31 January 2006

Wolves at the World Bank Turn Snitch, Devouring their Own

In a development heralded by those of us who would rather see every employee of the World Bank shot in the head execution style than win the lottery, a number of jackals working for the bank - whose sole job is to steal from 'developing' countries and give them to 'developed' ones - have turned snitch and ratted out their President, Paul Wolfowitz, after discovering he was an even bigger liar, crook, and brigand than they.

Proving that there's no honor among thieves, the World Bank machinations demonstrate what happens when the rapacious vandals at the Bank are made to submit to someone even more cunning and thuggish than themselves.

29 January 2006

Saad Hariri: Bush's Latest Middle East Crony

Saad Hariri, the son of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri who was assassinated a year ago (likely done by Israel to grease the skids for the construction of an airbase in Lebanon for Uncle Sam), met with G-Dub in the White House on Friday.

The visit confirms for us much of what we knew about Hariri from his recent actions - he is a tool of Uncle Sam, no doubt taking Sam's money to promote Sam's agenda. He's not a mediator or a diplomat. He's another Abbas - a corrupt Sambo who's cast his lot with the Western warmongerers as they lie their way into unwinnable wars against Syria, Iran, and Palestine.

On the recent developments in Palestine, Saad Hariri took a position more hostile to Hamas than Apartheid Israel - a country that killed 20,000 of his own countrymen in the 1980s:
Hariri... said Friday that Palestine's newest parliamentary majority group Hamas "needs to move forward on how to make peace with Israel"....

Hariri said Hamas might follow the example of Fatah, the more mainstream Palestinian group it defeated in parliamentary elections, and come round to accepting Israel, a step Bush said Thursday was necessary for the U.S. to deal with Hamas.
Bush no doubt ordered Hariri to the United States to discuss the strategy for disarming Hizbullah, the only Lebanese organization to successfully repel the aggression of Apartheid Israel. The Daily Star piece confirms that Hariri asked Bush to give him guns, but denied for the moment, that those guns would be turned against Hizbullah. No doubt that will change.

28 January 2006

British Terror Ignites Basra... Again

Saturday's Beirut Daily Star reports that British Army forces occupying Southern Iraq face intensifying unrest in the restive port city of Basra after "hundreds of British and Danish troops raided Basra early Tuesday to seize policemen suspected of corruption." Five of the fourteen people detained remain in custody "including 'influential' members of the Basra police force's serious crimes and internal affairs units and the criminal investigation agency." The article continues:
Provincial council member Munaadhil al-Mayahee said relations would be severed if British forces did not release policemen they are still holding, withdraw their troops from central Basra, and hand over control of security to local authorities.

"If they keep doing this we will not be able to hold back the reaction of the people of Basra toward them."

"If the British keep on acting like invaders, people here will know to deal with them. The new British commander is a bad man. He is behind all detentions and raids," said Mayahee.
This is not the first time that unannounced arrests have provoked a conflict in Basra between the British occupiers and those they occupy .

On 19 September 2005, the Iraqi Resistance Report reported that one day earlier, "British occupation forces arrested Ahmad al-Fartusi, the Commander of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in al-Basrah on Sunday."

The Guardian added clarity to the extent of these arrests on 20 September when they reported,
British defence officials said last night that yesterday's violence was provoked by… the British army's arrest on Sunday of about 200 members of the Mahdi army, the militia headed by Moqtada al-Sadr… The arrested men included Sheik Ahmad Majid al-Fartusi, the Basra commander of the group, and his aide, Sajjat al-Basri.
In a statement, British forces confirmed that they had arrested "three prominent individuals," asserting that "the operation is the result of an ongoing multinational force investigation that identified individuals believed to be responsible for organising terrorist attacks against multinational forces."

In respose to the arrests, "Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen deployed in the streets of al-Basrah and set fires in car tires, closing the main streets in the city to traffic," the Resistance Report notes, threatening "the British and their stooges with 'events whose outcome would not be good' if al-Fartusi is not released."

A day later, events came to a head. Reuters reported that two British soldiers from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment "wearing traditional Arab headscarves and sitting in an unmarked car" that contained assault rifles, light machine guns, an anti-tank weapon, radio gear and medical kit were taken into custody after "shooting dead a policeman and wounding another." Al Jazeera reported that the car was "booby-trapped… laden with ammunition and was meant to explode in the centre of the city of Basra in the popular market."

Underscoring the secrecy of the captive's mission, the British military "attacked the central jail and destroyed it," breaking out the saboteurs with a "force of more than ten tanks backed by helicopters."

After destroying the compound and freeing the men, Middle East Online reported the British forces were surrounded and attacked by Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen, who set two tanks ablaze and forced the British soldiers from their tanks, providing shocking pictures to the evening news.

This weeks provokation in Basra, coupled with the increasing warmongering by Western leaders towards Iran indicate that similar confrontations to those described above could intensify in both size and scope. This is especially true in the wake of the announcement made by Sadr during a visit to Tehran that he would side with Iran if Western forces invade.

27 January 2006

Apartheid Israel's Army of Child Killers Strikes Again

No matter who is in office, the racist brutality of the Zionist state remains constant. Two days after reporting that "a 13-year-old Palestinian was killed Monday night when he was shot by soldiers lying in ambush near the access road to his village," Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports
Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot dead a 9-year-old Palestinian girl on Thursday in the Gaza Strip near the border with Israel, Palestinian medics said.
Skipping past the fabricated IDF account of the murder, the piece continues
A Palestinian ambulance found the girl's body hours after the incident and medics brought her to Nasser hospital in the Khan Yunis refugee camp. The girl was identified as Aya-Al Astal.

Palestinian policeman said she had been shot in the neck. An IDF spokeswoman said the army was conducting further checks about the killing.
Given the child-murdering policies Apartheid Israel has imposed on the Palestinians, is it really a mystery why they voted into power an organization opposed to negotiations with a government that continues to terrorize innocent children?

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

Wednesday, 25 January 2006
  • Five US troops reported killed in Resistance car bomb attack southwest of al-Fallujah.
  • US repressive terror campaign on pretext of finding al-Fallujah Sniper prompts boycott by al-Fallujah civil groups of any meeting with US authorities. General Strike threatened following beatings of patients in medical facility.
  • US soldier kills Iraqi TV reporter for trying to film wrecked American vehicle in ar-Ramadi Tuesday.
  • Elderly man said killed, over 100 "suspects" arrested in savage American campaign of house raids and arrests in Abu Ghurayb area.
  • US said poised to release 424 prisoners on Thursday.
  • Resistance bomb in al-Mundhiriyah on Iranian border leaves four US Marines reported dead.
  • Puppet "Shock Troops" kill Sunni Imam in Samarra’.
  • Sectarian cleansing by puppet regime escalating in an-Najaf. Four Sunnis dead, 20 arrested as eviction drive rises.
  • Bomb in al-Basrah on Tuesday wounds two British troops, 20 school students shortly before British forces announce arrest of 14 Iraqi puppet regime Security men on charges of murder and sabotage for Iranian Intelligence.

26 January 2006

Goodbye Abbas, Hello Hamas

With a Hamas victory in Palestine's parliamentary elections, the apocalyptic nightmare scenario envisioned by supporters of Apartheid Israel - from The Nation to Pat Robertson to Hillary Clinton to George Bush - has become reality. They failed despite the intense campaign by both Uncle Sam and the apartheid state to rig the elections by denying Hamas the right to campaign in key cities like Jerusalem and using the kind of NED exit polls used successfully to rig last years election in Ukraine. Now they have to contend with a Palestinian Authority unafraid to fight back, an outcome that right-wing Knesset member and Zionist fanatic Yuval Steinitz calls "an earthquake" and a "tragic defeat for Israel in the war against terrorism."

This outcome came about thanks to the racist and criminal policies of men like Steinitz and the drooling brain-dead killer Sharon. Hamas won yesterday because of Israel's apartheid wall, Israel's checkpoints, Israel's murders, Israel's property destruction, and Israel's land theft. Despite the countless violations of Palestinian civil and human rights by the apartheid government, Ha'aretz reports
Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar said Thursday he was ready to maintain a cease-fire with Israel forged last February if Israel does likewise, but that the Islamic group will respond to Israeli attacks "If they are going to continue commitment to what is called quietness, then we will continue. But if not, then I think we will have no option, but to protect our people and our land."
Given that murdering Arabs and stealing their land has become Israel's raison d'etre, the likelyhood of a Zionist cease-fire is roughly the same as Sharon waking up 100 pounds lighter and offering Zionists a way to undo the crisis they've brought on themselves. Instead, Israel will go on the offensive. Sharon's bosom buddy, Zionist Arab killer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres, commenced the calls for retribution by calling on the world to cut off foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.

The neo-con affiliated pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reports that Israel's Labor Pary - a group naively considered the 'peace' party by soft Zionists and Nation readers on Uncle Sam's plantation - reiterated their refusal to deal with Hamas in the wake of the election. The article begins
Labor Chairman Amir Peretz reiterated Thursday that his party did not consider Hamas a partner for peace negotiations.

"We have no intention of allowing negotiations to take place, or of allowing a third party to force us to recognize an organization that openly seeks to destroy Israel," Peretz said, adding that the apparent Hamas victory in the Palestinian Legislative elections undermined the stability of the Middle East.
Aparthied Israel has already begun begging its European allies to shut off any discussions with Hamas. Uncle Sam is less in need of Zionist lobbying.

Sambo Condi, speaking for Uncle Sam, told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, "as we have said, you cannot have one foot in politics and the other in terror. Our position on Hamas has therefore not changed." She made this apparently serious statement without mentioning the $5,000,000,000 Uncle Sam gives every year to Apartheid Israel for the purpose of terrorizing and killing Arabs.

The designs of Uncle Sam and their terrorist allies in Europe and Apartheid Israel to control the Middle East have been thwarted not only by the valiant Iraqi resistance, but also by armed non-governmental resistance groups - Hamas, Sadr's Mehdi Army in Iraq, Hizbullah in Lebanon. Their growing power, and the inability for the West to kill or control them means one of two things for Uncle Sam and its proxy allies: strategic retreat or all-out war.

Since the former won't occur without a great deal more bloodshed, we can only assume the plan hatched by Bush, Clinton, Blair, Merkel, Olmert, Mofaz & Co. will be all out war.

For that to occur, Bush has almost certainly ordered his most important ally - Bin Laden - to launch another terrorist attack in the United States to prepare the nation for martial law and the coming nuclear holocaust.

25 January 2006

Ariel Schiavo Ain't Waking Up... is his Apartheid Government?

As 'Schiavo' Sharon continues to piss and drool on himself, the racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel's nuclear renegade government continue jailing & fining Palestinian politicians and activists, killing innocent Palestinian children, and trying to start wars that can't win.

Apartheid Israel's 'leaders', much like those here on Uncle Sam's plantation, can't talk enough smack about how they're going to attack Iran and how Iran must obey the West's diktat or face Shock & Awe Redux. In fact, as Seymour Hersch reported months ago, their covert operators are no doubt terrorizing Iran even as I write this.

But a funny thing happened on the way to World War IV: Iran has called the West's bluff. Iran knows the moral depravity it faces from terrorist states like Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam, yet, far from cowering in fear, they're prepared to strike back with devastating force.

Iran's Minister of Defense, Mostafa Mohammad, said today that "Israel does not have the courage to attack Iran, and if it commits such a big mistake, the defenders of Islamic Iran will put Israel in an eternal coma like Sharon."

He's right. If Iran is invaded, they have both the military might and know how - without nuclear weapons - to blow the American navy out of the Persian Gulf, cut off 40% of the world's oil supply (totally shutting down the American and European economy), obliterate the global ponzi scheme known as the petro-dollar, and wipe Israel from the map with human wave attacks launched by proxy from Iraq (from Sadr's forces), Syria, and Lebanon.

Still, we have to assume that Uncle Sam, Apartheid Israel and its European vassals will attack Iran. They simply don't care if hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people will die as a result. For the racist maniacs trying to control the world from Tel Aviv, Washington, Paris, and London, murder and destruction are a way of life. To turn away from it now - to chicken out while Iran mocks them - would be contrary to the violent nature of their race.

18 January 2006

Another Setback to the Empire: Lebanon tells the US "Get Out!"

An article in Beirut's Daily Star begins,
Thousands of Lebanese students marched toward the U.S. Embassy in Awkar, protesting American interference in Lebanon and rejecting "any attempts to place the country under American tutorship."

Hundreds of riot police blocked the road leading to the embassy, north of Beirut, with barbed wire, and stopped the crowds from getting too close to the embassy's complex, which was several hundred meters ahead.
Denouncing United States' involvement in Lebanon and vilifying their chief spy Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman's efforts to destabilize their country, protestors delivered the powerful message that they could solve their domestic issues without interference from the United States or Apartheid Israel - the two countries that provoked Lebanon's Civil War in the 1980s.
"America keep your hands off Lebanon and stop promoting another civil war," demonstrators chanted as they held anti-American posters labeling U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman "a recipe for war" in Lebanon, and slamming the 'blatant American interference' in the country's politics.
The protests against American interference reveal clearly that the NED project in Lebanon - dubbed the 'Cedar Revolution' - has failed.

Unlike successful NED campaigns to topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, and Ukraine, which depended on covert US infiltration using spies working with NGOs, the US goal of provoking a civil war in Lebanon while preserving plausible deniability has not worked. The piece continues,
Tuesday's demonstration remained peaceful, unlike an anti-American protest in downtown Beirut last Saturday, which turned violent after riot police used tear-gas and water against demonstrators led by students from Hizbullah.

"We refuse this blatant American interference in our internal affairs," Tamer Hassan, an Amal member said as heavy rain poured down on the crowd, which held only Lebanese flags in response to a request by the demonstration's organizing committee.

"It does not matter if they [U.S. officials] deny interference in Lebanese affairs, how else can you explain the ongoing visits by Feltman to our politicians? We don't see any other ambassadors doing what he does," Hassan said.

"We refuse their security interferences ... we refuse FBI members walking among us and [Israeli] Mossad trying to shake our national accord and pulling us back to a long departed civil war where sects fight against each other," Khatib said.

"The resistance is not 'Hizbullah' and 'Amal' anymore, it is all of us. We tell the Americans, who is thinking about disarming the resistance, anyone who thinks about this will be faced with a [harsh reaction] from our youth and our people," Khatib added.
Feltman's game is up. The Lebanese people know that this man, who worked on the psy-op "peace process" under Israeli operative Martin Indyk, is an American spy who holds a deeply anti-Lebanon agenda. Installing such a naked political hack into Lebanon doomed the US's covert campaign to disarm Hizballah, destabilize Lebanon, and topple the Syrian government.

Nothing positive has resulted from this effort for the empire. In fact, the opposite has occurred. Hizballah, Apartheid Israel's great nemisis, has gained even greater influence in the region, and yet another Middle-East misread from the neo-con kooks may force Apartheid Israel into an (unwinnable) military campaign against Hizballah - a move suggested by Zionist propaganda organs - instead of nuking Iran to initiate World War III.

For the apartheid settler state, such a campaign would be more diplomatically manageable and politically effective, and thus more adviseable, than a pre-emptive nuclear attack against a country like Iran.

So while an attack by Apartheid Israel on Iran must remain in the forefront of our imagination, striking Lebanon - and Hizballah - would make 'better' sense. And given the NED's failure to bring about regime change peacefully, we must expect it.

06 January 2006

Sharon Eats Big Macs through a Straw; Zionist Terrorism Continues; Media Flaks

Even as Ariel the Vegetable's brain gushes like Old Faithful, lunatic Zionists continue his lifelong mission of brutalizing and terrorizing innocent Palestinian civilians in the name of Apartheid Israel.

Reporting from the occupied territories, Amira Hass writes in Friday's Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz that Palestinian children discovered around 100 uprooted olive trees belonging to a Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Yata.

The vandalized olive grove overlooks a road on which only Jews can travel.

The Apartheid government of Israel encourages these racist vandals by ignoring their actions and punishing them when it's politically expedient. To ethnically cleanse an area, Zionist terrorists routinely destroy Palestinian property -- they represent the Apartheid government's raison d'être. Since the state's business is Land Theft, so how can it really punish these people? For Zionists, (including Ariel the Vegetable), it would be like punishing yourselves.

Hass's piece continues
Over the past year there have been dozens of sabotage incidents of Palestinian-owned olive groves by settlers. As recently as last month more than 1,000 olive trees have been cut down on six different occasions.

Yesh Din, a civil rights group that offers Palestinians legal services on human rights issues, has filed this year from April thru November fifteen additional complaints against settlers and other Israeli citizens for sabotage of Palestinian-owned agricultural property.

At least five of these complaints were closed without pressing charges.

Judea and Samaria District police told Haaretz that 672 investigation files were opened in 2005 for "disruption of order by Israelis against Palestinian residents and security forces personnel in the West Bank, that included violence, use of force, sabotage, trespassing and similar offenses.
Meanwhile, another article in Ha'aretz reports, "Two Palestinian teens were lightly injured by gunfire near Nablus on Thursday night, in what may be the first case of Jewish terror activity in the West Bank in nearly three years."

Of course, when Ha'aretz speaks of 'terror activity' in this context, they omit the daily terrorism of bulldozings, assassinations, and checkpoints the apartheid government of Israel inflicts on the people of occupied Palestine every day.

But in America, since nobody hears about these things on NPR, reads them in the NY Times, or watches them on PBS or Fox News. If the victims have dark skin, they ignore it. They turn the camera around and interview Donald Rumsfeld or Peter Pace instead.

To prove it, one must simply observe the daily movement of the tanks and the daily direction of the cameras. What's true in Palestine is true in New Orleans, where residents are fighting off attempts by Uncle Sam and their Sambo mayor to ethnically cleanse the Black population using the same bulldozers and armored humvees they're using in Iraq, where resistance continues after more than 15 years and a million deaths.

Observe how the media cover the crisis in Haiti, where the US government and its mercenary army kidnapped the President, sent him into forced exile, and is now - through its UN proxy - trying to destroy the Lavalas party that represents more than 90% of the country.

The government's propaganda arm - the corporate media - serves the state. They work with the government to create an alternate reality, often to start wars. In Iraq, Judith Miller and Zionist neocons like Douglass Feith, Robert Franklin, Eliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, and Dick Cheney worked hand-in-glove in violation of a litany of their own laws to escalate that war, which even the Democratic Party hacks at MoveOn.org opposed! Down in Haiti, Regine Alexandre, a US spy, fabricates stories as a paid reporter for the NY Times (and the AP prior to her recent firing on acount of this story).

The primary function of the corportate media is to ignore the truth and spin the lie. Their lies take many forms, but over time one learns to use them. By showing their ass so nakedly, Judith Miller, Ginger Thompson, Bob Woodward, Regine Alexandre - Ha'aretz, PBS, CNN and the rest of the corporate media - have completely given their role as political lackies away.

We now have proof that US spies write for the Times. No, not David Brooks, William Safire, Maureen Dowd, Thomas Friedman and the gang spewing silly garbage on the op-ed pages, though that's a sensible thought! We now know that pseudo-covert spies working for Uncle Sam write for the Times and get their name in italics at the bottom of the article.

What needs to become more obvious is how they tell lie after lie after lie, day after day after day, about issue after issue after issue. And that's what we're here to do.

05 January 2006

Sharon, May Your Death be Slow and Painful

"And I hope that you die
And your death'll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I'll watch while you're lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I'll stand o'er your grave
Til I'm sure that you're dead"

Bob Dylan, 1963
Ariel Sharon, one painful death isn't enough. You deserve to suffer and die thousands of times over for the people you've killed and crimes you've committed.

Still, the world will celebrate when your fat ass is fed to the worms.

I'm not sure whether there's a hell, but if there is, you'll fit in quite nicely rotting there alongside Hitler, Stalin, and Teddy Roosevelt.