welfare: Apartheid Israel's sole raison d'etre is as a tool used by those same imperialist powers to blunt the rise of economic self-determination in the oil-rich region.

Stories like Balaban's only reinforce that reality.

27 December 2006

Who Feels a Draft?

Even as media windbags disparage the suggestion, the drip... drip... drip of news stories anticipating war with Iran coupled with the pounding Iraq's Resistance keeps dishing out to Uncle Sam's GI Joes continues to fuel speculation that Uncle Sam may soon need to re-instate the draft.

Those anticipating such a call got an added gust of support with the report last week that:
The Selective Service System is making plans to test its draft machinery in case Congress and President Bush need it, even though the White House says it doesn't want to bring back the draft.
The Selective Service has gone to great lengths to curtail any and all news about a renewal of the draft. However, we read in the article that:
Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson prompted speculation about the draft... when he told reporters in New York that "society would benefit" if the U.S. were to bring back the draft.
Speculation about the draft periodically gets added backing by the relentless calls by Harlem's own Democratic stalwart and Bush lackey Charles Rangel who has moved over and over again, in a political charade typical of the Party to which he belongs, to re-instate the draft. Using deeply flawed logic and betraying a profound historical ignorance, Rangel asserts that economic and racial disparities exist in the military today due to the absence of a draft rather than the systemic racism and class bias of capitalism or his own party's war agenda.

Whether or not there is a draft, we know one thing for certain: the crazed war hawks who frequent this blog - MULLAH BEAK the DHS UNEMPLOYED PEDOPHILE, FAKE ZIONIST, and CENSORMAN the SLAVING LEFIST will flee fast and furiously from the suggestion that they go and fight even though they now qualify for service under the revised guidelines for admission into the service. "In recent years, the Army has accepted recruits with lower aptitude test scores."

According to the article, there's a place for you at Uncle Sam's table, guys... what's holding you back? Some of you don't even have jobs (right Mickey?).

Make no mistake about it: we at Savage Justice do not foresee a draft in the short-term. However, we cannot relegate the coming war between Apartheid Israel and the Republic of Iran to the realm of idle speculation - the Zionist settler colony has backed itself into a corner from which it cannot retreat any further. We also know that in this coming fight, imperialist powers have quite clearly taken sides - Uncle Sam, England, France and Germany with Apartheid Israel; Russia and China with Hizbullah, Iran and Syria - and deployed their military hardware in abundance.

Once a spark - in Zionist-occupied Palestine, Zionist-occupied Lebanon, or Zionist-occupied Syria - ignites the conflagration in the Near East, nobody can know how events will follow. For many governments, the fantastic today may become the logical solution tomorrow.

Welcoming some Comrades in the Fight

Over the last few days, we have had the opportunity to do some maintenance to this blog. In doing so, we wanted call attention to the addition of a few comrades who - from Palestine to the Plantation - have thrust themselves into the fight for freedom and social justice.

To our "Radio" section, we have added the powerful and timely radio show, The Block Report, produced by the Prisoners of Conscience Committee's Minister of Information, JR. The P.O.C.C., led by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., has become one of the foremost organizations today in the fight to emancipate Black people from the shackles of Uncle Sam's Plantation. The continued development of this show will no doubt pay a large role as the P.O.C.C. spreads its message of Black empowerment and Black liberation throughout the plantation.

The Hip-Hop War Report contains great interviews and information about artists and musicians while also serving as a clearinghouse for news and information about the Black Freedom Struggle here on the Plantation.

We came across The Liberator blog in doing some research about the assassination of Sean Bell in Queens by the New York Pigs for an upcoming Savage Pigwatch entry. The video clip they posted of the murder chillingly details the crazed, brazen rapaciousness of the Pigs' attack. We welcome The Liberator's insight into this and many other issues concerning the Black Freedom Struggle.

And finally, after reading her powerful entry entitled "And the Truth Shall Set You Free..." we have added the beautifully written blog Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a Sealed Bottle... This blog not only contains fantastic analysis, but also beautiful art and powerful words of resistance from a population that finds itself particularly singled out and under attack by Zionism and imperialism.

As this blog continues to develop, we will strive to take note of newly discovered sources of information that aid in the rising up of poor and oppressed people throughout the world. If readers have recommendations or suggestions for other sites to which we should link, please let us know.


26 December 2006

George Galloway Brutally Smacks Down a Zionist

In just a few moments, Comrade George Galloway shows how easy one can demolish the entire edifice of a pro-Zionist argument in support of the Apartheid State of Israel. On the question of Palestinian rights, the two sides - oppressor and oppressed - are so apparent and so obvious, the lines so clearly drawn and demarcated, that those speaking out in support of the imperialist aggressor look foolish and ignorant whenever they make their case.

Listen and enjoy:

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25 December 2006

God's Christmas message to Apartheid Israel

Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day.

The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail.

For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.

Therefore the Lord shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows: for every one is an hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

For wickedness burneth as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke.

Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire: no man shall spare his brother.

And he shall snatch on the right hand, and be hungry; and he shall eat on the left hand, and they shall not be satisfied: they shall eat every man the flesh of his own arm: Manasseh, Ephraim; and Ephraim, Manasseh: and they together shall be against Judah. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

Isaiah 9:14-21

19 December 2006



I saw you posted a pretty scathing attack on me over at your blogs. And you and the gang are talking about resuscitating the failed Thavage Justice blog under a new name.

You're quite angry for reasons passing understanding. After all, you never post on my blog and you censor me from one of yours (it's true that the other blog doesn't censor as much). But we don't really interact.

There's only one painful, depression-inducing condition, I found, to explain your odd behavior: Vanilla Sam! Hopefully you can find a cure.

Maybe your pusherman Ricky Ross has got something that can help.

18 December 2006

Apartheid Israel: A Nation of Sewage

Fake Zionist - the blogosphere's most vile European Islamophobe - must have gotten a kick out of this story.

If he actually lived Zionism rather than spitting 'tough-guy' rhetoric talking about it, one might even suspect him responsible.

Ma'an today reports:
The residents of the northern West Bank town of Bruqin, west of Salfit, have appealed to international and domestic environmental protection and ecological conservation institutions to help them stop the flow of Israeli sewage into their town.

The residents told Ma'an's reporter that the sewage overflowing from the nearby Israeli settlement of Ari'el threatens to cause a health disaster in their town.
What a surprise! "Must have been an accident!" cry the lackeys. "We promise to investigate!"

... and of course, the corporate propagandists zip it.

Considering that Apartheid Israel has already blessed the world with the Nakba - with Deir Yassin, Sabra & Shatilla, Qana, Jenin, Qana II, Beit Hanoun... - the knowledge that its chief export - sewage - made its way onto land still occupied by the indigenous Semitic people there hardly comes as a surprise.

To Fascist European anti-Semites - people who have already sunk to the lowest imagineable depths of savagery - using their own shit as a chemical weapon actually makes sense.

16 December 2006

Uncle Sam Steps Up Campaign of Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans

More than one year ago, Uncle Sam used Hurricane Katrina as a pretext to begin a genocidal campaign of land theft and ethnic cleansing against the people of New Orleans.

This attack commenced when Uncle Sam refused to evacuate the city. It continued when "the 17th Street levee was bombed," according to Katrina survivor Clara Barthelemy, "by the Army Corps of Engineers to save the more valuable real estate in the city."

In the months since the hurricane, Uncle Sam has saught to parlay the calamity of Katrina into a financial opportunity for the ruling class - a phenomenon that continues today.

The 'New Orleans Housing Authority' - run by Donald Babers - unilaterally decided last week that the demolition of salvageable and much-needed public housing would commence in order to build what ethnic cleansers call 'mixed-income construction' (i.e., neighborhoods where Vanilla Sam can remain willfully blind to the overall poverty on Sam's Plantation).

Gwen Filosa writes in last Friday's New Orleans Times-Picayune:
The Housing Authority of New Orleans on Thursday approved plans to demolish the city's four largest public housing complexes and other smaller sites, blaming Hurricane Katrina for leaving about 7,500 apartments not worth repairing.

No dates have been set, but HANO plans to demolish the St. Bernard, C.J. Peete, Lafitte and B.W. Cooper developments to make way for an estimated $681 million worth of mixed-income neighborhood construction.
In making this decision, HANO has hardly acted alone, however. The piece continues:
HANO will submit its demolition applications to HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, who in June announced the government's desire to replace complexes with mixed-income neighborhoods that will include a portion of subsidized housing.
While he does not have the same political usefulness for ruling class politicians as Colin Cancer Powell or Sambo Rice, Sambo Jackson has - in doing ruling order's genocidal wetwork in New Orleans - proven himself a quite valuable asset to Uncle Sam. With his willingness to deny thousands of internally displaced people from the city the Inalienable Right to Return to their Homelands (a policy that quite familiar to those of you who worship the Zionist Apartheid colony), Jackson, along with former Cox Communications CEO Ray Nagin and Babers have each taken a paramount role in the quest to make New Orleans a more 'Vanilla' city.

Filosa continues:
Babers and his staff made no comments on the monumental decision the demolition plan represents. But housing advocates and residents called the citywide razing plan immoral and illegal.
Of course the plan is both immoral and illegal, but morality hardly serves as a disincentive for Uncle Sam to attack Black people. Sam carries out these practices for material reasons, not moral ones.

From FEMA's psychological warfaretrailer-park campaign to the theft of hurricane victims' land by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Uncle Sam has - for 15 months - waged a methodical and ruthless war to expel the city's poorest residents.

Like the Middle Passage of old, Uncle Sam corraled flood victims into pits of filth and squalor (Convention Center and Superdome) with lies and deceit before ultimately scattering them like dust.

We know that FEMA openly sabotaged the relief effort (going so far as to bar the Red Cross).

We know that the media vilified victims as 'looters'.

We know that Uncle Sam brought in mercinary killers fresh from Iraq to patrol the streets and confiscate guns in the service of wealthy paymasters aiming to make the city 'Vanilla' through 'Urban Renewal'.

One must understand the latest developments in the Katrina genocide as both tragic and predictable. Undestand it in context.

From the earlies moments of the calamity, there developed a sharp, clear conflict between Uncle Sam's economic interests and the interests of those entitled to return. To achieve his ends, Uncle Sam has acted with vengeance and brutality to suppress any opposition from his victims, and one engages in folly to think anything short of mass action will alter this genocidal behavior.

12 December 2006

Olmert & Merkel Hold Candlelight 'Discussion' in Berlin Hotel Room

The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday on the late-night rendezvous between Apartheid Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The 'meeting', which took place in Olmert's hotel room in Berlin from midnight to 3 a.m., adds another dimension to the Zionist colony's shameless appeals to Germany and other European imperialsts for protection from Hizbullah following Apartheid Israel's humiliating defeat to the Lebanese Resistance in the July War.

In September, Merkel let slip her nation's objective - protecting Apartheid Israel - in deploying German warships off the coast of Lebanon.

Was this late-night rendezvous carnal payback for this protection?

Important News from Uncle Sam's Key Allies

While Uncle Sam's mouthpieces and lackeys drone on endlessly about a totally confected war against Islam (born largely out of the 911 fairy tale), two interesting developments have taken place among Sam's Sepoys in the so-called Muslim world that underscore his close relationship with the region's most reactionary and undemocratic elements.

The Bush family's Saudi Arabian comrades yesterday announced the resignation of the kingdom's ambassador to Sam's Plantation, Prince Turki al-Faisal. While they reported that al-Faisal wanted to spend time with his family, the piece goes on to report that he could assume the reigns as Foreign Minister - perhaps to assume control of Saudi Arabian forces in Iraq, as DEBKA reported?

Was this discussed during Five Deferment Cheney's recent visit?

Elsewhere, the Times of India reports:
The US government has awarded an initial $78 million as part of a $144 million contract to Lockheed Martin for tasks related to the production of 18 new Advanced Block 52 F-16 aircraft for Pakistan.
While ignorant platitudes about Uncle Sam's completely confected 'War on Terror' proliferate the neo-fascist blogosphere, in reality Sam is swimming upstream, fighting to steal whatever resources he can manage to steal, working with anyone willing to degrade themselves for the sake of the almighty (but not for much longer) Greenback.

11 December 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: 11 December

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Resistance bomb blasts US Humvee in al-Fallujah midday Monday.
  • Resistance sharpshooter kills three puppet troops in al-Fallujah Monday afternoon, puppet troops respond to sharpshooter attack by killing four civilians, including a 9-year old boy.
  • Salah ad-Din Province declares day of civil disobedience Monday to protest US killings in as-Siniyah, al-Ishaqi.
  • Resistance bomb leaves US soldier reported dead in al-Hawijah Monday morning.
  • 09 December 2006

    Savage Pigwatch: End the 25 year frame-up of Mumia Abu-Jamal!

    For 25 years, Uncle Sam has kept Mumia Abu-Jamal, one of the most eloquent and powerful spokespeople for the Black freedom struggle, behind enemy lines and fighting to save his own life.

    Convicted by a judge whose aim was to "fry the nigger," Mumia was railroaded with coerced testimony and fabricated evidence that has since been recanted or dismissed. Someone else has even confessed to the crime for which Uncle Sam accused him!

    He continues to languish today in one of Uncle Sam's torture gulags. Even Uncle Sam's pro-torture Department of 'Justice' acknowledges the racist nature of these concentration camps - the largest in the world by a large margin. AP reports:
    Racial disparities among prisoners persist. In the 25-29 age group, 8.1 percent of black men — about one in 13 — are incarcerated, compared with 2.6 percent of Hispanic men and 1.1 percent of white men. And it's not much different among women. By the end of 2005, black women were more than twice as likely as Hispanics and over three times as likely as white women to be in prison.
    Afrikan's know full-well about the institutional racism both inside and out of Uncle Sam's gulags. But obviously the case of Mumia is exceptional - that's why other countries name streets after him, a move denounced overwhelmingly by the House of Representatives in a striking display of where that body stands on questions of racism and injustice.

    Free'em All!

    07 December 2006

    Nasrallah: "We will win with our voices, and not with our arms!"

    The only place bullets should be directed is at the chests of the Israeli enemy."

    - Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

    Speaking before the National Opposition's demonstration-turned-celebration in Beirut Thursday night, Hassan Nasrallah issued a final warning of sorts - "share power with us, or we will take it from you" - to the illegitimate Siniora government that has clearly, transparently cast its lot with Zionism against the people of Lebanon. Rym Ghazal reports in the Daily Star:
    The leader of Hizbullah vowed Thursday to press on with the rally for a unity government, but he also made a solemn oath that Lebanon's Shiites would not be "dragged" into a sectarian war with Sunnis. "If anyone thought that we would be frightened away and just surrender and go back home, they are gravely mistaken and are living in illusions, illusions, illusions!" Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared in live television address.

    Tens of thousands of cheering demonstrators crammed around two large screens erected in the heart of Downtown Beirut to watch the speech.

    "We will not be dragged into any strife even if you kill a thousand of us," Nasrallah promised in the speech.

    "We will not raise our arms in the face of anyone in Lebanon ... Our weapons have only been raised against our Israeli enemy," he added, speaking from an undisclosed location, as has been the case in most instances since the July-August war with Israel.

    "We will win with our voices, and not with our arms!" vowed Nasrallah, calling for a greater turnout for yet another mass demonstration on Sunday aimed at forcing the government to step down.
    With its party-like atmosphere, the demonstration has taken on a life of its own, becomming a festive celebration. Demonstrators have thwarted attempts by Uncle Sam's March 14 Sepoys to incite violence. Earlier this week - an incitment made manifest in the cold-blooded, mafia-style hit on Ahmed Mahmoud, an unarmed 20 year old.

    Not unlike the murder of Sean Bell by the Pigs of New York.

    The National Opposition demand of a unity government that gives the majority of Lebanon's population a more representative voice in the government. They will continue to make this demand, and, as Christian leader Michel Aoun has said, they will raise the degree of popular pressure to carry it out.

    And judging both from Hizbullah's successess and the Siniora government's myriad failures, one has no doubt they will succeed.

    05 December 2006

    Iraqi Resistance Report: 4 December

    Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
    • Witnesses report 10 American Marines killed when Resistance fighters shoot down US Chinook helicopter near al-Hadithah, Sunday afternoon.
    • Residents of al-Fallujah vow to keep women off the roads after US troops resume practice of doing body searches of Iraqi women in al-Fallujah.
    • Resistance men gun down two members of entourage of US-installed puppet "Iraqi President" Jalal Talibani in Baghdad.
    • Two US troops reported killed in Resistance ambush in Baghdad.
    • Nine American troops reported killed in battles in locked-down city of as-Siniyah Sunday evening, Monday morning.
    • Battle erupts midday Monday as Shi'i sectarian gunmen and puppet regime troops jointly attack Sunni village near al-Mahmudiyah.

    04 December 2006

    Comrade Chavez Destroys Uncle Sam's 'Candidate'

    Hat-tip to my comrade over at Latin America News Review for the great picture.

    03 December 2006

    Colombian Pusherman Uribe: "I'm a Death Squadder!"

    The criminal behavior of the Narco-Terrorist President of Colombia - Vanilla Sam's Pusherman, Alvaro Uribe - has again exposed the deep connection between the Colombian Government, their death squads rampaging the indigenous peasantry, and Uncle Sam's 'War on Drugs' - a silly PsyOp scam as phony as the 'War on Terror'!

    Sibylla Brodzinsky reports in Thursday's Guardian:
    Colombia's political establishment has been shaken by near-daily allegations of how President Álvaro Uribe's allies worked with rightwing militias who for more than a decade used terror in pursuit of their own ends.

    The supreme court has ordered six pro-Uribe lawmakers, including the foreign minister's brother, to answer questions about alleged links with the paramilitaries who are blamed for the murder and torture of thousands of Colombians. Two senators, an acting representative and a former congresswoman from the northern coastal province of Sucre, have been arrested, while one former governor remains at large.

    Senator Álvaro García, the grandfather of Sucre politics, is facing charges of murder for allegedly planning the killing of 14 villagers in 2000 and ordering the murder of an election agency official.
    The corrupt Death Squads, run by these men, get their license to kill from Uncle Sam's 'War on Drugs.' As we have known for some time, Uribe himself has a sordid history of profiting - politically and economically - from the drug trade. And here, his allies further demonstrate the profitability of the drug trade.

    Ironically, we at Savage Justice wrote in June that Uncle Sam had sent Colombian Narco-Terrorists to work alongside their puppet government in Afghanistan. One has little doubt as to the nature of their collaboration.

    Brodzinsky's piece continues, detailing the deep extent to which these political officials collaborated with death squads:
    Senator Miguel de la Espriella from northern Córdoba province revealed in a Sunday newspaper that he was among some 40 politicians who signed a political pact with paramilitary leaders at the height of their power in 2001. ..

    Senator Álvaro Araújo, who is among the six lawmakers called to testify before the supreme court and is the brother of Mr Uribe's foreign minister, María Consuelo Araújo, warned that if he went down other heads in the government would roll.

    The former head of Colombia's intelligence agency during Mr Uribe's first term is also being investigated for collusion.
    Again, this collaboration between Colombia's 'Intelligence' agencies and the Death Squads come as no surprise - they're cut from the same cloth and trained by the same Uncle.
    The files allegedly include detailed accounts and recordings of meetings between politicians and paramilitaries to ensure the election of chosen candidates, and describe scams in which militias stole state funds from local health services.
    While it is pleasurable to see the beating delivered to Uribe's allies in the Colombian government, we cannot forget that Uncle Sam's own privatized Death Squads - namely DynCorp - savagely bomb the same people day after day with chemical weapons bought and paid for by Uncle Sam.