10 August 2006

Apartheid Israel Ships More Land-Grabbers to their Graves

It's safe to say that the government of Apartheid Israel - fresh off its bloodiest day of fighting since its floundering attempt to invade Lebanon began last month - has entered into all-out panic mode.

On a day when Hizbullah killed 15 Zionist land-grabbers and wounded 25 more, the cabinet met to decide whether it should serve up more cannon-fodder into Lebanon. Aluf Benn wrote about this tension-filled meeting in Thursday's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz:
The defense establishment's proposal to expand the Israel Defense Forces operation in Lebanon was approved by a large majority of cabinet ministers on Wednesday... But according to some attendees, the results of the vote do not reflect the ministers' true opinions. "If everyone voted the way they spoke, there would be a majority opposing the proposal," one minister said. So why didn't anyone vote against the proposal? We were afraid, the minister explained, of showing the public and the Hezbollah that there are rifts within the government and cracks in its support for the IDF.

The problem is that such cracks exist and no one is really making an effort to hide them anymore... One of those present summed the situation up by saying, "everyone was involved in at least one quarrel...."

And so the cabinet meeting ended in a rather predictable compromise: Approval of an outline of the operation in principle, while postponing its implementation to allow for development in the UN talks. Troops, however, will take up positions in preparation for the operation. Israel is telling the UN "hold me back," in efforts to prevent itself from getting swept up in any one decision and hoping for the best. Olmert's moment of truth has been postponed, at least until Friday.
Ma'an reported on additional concerns voiced to the pro-Apartheid media concerning the decision.
Israeli non-governmental press sources revealed that severe criticism has been made over the past few hours among military experts in the Israeli army against the political and the security decision of the cabinet about the expansion of the ground war in South Lebanon.

The experts said that the news of the tragic losses that will hit the army would not hesitate to arrive.

In commenting on the cabinet decision, one Israeli officer said "when there is a lack of political horizon of the government, the army will be asked to go and create it."

In an interview with the website of the Israeli newspaper Maariv, the unnamed high-ranking Israeli officer called on Olmert's government to halt the decision that was taken yesterday, and according to one television station, "the officer did not hide his conviction that the decision of the cabinet ran against the wishes of the Israeli people, and Condoleezza Rice contacted Olmert several times, calling on him to continue the war, despite the conviction of the Israeli staff that the losses will be huge"...

Another officer in the Israeli army said "the last decision to be taken by politicians is sending ground troops to stay, uncovered, without specific tasks in Lebanon, where the resistance will attack them rapidly, by way of guerrilla warfare and will inflict considerable damage to us".
While gung-ho at first to march into Lebanon slaughtering Arabs, the tone of the Zionist Land-Grabbers has moderated after taking so many dead and wounded soldiers at the hands of Hizbullah. Of course, petty trilflings like dead children and senseless slaughter does nothing to deter Uncle Sam - who finds slaughter from Afghanistan to Palestine good fun - from insisting that Apartheid Israel its aggression.

Apartheid Israel's political leaders know that it is now caught in a trap of its own creation: geopolitical interests demand that it not retreat from Lebanon without meeting any objective. Doing so not only weakens Apartheid Israel while strenthening its enemies, but retreat also weakens its sugar daddy, Uncle Sam.

On the other hand, any decision to send more land-grabbers into Lebanon means more rocket attacks on Occupied Palestine - more ghost towns, more dead pets, more fleeing bedwetters, and more property destruction - and ensures that the number of dead Zionist Land-Grabbers will escalate dramatically.

Either option leaves Apartheid Israel with potentially catastrophic consequences for itself and Uncle Sam.

Over the last several weeks, Apartheid Israel has demonstrated amazing efficiency in targetting innocent civilians - women and children - along with Lebanon's means of production. However it has shown no ability whatsoever to damage Hizbullah, who it says is the target of its blitzkrieg. Given this failure, we now find Apartheid Israel groveling to the UN about enforcing resolutions (not those many resolutions it violates daily, of course), hoping that Uncle Sam can confect a scenario that blames and vows to disarm Hizbullah while exonerating Apartheid Israel from responsibility for its savage and bestial actions over the last 6 weeks in Lebanon and Gaza.

This will not be easy, especially with Bolton running the show for Uncle Sam. And that feeling of pending failure - the understanding for whom the bell tolls - now drives every panic-stricken decision made by the Bedwetting Apartheid government.

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