31 July 2006

In Spite of Zionist Massacres, Hizbullah Continues to Beat Back Invasion

In a combined report featuring input from various agencies along with Leila Hatoum and Mira Borji of The Daily Star, we read that the fighting in Southern Lebanon between Lebanese Resistance fighters and Apartheid Israel's land-grabber army continues.
Heavy clashes broke out between Israel and Hizbullah Sunday in the border town of Taibeh, after an elite Israeli team attempted to sneak into the Lebanese territory. Hizbullah issued a statement saying the elite Israeli Army team named Goulani tried to sneak into the southern town of Taibeh, a few kilometers to the west of Fatima Gate, a sealed border crossing into Israel, but Hizbullah fighters fought them.

"Hizbullah's fighters are still engaged in ferocious clashes with the Israeli military ... and have inflicted severe casualties among the Israeli military."

The Hizbullah statement said its militants had inflicted casualties on the Israeli forces.

"Our fighters are following the Israeli military elite team members from one place to another while the Israeli helicopters were not able to evacuate the wounded and casualties," it added...

An Israeli Army spokesman said Israeli troops were engaged in clashes with Hizbullah fighters for the first time in Adaysseh in southeastern Lebanon, which left four Israeli soldiers "lightly" wounded.
AP adds to this report that Hizbullah destroyed at least one of Uncle Sam's tanks in the fighting.

Elsewhere, the Jerusalem Post reports today that "nine IDF soldiers [were] wounded during operations in the villages of Ataybeh and Al-Adisa, north of Metulla."

The news of fierce resistance in Taibeh, Ataybeh and Al-Adisa to more attempted Zionist incursions comes on the heels of the Zionist colony's retreat from Bint Jbeil after losing between nine and thirteen Special Forces land-grabbers - many coming from the elite Battalion 51 of the Golani Brigade.

One reason for these losses has to do with the Zionist land-grabbers admission that "Hezbollah has been able to tap into Israeli mobile phones and ground phones." Ma'an reports that the land-grabbers also:
Added that they discovered a telephone wire-tapping station in Bint Jbail after they had heard distortions in their phone lines. They believe that Hezbollah was able to tap into their military communications and their field network.
Apart from the toll Apartheid Israel's failing invasion of Lebanon military has produced - hundreds and hundreds of civilians dead, the destruction of Lebanon's means of production, and the naked exposure of Uncle Sam as supplier and funder of the Zionist blitzkrieg - the war has had an extensive economic cost the Jim Crow cities in the North of Apartheid Israel.

Thanks to Resistance rocket attacks there, Zionist land-grabbers have retreated into bunkers or fled the North in massive numbers. Debka reports:
"As the third week of the war begins, conditions in the shelters where about a million Israeli civilians are confined are deteriorating. People living in terror of the next rocket and unable to work are running out of food, money and medicines. Airlessness is unbearable in the hot summer days. In some shelters, the individual must make do with half a meter of space on a mattress.

After 13 days of warfare, 85,000 business in northern Israel face ruin. Half a million trees and much of the wild vegetation have been destroyed."
Late last week, the AFP ran a very detailed piece on how the Jim Crow port city of Haifa has been especially hard hit.
Aside from the human toll, the economic cost to the Jewish state's industrial capital - home to chemical, oil and electronic enterprises - has been enormous. The rocket attacks have ground economic life here to a near complete halt.

Haifa port, the Jewish state's second-largest, is closed. So is the railway line north of the city. And the university has appealed for donations for its students who will be unable to pay their tuition fees because they are not working.

"We don't yet know the full impact," says Neta Dori, a city spokeswoman. "We can't yet give exact numbers ... but we know that this is hard on small businesses. The petrochemical industry has also stopped functioning for at least the past 10 days. Only small sites that enjoy shelter have been able to open.

"This will cost millions" in losses, she adds.

According to a recent study by the Israeli Association of Manufacturers, just a third of enterprises in Israel's north are functioning normally. Thirty-five percent have closed completely and another 35 percent are not operating at full capacity. The conflict is costing Haifa 300-500 million shekels ($68-$113 million) per day, the study estimates.

The tourist industry in the coastal city has also taken a hit.

Haifa's hotels are usually fully booked at this time of year, but today's occupancy rate is a mere 60 percent - and most clients are the journalists who have converged on the city from around the world to cover the conflict. Commercial centers are shut, the streets are deserted and the rare businesses that remain open are counting only those clients who have vanished.
As has been the case since Apartheid Israel began the blitzkrieg on Lebanon, the war and all the suffering it has produced doesn't need to continue. It has had the diplomatic ability to end the violence by agreeing with Hizbullah to a prisoner exchange.

Apartheid Israel has no interest in such an arrangement.

They prefer instead to carpet-bomb all of Lebanon, destroying its means of prodcution while killing hundreds of civilians. Yet there is an irony to the fierceness of the Zionist assault: considering how much of Lebanon it has already destroyed, considering how badly things have gone for Apartheid Israel militarily, and considering the economic impact the fighting has had on the Zionist state, the likleyhood that Hizbullah would now agree to those same conditions now remains slim.

Hizbullah & Palestine: Make them Pay

"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,
Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe."

Exodus 21:24-25

28 July 2006

Comrade Hugo, birthday boy: "Presente!"

In the weeks since Apartheid Israel unleashed its war machine against occupied Palestine and expanded its blitzkrieg into Lebanon, the world has become sharply polarized around the issue. Amidst the ongoing slaughter of civilians and infrastructure in Lebanon, that polarization has left precious little space for those who condemn both Apartheid Israel and Hizbullah.

Some have endeavored to understand what's happening by calling the breakout of war the start of World War III. While there is some truth to this assertion, it is too simplistic. Instead, Apartheid Israel's latest attack signifies is a racheting up of the always-ongoing class war undertaken by the forces of capital and imperialism to subdue any effort to Resist made by the global poor.

Apart from the regional powers directly involved in the conflict, no state has given more full-throated support to the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance than Venezuela. On his birthday today, CNN reported that Comrade Chávez travelled to Iran where he was to sign a number of agreements and "receive "the High Medallion of the Islamic Republic of Iran'."

Undoubtedly on the agenda will be Venezuela's role if Uncle Sam or one of his proxies uses the pretext of the conflagration throughout the region as an excuse to attack Iran. From the beginning, Venezuela has a strong alliance with Iran. In light of an escalation in the conflict that brings Iran into the fighting, Venezuela will not stand pat.

On 21 July, AP reported:
Protesters burned an Israeli flag Thursday outside the country's embassy in Venezuela and demanded an end to Israel's military offensive in Lebanon...

More than 2,000 protesters, including Venezuelans of Arab descent, marched through Caracas waving Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian flags. Many were die-hard supporters of President Hugo Chavez, who has denounced the Israeli bombardments in Lebanon as a "genocide."

Dozens of protesters pumped their fists in the air and shouted "Viva Lebanon!" when one man held up a poster of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah.

Others raised a banner reading, "Stop the genocide by the Zionist killers!"

The demonstrators marched several kilometers (miles) from a city park in eastern Caracas to the Israeli Embassy, where protesters burned an Israeli flag.
Comrade Hugo Chávez responed scathingly to Apartheid Israel's attack on Lebanon, calling it "a true genocide." He added:
They are bombing entire cities... Where will this madness end? God only knows! It extends from Iraq to Lebanon and Palestine. Let’s hope it doesn’t spread further.

The most virulent, loud, and high-handed critics of North Korea are the same ones that, in view of Israeli aggression against innocent men, women and children, say nothing.
Chavez then attacked the duplicity of Sam's deep and strong alliance with the UN. Steven Mather reports:
In a direct swipe at the US, their recent veto of a UN resolution that demanded a halt to Israel’s offensive in Gaza came into the firing line. From there, he glided smoothly on to the subject of his government’s campaign to win a seat as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

“They have stabbed the Middle East peace process in the heart, and we see a security council blocked by the power of the veto, that of the government of the United States especially."
Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel love to play a double-game with the UN. Most of the time, it serves as an effective instrument in the service of their imperial agenda - UN Resolution 1559 is one example. But occasionally, in the rare cases when the UN condemns Apartheid Israel, Uncle Sam invalidates one of the few body's few productive actions with its veto.

Along with their European and UN lackeys, Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel stand at one side of this global polarization. The imperialist powers ship weapons and fuel to Apartheid Israel to continue its blitzkrieg. They maneuver politically to entrap Lebanon into accepting a Zionist proxy occupation of UN troops. They condemn the capture of Zionist soldiers while ignoring the fate of the thousands of Arab prisoners languishing in Apartheid Israel's concentration camps and dungeons.

Opposing this imperial savagery, there is Resistance. The Palestinian Resistance has taken shape as a loose-knit collection of militias that attack tanks and bulldozers while firing rockets into Apartheid Israel. In Lebanon, Hizbullah resists the imperialist onslaught with rocket attacks and sophisticated military operations.

In both cases, the population has given them overwhelming support. Today's pro-war Financial Times reports that:
A poll published by the Beirut Centre for Research and Information found 85 per cent of Lebanese approve of Hizbollah’s abduction of two Israeli soldiers – an action which sparked the current wave of hostilities.
Just as the Lebanese, Venezuelan, and Iranian people have made a choice about which side to support, socialists here on Uncle Sam's Plantation must do the same.

They must decide between equivocation, refusing to support the poor and oppressed that are Resisting because they lack sufficient conviction to anti-imperialism.

As the rockets fly and as Apartheid Israel shows no signs of slowing down their genocidal blitzkrieg, vacillators who refuse to support either side will quickly find themselves swept up by events.

To see that Comrade Hugo is not among them is reassuring indeed.

Savage Stormwatch: Sam's 101st Airborne Gives Orders to "Slaughter on Sight"

Yet again, the butchers from Uncle Sam's 101st Airborne Division have created a stir due to their utter brutality and inhumanity in Iraq. AP reported late last week that:
Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in Iraq said they were under orders to "kill all military age males," according to sworn statements obtained by The Associated Press.
While this admission hardly anomalous given Uncle Sam's proclivity for mosque-bombing and torture, the news reveals, yet again, the craven behavior of these soldiers is military policy:
"The ROE (rule of engagement) was to kill all military age males on Objective Murray," Staff Sgt. Raymond L. Girouard told investigators, referring to the target by its code name...

Girouard, Spc. William B. Hunsaker, Pfc. Corey R. Clagett, and Spc. Juston R. Graber are charged with murder and other offenses in the shooting deaths of three of the men during the May 9 raid.

Girouard, Hunsaker and Clagett are also charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly threatening to kill another soldier if he told authorities what happened.
By their 'superior' officers, these soldiers were first ordered to slaughter civilians and then ordered to lie about the killings to protect the very people who ordered it. It's quite disturbing that, after years of becomming used to such behaviour, far too many on Uncle Sam's Plantation have grown too numb to question - or even go so far as to applaud - such savagery.

Hardcore Fascism on Display at Mad Zionist

Occasionally someone will critcize Savage Justice for our supportive and uncompromising stance taken in defense of those people who daily risk their lives resisting imperialist attack.

Our position is that in Iraq, Venezuela, Haiti, Mexico, Colombia, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Cuba - and right here on Uncle Sam's Plantation - the worlds' poor and oppressed defend themselves heroically against imperialism with every weapon at their disposal. Consequently, whatever their individual politics, socialists must defend and encourage them vocally as they STRUGGLE to RESIST imperialism and oppression.

There is a flipside to the unflinching support we at Savage Justice give to those resisting oppression and apartheid. And at no site of struggle, in no geopolitical conflict does the utter depravity, xenophobia, and sickness of this 'other side' manifest itself than in the struggle for Palestine. In fact, the very word 'Palestine' makes them apoplectic.

As Apartheid Israel engages in the full-on slaughter of Palestine and Lebanon, these fanataical zealots cry for more bloodshed and more killing... without putting their own lives on the line, of course.

One pro ethnic-cleansing Zionist site I watch closely - Mad Zionist - exhibited this concretely with a blog entry entitled, "Israel must kill civilians, bomb mosques". In it, 'Mad Zionist' writes:
The only way this war can be won is if the Israelis are willing to massacre the vermin. The IDF is impotent unless they are going to be allowed to wipe out all human life in every village they confront. There must be nothing left. No mosques, no people.

The only lives that are spared, both civilian and fighter, on the moslem side of the war are those who raise there arms, lay down there weapons and surrender. The rest must be totally exterminated. Olmert either kills them or they will kill Jews.
While 'Mad Zionist' lives on Uncle Sam's Plantation, his ideology and views about the struggle for Palestinian liberation clearly resonate within Apartheid Israel, as today's report in Ma'an proves.
According to an Israeli public opinion poll, whose results were published on Friday on the website of the Israeli newspaper "Yedioth Ahranoth", 82 percent of the Israeli public believe that the Israeli attack on Lebanon is justified and 71 percent believe Israel should use greater force.

The results of the poll, carried out by the Dahaf polling institute, also showed that 48 percent of Israelis believe Israel should continue its offensive until Hezbollah is destroyed.
Far from an anomoly, 'Mad Zionist's' post garner support from other exterminists. One commentor - 'Anonymous Clinton', wrote:
It is becoming abundantly evident that there are FEW people in Lebanon who DIDN'T collaborate or Appease Hizbullah.

Trying to separate out those few and save them from violence will, in the end, only hurt them AND Israel. The country must be cleansed of the disease of IslamoNazism so that it has a CHANCE to regrow healthy.
And still another commentor, Max Muller, wrote:
get all the UN scumbags inLebanon and not just a few of them and send the mossad out to get that shit Kofi Amman. He was Saddam's best friend, now who is paying him off? I want to see him hang while they are playing the Israeli National Anthem. See his stupid feet kicking the air to the music and hang his son with him.
Muller added later, "FUCK THE UN , KILL ALL BLUE HELMETS. Send Mossad to assassinate the Scumbag Kofi Amman. throw him off the top floor of the UN."

This is just a sampling of how the 'other side' interprets the current struggle.

In the battle raging against Uncle Sam and his acolytes in Apartheid Israel and Europe, support for those resisting their imperial assault cannot be 'conditional'. The stakes of Apartheid Israel's latest attack on Lebanon AND against Hizbullah must be categorically opposed, and the right of the Resistance in Lebanon to do everything in its power to defend itself must be supported. The guns fired in the name of imperialism do not equivcate.

Neither can those who oppose the direction in which the guns are aimed.

27 July 2006

Savage Welfare: Uncle Sam's Zionist Gift Takes a Detour

We at Savage Justice continue to follow the massive quantities of weapons and material currently being shipped free-of-charge to Apartheid Israel to slaughter children and annihiliate whole cities (paid for by Uncle Sam's taxpayers).

The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post is reports on Thursday:
British Foreign Minister Margaret Becket criticized the United States on Thursday for failing to follow procedures for international arms shipments after a US plane carrying a shipment of "smart bombs" for Israel stopped for refueling at Scotland's Prestwick Airport, Sky News reported.

The foreign secretary said that it appeared that safety regulations had not been observed.

Becket said that she had "already let the US know that this is an issue that appears to be seriously at fault," and that she intended to lodge a formal protest after she met with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The US is rushing a delivery of "smart bombs" to Israel after Israel indicated it needed the bombs for its military campaign against the Hizbullah.
With her silly outburst, Britain's Margaret Beckett would have us believe the absurd notion that Uncle Sam used Scotland as a stopping point for his welfare shipment to Apartheid Israel without sufficient consultation with the British.

Whether she files a meaningless 'formal protest' against Uncle Sam or not carries no meaning whatsoever. Her outburst is a smokescreen meant to cover up the Union Jack's close collaboration with Apartheid Israel in the arms giveaway.

25 July 2006

Hizbullah Rejects Uncle Sam's Threat and Resists Zionist Invasion

The outright rejection - by Parliament Speaker and Hizbullah ally Nabih Berri - of Sambo Rice's proposal for a unilateral Hizbullah retreat means that following Rice's visit, the positions held by all sides towards Apartheid Israel's pre-planned attack on Lebanon and its failing campaign to destroy Hizbullah have hardened. Fighting will not cease anytime soon.

While in Lebanon, Sambo Rice predictably met with the usual suspects - Lebanese collaborators from Uncle Sam's 'March 14 Movement': Walid Jumblatt and Samir Geagea, who faught alongside Apartheid Israel in the 1980s. She arrived on Monday to the news that, according to AFP, Apartheid Israel had carpet-bombed "Baalbek, a historic city with Roman ruins dating back more than 2,000 years." In part because of this savage blitzkrieg, Sambo Rice saw Apartheid Israel's military strategy collapsing beneath the weight of its own war crimes.

Fearing the political ramifications of a deadly and unproductive ground offensive, the Zionist military has managed to send only Elite Special Forces teams backed by massive air suport into Lebanon, where they encountered intense Resistance from the moment they arrived. Unless joined by reinforcements, the Zionist force in Lebanon lacks the means to hold land or sustain its position.

AFP reported yesterday on the growing consternation within Apartheid Israel about the direction in which the onslaught of Lebanon has moved:
Israel began its campaign against Hezbollah with brash claims... but on Monday... it appeared to be settling for far more modest goals.

"It's time for Israel to reevaluate its goals in order to find a way out of the crisis," a government minister told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"We raised hopes too high by promising to disarm Hezbollah's armed wing and decapitate its leadership. There is no question of us losing this campaign, but we will have to set ourselves realistic goals," he said...

"The government was hoping that the affair would be over within a few days, and now the army wants several weeks to complete its task," the minister said...

On Sunday another Israeli minister, Eytan Cabel, who is also secretary-general of the Labour party, said he was disappointed with the results obtained so far against Hezbollah.

"I admit that I had expected better from the army," he said.
After pulling out of Maroun Ar Ras, Hizbullah released a statement concerning the fighting there:
An army that fights with excellent forces and tanks with the assistance of an air force cannot got into a village directly on the border except after a battle that has continued for days with great losses against a number of opposition fighters is a failed and defeated army.
Echoing the sentiments of the statement, Secretary-General of Hizbullah, Hassan Nasrallah mocked the impotence of Apartheid Israel's military to conquer and hold Lebanese territory:
The enemy is looking for any military achievement so that they can use it for political gains and publicise it through the media. They talk about Maroun Ar Ras as if it is Stalingrad. But the confrontations and their outcome in Maroun Ar Ras proved again that the Israeli forces are helpless and weak when they have to confront the resistance fighters.
On Monday, in the neighborting village of Bin Jubeil, fighting erupted. Al Jazeera reported:
Two Israeli soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting near the village and at least 17 others have been injured...

An Israeli Apache attack helicopter has also crashed 4km inside Israel causing unknown casualties. Hezbollah claimed to have shot it down.
After initially refusing to confirm the report, pro-Apartheid Intelligence site DEBKA said that, Apartheid Israel confirmed the loss of "four servicemen in Lebanon Monday, July 24, Day 13 of the war." In a statement, Hizbullah said it shot down an Israeli helicopter and hit five tanks while losing three fighters. The DEBKA report continued:
Two piloted an Apache which crashed on the Israeli side of the Lebanon border...

Another two Israeli servicemen... died in action at the Hizballah town of Bin Jubeil in south Lebanon.

Another 14 troops were injured, two moderately in various assaults on rocket launchers, Hizballah strongholds, weapons stores and border positions.

Five were wounded by friendly fire, apparently by a chopper providing close cover. Eleven soldiers were injured in combat with Hizballah in Bin Jubeil, among them a battalion commander whose tank ran over an explosive. The officer lost a hand.
These reports of heavy fighting on the border separating Lebanon from Apartheid Israel come closely on the heels of the Zionist's Sisyphean attack and occupation of Maroun Ar Ras in which Hizbullah destroyed 2 tanks, wounded 18 Zionist land grabbers and killed 6. DEBKA reported that:
In South Lebanon, soldiers in their twenties are fighting tough, highly-trained guerrilla fighters for the first time on unfamiliar terrain without air or tank cover. Choppers are not used for fear of anti-air missile ambushes and the tanks in rugged mountain terrain are at the mercy of densely-placed roadside bombs and heavy Hizballah Katyusha rocket and mortar fire. Two tanks have been blown up.
Far from smashing Hizbullah, DEBKA reports that Hizbullah's tactics thus far have confused and surprised the Zionist military forces:
Israeli forces have pushed forward from the mountaintop village of Maroun er Ras captured Sunday to the fringes of Bint Jubeil, Hizballah’s south Lebanese capital. Monday they suffered nine wounded in face to face combat...

DEBKAfile’s military analysts say that the way the Israel-Hizballah war has been prosecuted up until Monday, July 24, is more likely to bring Nassrallah closer to his war objectives than Olmert.

Notwithstanding the IDF’s important battle gains at a number of focal South Lebanese points in the last 24 hours... only one multiple firing rocket launcher (picture) and 6 single-barrel launchers have been destroyed...

Last week, Israel’s army chiefs believed they had encountered Hizballah’s primary war tactic – Viet Cong-style guerrilla warfare out of hundreds of small bunkers scattered across the country. This week had scarcely begun when a still more formidable impediment was discovered: Hizballah camouflage techniques borrowed from the Japanese in the 1945 Iwo Jima battle...

Some of DEBKAfile’s military experts fear the Israeli government may be falling into the Bush administration’s disastrous error of allocating too few troops to the Iraq war for attaining its goals...

Nasrallah has already struck the pose of victor and is dictating terms. Monday, July 24, he handed the Lebanese government a list of the prisoners in Israeli jails whom he wants released as the price for returning the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. He has not budged an inch from his initial demand for their release: indirect negotiations for a prisoner swap.
Monday's loss of two more Zionist occupiers and evacuation of 13 wounded, coupled with Hizbullah's destruction of 5 of Uncle Sam's tanks and another of its helicopters came as elite Zionist commandos attempted on Monday to enter the Lebanese village of Bint Jbail.

And while DEBKA claims that Apartheid Israel now controls the city, Ha'aretz reports that 8 more Zionist soldiers were evacuated on Monday. DEBKA's outlook hardly strikes a positive note for the Apartheid occupiers:
Whichever direction Israel’s high command chooses for the next stage of the war will necessitate proceeding at a slow pace, whether because of an insufficiency of men on the ground, the risks of troop and civilian casualties or the complexity of their missions. The snail’s pace of the IDF’s advance means that Hizballah’s rocket offensive against northern Israel cannot be completely disabled in the near term, and that Hassan Nasrallah... [has] enough time to come up with fresh initiatives while topping up Hizballah’s resources as they are depleted.
In addition to the Resistance to the Zionist incursion into Southern Lebanon, Hizbullah has continued to launch missile and rocket barrages deep into Apartheid Israel. Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reported that the French Foreign Minister, in Apartheid Israel to support the Zionist military operations, "had to take cover under a stairway in Haifa when the sirens sounded Sunday."

80 rockets fell on Monday. Pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reports:
Hizbullah resumed its attacks on Monday afternoon.

A brush fire raged near Kiryat Shmona as a result of the attacks.

One person was lightly wounded in Shlomi; rockets were also fired at the Krayot (Haifa Bay area), Acre, Nahariya and Safed. Two people were lightly wounded when the barrage struck Tiberias soon after.

A rocket scored a direct hit on a home in the Kiryat Shmona area shortly thereafter, although no one was wounded in the incident.

Altogether, MDA teams treated 49 people on Monday as a result of Katyusha attacks on the north. Thirteen victims were lightly wounded, and the rest were treated for shock.
On Tuesday, more than 100 more rockets hit Apartheid Israel, doing "extensive damage to structures in Haifa's lower city."

Because the relentless bombardment of Apartheid Israel that has forced 250,000 Zionist Bedwetters to flee and because of the utter hopelessness of accomplishing any of the Zionist military's self-stated objectives, opposition has emerged to the Apartheid government's criminality even within the Zionist colony.

On Saturday, up to 6000 people protested in Tel Aviv in opposition to Apartheid Israel's wars against Palestine and Lebanon. Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports:
The rally was the first of its kind protesting against the IDF's offensive in Lebanon. Unlike previous anti-war protests in israel, major Arab organizations in Israel - among them Hadash and Balad - participated in the event in large numbers...

The rally, which received wide international press coverage, had a theme unfamiliar from previous demonstrations here. Beside the usual calls for the prime minister and defense minister to resign, this was a distinctly anti-American protest. Alongside chants of "We will not kill, we will not die in the name of Zionism" there were chants of "We will not die and will not kill in the service of the United States," and slogans condemning President George W. Bush.
In the coming weeks and months of this war, the pressure on Uncle Sam and on Apartheid Israel to do one of two things - stop killing civilians or expand the conflict into Syria and Iran - will become overwhelming. Sambo Rice's failed campaign to force Hizbullah into a surrender only underscores that, as they have since the capture of 2 Zionist land-grabbers, Hizbullah maintains the initiative.

Just as the Resistance in Iraq has refused to negotiate until Uncle Sam meets its preconditions, Hizbullah has categorically taken control in its war with Apartheid Israel and demanded that the Zionist state agree to a prisoner exchange as a precondition for a cease fire. Sambo Rice can declare whatever she wants, but until Apartheid Israel proves it can do something other than slaugher defenseless children, Hizbullah will continue to fire missiles into Jim Crow cities and resist Apartheid Israel's aimless invasion.

Iraqi Resistance Report: 24 July

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Resistance sharpshooter’s bullet reportedly kills US soldier on patrol in Hit Sunday evening.
  • Iraqi Baath Party issues warning in connection with deteriorating health of Iraqi President Saddam Husayn.
  • Iraqi Resistance fighters attack fuel convoy, blowing up more than 20 tanker trucks west of Samarra’ Monday morning.
  • Resistance mounts two dawn attacks on US forces in ad-Diwaniyah.
  • Resistance barrage grounds air traffic through British-occupied al-Basrah Airport

24 July 2006

Savage Welfare: Uncle Sam Supplies the Zionist Blitzkrieg

Uncle Sam's welfare checks continue to bankroll the Zionist blitzkrieg of Palestine and Lebanon. Two reports over the weekend offer more proof of Uncle Sam's position as the party responsible for bankrolling the Zionist state with the weaponry necessary to slaughter even more innocent civilians and destroying their means of production.

Only days after the announcement of the massive jet fuel giveaway by Uncle Sam to Apartheid Israel, the pro-Apartheid Zionist Intelligence site Debka reported that Uncle Sam has also started an arms airlift devoted to sending more weapons to the Apartheid Regime:
A US arms airlift began running to Israel Saturday, July 22. It is carrying fresh stock of bombs, missiles and spare parts for Israeli Air Force aircraft and helicopters. Giant Galaxy C141 transports have been landing, unloading and taking off at short intervals.
In its lead story on Saturday, the pro-Apartheid New York Times elaborated on the welfare arragement between Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam:
The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, American officials said Friday...

The munitions that the United States is sending to Israel are part of a multimillion-dollar arms sale package approved last year that Israel is able to draw on as needed, the officials said. But Israel’s request for expedited delivery of the satellite and laser-guided bombs was described as unusual by some military officers, and as an indication that Israel still had a long list of targets in Lebanon to strike...

Pentagon and military officials declined to describe in detail the size and contents of the shipment to Israel, and they would not say whether the munitions were being shipped by cargo aircraft or some other means. But an arms-sale package approved last year provides authority for Israel to purchase from the United States as many as 100 GBU-28’s, which are 5,000-pound laser-guided bombs intended to destroy concrete bunkers. The package also provides for selling satellite-guided munitions.

An announcement in 2005 that Israel was eligible to buy the “bunker buster” weapons described the GBU-28 as “a special weapon that was developed for penetrating hardened command centers located deep underground.” The document added, “The Israeli Air Force will use these GBU-28’s on their F-15 aircraft.”

American officials said that once a weapons purchase is approved, it is up to the buyer nation to set up a timetable. But one American official said normal procedures usually do not include rushing deliveries within days of a request. That was done because Israel is a close ally in the midst of hostilities, the official said...

The Bush administration announced Thursday a military equipment sale to Saudi Arabia, worth more than $6 billion, a move that may in part have been aimed at deflecting inevitable Arab government anger at the decision to supply Israel with munitions in the event that effort became public.
Realizing that Apartheid Israel stands on the precipice of an overwhelming defeat that will greatly diminish Uncle Sam's own position in the region, this weapons sale - on such short notice - reveals a great deal about the political and military reality in Apartheid Israel and in Lebanon.

It tells us that in spite of all logic and common sense, Apartheid Israel will continue to use Uncle Sam's fighter planes and tanks to drop Uncle Sam's bombs on civilians and destroy the means of production throughout Lebanon and Palestine. The resupply effort simply serves as a way for Apartheid Israel to lash out with even greater anger and frustration over its failure to achieve its own self-stated military objectives: halting rocket fire and recovering the two captured POWs.

But the political reality is that slaughtering civilians won't help Apartheid Israel win its offensive war against Hizbullah. It will only rally more people to the side of Hizbullah in the region. But we have seen time and time again that neither Uncle Sam nor its Zionist allies think of such long-term consequences.

Iraqi Resistance Report: 21-23 July

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Iraqi Resistance shoots down US helicopter northeast of ar-Ramadi Thursday evening.
  • After two months, US blockade of ar-Ramadi threatens 9,000 children with death; 189 children, 78 women have already died in American bombardments in the city during the last two months, 35 pregnant women died because blockade blocked access to hospitals.
  • When Ba‘qubah neighborhood resists US assault, Americans rocket houses, killing family of six, abduct 26 residents including women and children before dawn Friday.
  • Nighttime Resistance barrage starts huge fire in Polish occupation’s Camp Eko in ad-Diwaniyah Thursday night.
  • Iraqi Resistance sharpshooters reportedly kill one American, one Iraqi puppet soldier in ar-Ramadi.
  • Resistance group says US helicopter shot down near al-Mahmudiyah Thrusday evening.
  • Four US troops reported killed in Resistance bombing in al-Khalidiyah.
  • US Commander in Iraq General George Casey flies to al-Fallujah to court local notables as American casualties mount.
  • US soldier reported killed by sharpshooter as Resistance mounts series of attacks in al-Fallujah area.
  • Iraqi President Saddam Husayn reported hospitalized for treatment of health problems caused by 16-day hunger strike. Defense team announces boycott of show “trial,” saying a priori verdict against their clients has already been decided.
  • Two US troops reported killed in bombing south of Balad.

22 July 2006

Hizbullah Fiercely Resists Zionist Invasion into Lebanon

Amidst a continuing aerial blitzkrieg in which Apartheid Israel has used chemical weapons to displace more than 500,000 people, the Zionist attackers have shifted tactics in its war against the Hizbullah Resistance.

No longer reliant on the bombardment of Lebanon's means of production and collective punishment alone, Apartheid Israel on Thursday began a PsyOp war designed to confuse and divide the Lebanese people concurrent with its decision to invade Lebanon on the ground.

Reports on Friday indicate an interview given by the Lebanese Prime Minister to the same Italian newspaper - Silvio Burlusconi's Corriere della Sera - that reported on the forged 'Niger' documents on Thursday 'mistranslated' Fuad Siniora's remarks about disarming the Hizbullah resistance movement. The Prime Minister's office released a statement:
What the prime minister said is that the international community has not given the Lebanese government an opportunity to deal with the problem of Hezbollah`s arms, since the continuing presence of the Israeli occupation of Shebaa Farms is the reason for the weapons' location.
Corriere della Sera's confected report aimed to camoflauge Lebanon's unified commitment - excepting only collaborators and the most feckless defenders and apologists - to resist Apartheid Israel's ground invasion.

Once Apartheid Israel crossed into Lebanon, that resistance began in earnest. In another piece, Major-General Benny Gantz told Ha'aretz that, "Hezbollah bunkers are well-hidden and discernible only from a close distance.... 'The operation is challenging, difficult and complex.'"

For the invading army, early reports of losses have been significant. "In two days of fighting, eight soldiers belonging to the IDF's best units have died."

Ha'aretz notes that during the invasion, Apartheid Israel opened fire on a UN force charged with monitoring the 'Blue Line' separating Apartheid Israel from Occupied Lebanon.
Also Friday, a United Nations observation post just inside northern Israel was struck during fighting between Israel and Hezbollah militants...

A UN officer said the facility was hit by an artillery shell fired by the IDF...

The UN officer, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation, said an IDF shell "impacted a direct hit on the UN position overlooking [the Israeli border town of] Zarit." The post is part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
But these were not Apartheid Israel's only failures. Amos Harel writes that, "Around midnight last night, two IDF attack helicopters crashed west of Kiryat Shmona in the worst operational accident since the start of fighting in Lebanon." He also reported on 3 Hizbullah attacks:
At about 5 P.M., a unit from the Golani Brigade ran into a large force of Hezbollah militants. Details of the battle had not been completely clarified by last night, however, it appears that the initial attack began with mortars launched against the IDF soldiers.

The ambush took place in an area where a few homes are surrounded by agricultural fields. A number of explosions occured, and the soldiers and dozens of Hezbollah militants exchanged heavy fire.

The IDF force required reinforcements to extricate itself from the area, and further heavy exchanges of fire followed, with mortars and Katyusha rockets landing on Avivim and its areas.

The battle raged for hours... The IDF is still examining whether the initial blow by Hezbollah militants came from a Sagger anti-tank missile...

A soldier from the Paratroop Brigade was seriously injured when a bullet hit his jaw in Kafr Aita al-Sha'ab in the western border zone. He was evacuated under fire, and rushed to Rambam Hospital in Haifa by helicopter. The speedy evacuation helped save his life.

And at about noon, an anti-tank missile slammed into a Merkava Mark 4 Main Battle Tank. One of the soldiers was seriously injured and lost both legs, and another soldier suffered light injuries.
Middle East Online reported Thursday on a Hizbullah reported on the destruction of 2 Zionist tanks, presenting remains from the attacks on TV. "'In vain, Zionist enemy soldiers try to advance toward Lebanese territory to achieve military victories, and again Hezbollah confronts them and proves to them that they are an army without soldiers.'"

An Army Without Soldiers! That's how Hizbullah describes the Zionist army.

Covering the fighting, the Daily Star reported additionally that:
A separate Hizbullah statement said nine Israeli soldiers died in a Hizbullah ambush Thursday afternoon. According to a Hizbullah statement, Israeli troops met "fierce resistance from Hizbullah fighters as the Israelis crossed into Lebanon..."

The Hizbullah statement said Israeli tanks and soldiers were "relentlessly trying to advance into Lebanese territory to achieve any military victory, but they were defeated by Hizbullah fighters. The latest Israeli attempt to advance toward the Southern Lebanon town of Maroun Al-Rass failed as the Israelis lost two Merkava tanks and a helicopter."
While fighting intensified on the ground in Southern Lebanon, pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reported on the daily fallout from Hizbullah's rocket attacks:
In the early afternoon on Friday, 26 people were wounded after rockets fired by Hizbullah landed in Haifa.

One rocket scored a direct hit at the fourth floor of a residential building and managed to penetrate into two other floors of the same building. An empty post office branch was also hit...

Shortly after, rockets also landed in Safed, Hatzor and Kiryat Shmona, though no one was reported wounded at those sites. Firefighters worked at extinguishing a fire that resulted from the strike...

Channel 10 reported that the water supply in the north was damaged by the attack.
In an interview with Al Jazeera on Thursday, Hassan Nasrallah - Secretary-General of Hizbullah - spoke about the war with Israel. After apologizing for the deaths of two Palestinians in Nazareth and calling them "martyrs for the Palestinian cause," Nasrallah explained "without exaggeration or psychological warfare, that the command structure of Hezbollah did not suffer any harm in the violent raid during which the Israeli forces used 22 tons of explosives, and which they believed to have had success."
Nasrallah stressed that "the ongoing Israeli shelling of civilian targets reflects the failure of the Israeli intelligence and military."

In regards to the ground confrontations, Nasrallah said that, "what is happening on the border is the beginning of confrontation". He said that "the fighters have so far not made great efforts on the ground" and he denied the Israeli claims that Hezbollah fortified sites had been destroyed, saying, "these sites were only control points that have been vacated since the first moment of the capture of the Israeli soldiers".

In reference to Israel's economic and human losses, he said "the reason for the lack of such losses is that the Israelis hide in shelters."

He thanked the Lebanese people for supporting the resistance, referring to a survey that confirmed that the Lebanese people are in favour of the resistance option. Nasrallah said that "Israel will realize from this survey the steadfastness of the Lebanese people and the Israeli military option will fail."

However, he expressed his surprise by some Arab positions that he said "have contributed to the continuation of the war." Nasrallah told the Arab states, "We do not want your hearts and your swords, we only want you to stay neutral."
As Apartheid Israel calls up thousands upon thousands of reservists, the question of whether it will launch a wider war against Hizbullah remains an open one. To do so by going after Iran and Syria as Hizbullah proxy's invites a much wider war. Such an adventurist move will not only bring Uncle Sam into the conflict directly, but it offers an open invitation to the Hizbullah-like Sadrist Movement in Iraq to attack Uncle Sam at his weakest link - the occupation of Iraq - by any and all means at his disposal.

While doing so invites a much wider war, many Zionists - both in Apartheid Israel and on Uncle Sam's Plantation - openly desire such a conflict.

20 July 2006

General Dynamics Pimps Uncle Sam's Taxpayers

On Thursday the pro-war Washington Post published a report on the windfall profits recently announced by General Dynamics, chiefly through corporate pimpery at the expense of taxpayers.

One hardly finds this news surprising, especially after one recalls the Corpwatch report on the company which noted that "the Secretary of the Navy, Gordon England, is a former General Dynamics executive." The Post reports:
Even as General Dynamics Corp. is transforming itself into a technology firm, wartime demand for old-line defense products has meant steady profits for the Falls Church defense contractor, including an 84 percent jump in the three months that ended June 30, compared with the same period a year ago...

During the second quarter of this year, the combat-systems unit reported a 29.2 percent increase in revenue, to $1.4 billion, compared with $1.1 billion last year. The unit reported net income of $172 million, up 39.8 percent, from the same quarter last year.

Since just before the 2001 terrorist attacks, the unit's revenue and profit have tripled.

General Dynamics said that overall revenue increased 15.5 percent, to $5.9 billion, during the second quarter, compared with $5.1 billion a year ago. Its aerospace division, which includes the Gulfstream business jet, reported a 28.9 percent increase in revenue, to $1 billion. The quarter also included a one-time gain of $216 million from the sale of a construction business that sold sand and gravel.
Like Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockeed Martin, General Dynamics seized the moment after the alCIAda attack of 11 September 2001 to rake in corporate welfare checks from Uncle Sam's taxpayers, supplying instruments of death like "F-16 jets, Abrams tanks, and Trident subs" in anticipation for Uncle Sam's bloody reaction to the terrorist strike.

Like most war pimps, GD benefited greatly from the attack. And as long as Sam's bloody assault on the world escalates, so will its profits.

Uncle Sam's Welfare Checks Bankroll Zionist Genocide

As the Zionist onslaught throughout Palestine and Lebanon continues and the cost of waging such an intense and savage blitzkrieg against both the civilian population and the means of production in both nations mounts, Apartheid Israel has predictably turned to Uncle Sam for financial support necessary to sustain the assault.

And of course, Uncle Sam is all too happy to oblige. After all, marching in lockstep with Uncle Sam's actions in occupied Iraq, Apartheid Israel proudly admits that it will use the welfare checks to kill Arabs. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports:
The U.S. Defense Department is selling Israel jet fuel “to keep peace and security in the region,” the Pentagon said.

Last Friday’s statement announcing the sale did not say when Israel requested the fuel, valued at up to $210 million.

"The proposed sale of the JP-8 aviation fuel will enable Israel to maintain the operational capability of its aircraft inventory,” the Pentagon said in the notice of such sales that it’s required to give Congress, according to a Reuters report.

The fuel will be consumed while Israeli aircraft are "in use to keep peace and security in the region," the notice said. The air force’s bombardment of Lebanon since last week is its most serious engagement since the 1982 Lebanon War.
Because neither Uncle Sam nor Apartheid Israel cares a whit for Arab lives, both understand the massive ethnic cleansing campaign in Lebanon and Palestinians as a way "to keep peace and security in the region." Thus, even among those on Sam's Plantation who want to cut foreign aid to the bone find welfare checks ensuring that the onslaught continues prefectly acceptable.

But to the wider world, such a brazen act further proves Uncle Sam's complicity in and aggreement with the Zionist slaughter, exposing its role and its utter inability to act as an unbiased mediator.

Turkey to Break With Uncle Sam, Attack Kurds in Iraq?

On Wednesday, Louis Meixler reported in the Independent that, "the Turkish army may move into northern Iraq if violence by Turkish-Kurdish guerrillas continues." Citing as the rationale for such an action the "increasing domestic pressure to act after 15 soldiers, police and guards were killed in fighting with the guerrillas in the past week" The report continues:
Such a move could put Turkey on a collision course with the United States, which has repeatedly warned against unilateral action in Iraq.

Diplomats cautioned that the increasingly aggressive Turkish statements were probably aimed at calming public anger. But they also increase pressure on the US and Iraq to act against the rebels, who are based in northern Iraq's rugged Qandil mountains.

US officials in Turkey and Washington are said to be pressing their Turkish counterparts to work with them to fight the guerrillas rather than act alone.
As with Lebanon, Northern Iraq is a geopolitical flashpoint that exposes the conflicting interests of many geopolitical powers. And while Uncle Sam supported Turkey's campaign of slaughter against the Kurdish rebels in the 1990s, because of Iraq the dynamics have today changed significantly.

Apartheid Israel is deeply aligned with the Kurdish collaborator resisters in Iraq. Any crisis in Northern Iraq between Kurds and Turks will naturally inflame the same tension between Apartheid Israel and Turkey that Seymour Hersch described extensively in a New Yorker piece from June of 2004 entitled "Plan B":
The Israeli decision to seek a bigger foothold in Kurdistan—characterized by the former Israeli intelligence officer as “Plan B”—has also raised tensions between Israel and Turkey. It has provoked bitter statements from Turkish politicians and, in a major regional shift, a new alliance among Iran, Syria, and Turkey, all of which have significant Kurdish minorities. In early June, Intel Brief, a privately circulated intelligence newsletter produced by Vincent Cannistraro, a retired C.I.A. counterterrorism chief, and Philip Giraldi, who served as the C.I.A.’s deputy chief of base in Istanbul in the late nineteen-eighties, said:

Turkish sources confidentially report that the Turks are increasingly concerned by the expanding Israeli presence in Kurdistan and alleged encouragement of Kurdish ambitions to create an independent state. . . . The Turks note that the large Israeli intelligence operations in Northern Iraq incorporate anti-Syrian and anti-Iranian activity, including support to Iranian and Syrian Kurds who are in opposition to their respective governments...

Israeli involvement in Kurdistan is not new. Throughout the nineteen-sixties and seventies, Israel actively supported a Kurdish rebellion against Iraq, as part of its strategic policy of seeking alliances with non-Arabs in the Middle East. In 1975, the Kurds were betrayed by the United States, when Washington went along with a decision by the Shah of Iran to stop supporting Kurdish aspirations for autonomy in Iraq.
Turkish military officials, in particular, view such 'support' to Kurds a hostile act against it by Apartheid Israel. This 'support,' coupled with the deaths of Turkish soldiers and the imminent emergence of a new, more aggressive Turkish military command animates this increasing tension.

The Independent concludes with the anticipated strategy of a Turkish incursion into occupied Northern Iraq - one of the few places where (thanks to Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel's well-armed, well-supported Kurdish collaborators) the Resistance lacks a significant foothold:
Any operation is unlikely to take place before the end of August, when the current military chief of staff will be replaced by an officer widely regarded as a hardliner.

The plans range from limited artillery and air strikes on guerrilla bases to attacks by commando forces or a broader ground offensive.

American officials, including the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, have repeatedly warned Turkey against entering northern Iraq, which is one of the few stable areas of the troubled country.
Uncle Sam can caution and warn Turkey all it wants, but rhetoric - backed with nothing - only further exposes Sam's impotence in preventing Turkish military operations. And as long as Uncle Sam's close collaboration with the Kurds and with Apartheid Israel in occupied Northern Iraq continues, the possibility of a Turkish snub to Uncle Sam and war there only grows.

Iraqi Resistance Report: 19 July

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • President Saddam Husayn sends letter to the American people.
  • Resistance carries out multiple attacks on US, Iraqi puppet forces in Kiruk.

19 July 2006

Uncle Sam's Election Fixers in Venezuela Get Paid

On Monday, Prensa Latina reported on Uncle Sam's gift of more than $12,000,000 of 'aid' to Sumate, the anti-Chavez 'opposition' group in Venezuela funded by Uncle Sam's election fixers in the National Endowment for Democracy:
The National Assembly announced that hearings on funding will start next week for Sumate (Join Us) group to be able to organize the so-called primaries to be held on August 13.

A key factor in discussions leading to create a parliamentary commission on the issue is the funding of Sumate by the National Endowment for Democracy with money allocated by the US Congress.

This delivery of US public funds was revealed by US lawyer Eva Golinger, who based her arguments on declassified documents. Leaders of this group recognize the US bankrolling of their organization, which is presented as a non-government organization.

President of the Commission, Deputy Jose Albornoz, said that his Patria para Todos Party (PPT) has evidence that at least Sumate has received $12.5 million from US sources.

Rather than promoting democracy, which is the alleged objective of the US National Endowment for Democracy, Sumate has dedicated itself to opposing Chavez, who appears as the winner of next December 3 elections in all surveys carried out so far.
Sumate is one in a long line of groups funded and operated by Uncle Sam aiming to fix elections in a way that favors the interest of its ruling elite. The group reached the pinnacle of its power during the referendum of 2004 but have steadily lost influence since then, both due to the phenomenal defeat they were delivered by Comrade Chavez and also for their lack of a true oppositional program to those proposed and instituted by the Bolivarian government.

We can expect that this group will continue to exist. In some ways, their presence in Venezuela is a good thing, since it embodies Uncle Sam's hypocrisy in trying to fix elections while espousing its meaningless platitudes about democracy.

18 July 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: 16-18 July

Many thanks to my Comrades at Uruknet who linked to Savage Justice earlier in the week

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • US troops taunt Iraqis with Danish anti-Islamic cartoon on their armored vehicle.
  • Iraqi President still on hunger strike after nine days.
  • US soldier reported killed in mortar barrage on American patrol in al-Mawsil.
  • British soldier killed in Resistance attack Saturday night in al-Basrah.
  • Four US troops reported killed in Resistance bomb attack in al-Baghdadi.
  • Three US troops reported killed in bomb attack in far west Iraq.
  • US soldier reported killed in grenade attack in al-Fallujah.
  • Four US troops reported killed in high-explosive bombing in Bayji late Monday afternoon.
  • Resistance pounds British occupation forces with rockets and mortars in al-Basrah Monday morning.
  • Resistance fighter wearing explosive belt blows up amidst US soldiers, reportedly killing two Americans.
  • Resistance ambush leaves US soldier reported dead in al-Fallujah Monday evening.
  • Two US troops reported killed in Resistance bombing in southern Baghdad.
  • US soldier reported killed by Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter in al-Mawsil.
  • American-backed Peshmergah militia arrest more than 50 barefoot Kurds in Irbil after Kurdish crowds pelt pro-American Shi‘i-sectarian leader with shoes.

Hizbullah's War of Lebanese Liberation

Hizbullah attack on the Zionist Jim Crow town of Nahariya

Uncle Sam's cable news networks are broadcasting live from Apartheid Israel, droning on incessantly with verbal attacks against Hizbullah and citing the very same Zionist know-nothing sources who have arrogantly and racistly underestimated the Resistance group's operational capacity since the recent escalation of violence started more than a week ago.

The death toll of Apartheid Israel's blitzkrieg continues to mount hourly in both Palestine and in Lebanon. Ma'an reports on Tuesday that, "220 Lebanese, mainly civilians, have been killed and 850 injured since the start of the Israeli attacks on Lebanon one week ago."

On Sunday, the Canadian government confirmed that eight of those killed held Canadian citizenship. Monday's barrage killed including six children from one family and 16 civil defense workers. And a Tuesday report in Middle East Online says that, "on Monday, at least 51 people were killed in Israeli strikes on Lebanon and 10 more bodies found." It continued:
Lebanon's grim body count continued to mount on Tuesday, with four civilians - a woman, her two daughters and Sri Lankan maid - killed in an air strike on their villa in the coastal city of Tyre.

A family of at least five people was also buried under the rubble of a house that collapsed after a raid on the village of Qana, whose name is etched in Lebanon's memory after the massacre of more than 100 civilians at a UN base there by Israeli shelling.
Also on Tuesday, the Daily Star elaborates on the devastation Apartheid Israel has brought on Lebanon's civilian infrastructure:
The runways of Rafik Hariri International Airport, the Qoleiaat Airport in North Lebanon and the Riyaq Military Airport in the Bekaa - were all severely damaged, as were the three main seaports of Beirut, Tripoli and Jamil Gemayel.

Communication and television broadcast antennas were also among the first to be targeted...

The main focus of the destruction has been on roads and bridges, however, mostly those linking Beirut to South Lebanon. A total of 38 roads have been cut off by bombs or shells, and 42 bridges have been destroyed....

Severe damage and destruction have also been inflicted on civilian property, with more than 100 homes and residential buildings destroyed...

Several important public buildings have also been destroyed, including the Mayss al-Jabal Hospital and several schools in Kounin. A church in Rmeish and a mosque in Tiri were also severely damaged. An looming fuel shortage was made more imminent by the destruction of fuel containers in Jiyye and 12 service stations...

In addition to the material damage, 144 deaths and 382 wounded had been recorded as of 8 a.m. on Monday, and as The Daily Star went to press, Tuesday's death toll stood at 46.

At least 36,800 residents have fled Beirut's southern suburbs for more secure areas, where they are being housed in public schools.
In reponse to this ongoing collective punishment aimed at both the people of Lebanon and its social and economic infrastructure, the Hizbullah resistance movement continues to strike Apartheid Israel with surprises that stun the Zionists for their unprecedented vigor and force.

In his report on Monday, Robert Fisk writes about the timing and sophistication of Hizbullah's strike on Apartheid Israel.
It now appears clear that the Hizbollah leadership - Nasrallah used to be the organisation's military commander in southern Lebanon - thought carefully through the effects of their border crossing, relying on the cruelty of Israel's response to quell any criticism of their action within Lebanon. They were right in their planning. The Israeli retaliation was even crueller than some Hizbollah leaders imagined, and the Lebanese quickly silenced all criticism of the guerrilla movement.

Hizbollah had presumed the Israelis would cross into Lebanon after the capture of the two soldiers and they blew up the first Israeli Merkava tank when it was only 35 feet inside the country. All four Israeli crewmen were killed and the Israeli army moved no further forward. The long-range Iranian-made missiles which later exploded on Haifa had been preceded only a few weeks ago by a pilotless Hizbollah drone aircraft which surveyed northern Israel and then returned to land in eastern Lebanon after taking photographs during its flight. These pictures not only suggested a flight path for Hizbollah's rockets to Haifa; they also identified Israel's top-secret military air traffic control centre in Miron.

The next attack - concealed by Israel's censors - was directed at this facility. Codenamed "Apollo", Israeli military scientists work deep inside mountain caves and bunkers at Miron, guarded by watchtowers, guard-dogs and barbed wire, watching all air traffic moving in and out of Beirut, Damascus, Amman and other Arab cities. The mountain is surmounted by clusters of antennae which Hizbollah quickly identified as a military tracking centre.
Hizbullah's surprises continued on Friday when one of Apartheid Israel's Saar-5 Class Destroyers that had, only hours before, been filmed firing at Lebanon was sunk by "a Chinese-made, radar-guided cruise missile with a 100-kg warhead, the C-802." The Daily Star quoted a statement given by Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Al-Manar TV:
"You have chosen war against people who have brains, capacities and expertise. The surprises that I have promised you will start now.

"Look into the middle of the sea, facing Beirut, the Israeli warship that has pounded the infrastructure, people's homes and civilians - look at it burning. It will sink and with it will sink scores of Israeli Zionist soldiers. This is just the beginning,"he added.
Built "in Pascagoula, Mississippi, by Northrop-Grumman shipyards, using U.S. military aid funds," the obliteration of the destroyer offers a concrete example of both Uncle Sam's complicity in all military action undertaken by Apartheid Israel as well as Hizbullah's political sophistication in targetting the ship. Fisk observed the same thing. He pointed out ironically that:
The Israelis were [Monday] trumpeting the fact that the missile was made in Iran as proof of Iran's involvement in the Lebanon war. This was odd reasoning. Since almost all the missiles used to kill the civilians of Lebanon over the past four days were made in Seattle, Duluth and Miami in the United States, their use already suggests to millions of Lebanese that America is behind the bombardment of their country.
The Daily Star's report of the attack continued, adding that:
An Israeli military spokesman admitted that an Israeli naval ship had been hit in Lebanese waters, apparently by a rocket. The spokesman said the damage was not serious and that there were no casualties.
Predictably, the Zionist spokesman was lying. The attack killed 4. In the same speech, Nasrallah spoke of additional attacks, reported in Middle East Online:
"We will use all means. As long as the enemy has no limits, we will have no limits," he said, while protesting over the deaths of civilians, mostly women and children, in Israeli air strikes in southern Lebanon even as they were being evacuated.

"Surprises are coming. Our forces are still intact, and we are the ones who are choosing the time and the place" for the attacks, he warned...

Stressing that his fighters were focusing on military targets rather than civilians, Nasrallah said the attack intentionally did not target petrochemical plants in the city "because we do not want to push things into the unknown".

"Our weapons are not for revenge ... but for the deterrence of the mad members of the government of Ehud Olmert..."

He said Hezbollah's strength was ensured by its "secrecy ... and the enemy does not know our capabilities ... and bases his judgement on wrong information."

And he emphasized that "the Zionist enemy is ignorant of what we have".
When a Hizbullah rocket barrage hit a train station in the Jim Crow city of Haifa on Sunday, killing 9 Zionist settlers and injuried 30 more, Hizbullah proved Nasrallah prophetic yet again. Since then, Apartheid Israel has closed the city's port.

Yaakov Katz reported on Monday in the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post that, "Thirty-five people were wounded in Hizbullah rocket attacks throughout the north on Monday. In the worst of the assaults, 11 were wounded, one seriously, when a building was struck by a Katyusha rocket in Haifa. On Monday night an unspecified strategic site was also hit, causing power outages across the region."

On Tuesday, the same paper reported:
One person was killed on Tuesday afternoon in Nahariya following a rocket barrage on the city... Another man was reportedly wounded in the northern city...

Nahariya mayor Jackie Sabag said 12 Katyushas had fallen on the town, and called on all residents to stay inside their bomb shelters.

Meanwhile, sirens rang through Haifa's streets as casualty reports arrived from Haifa, Kiryat Shmona, Safed and other cities in the North.

At least seven Katyushas fell on Haifa, according to reports.
The report goes on to describe that rockets also hit other Zionist-occupied, Jim Crow cities: Karmiel, Tiberias, Safed, in open territories near Shlomi...

Meanwhile, nine casualties of Katyusha rocket attacks - including three soldiers - were still hospitalized on Tuesday in Nahariya.

For Apartheid Israel, Hizbullah's ongoing sophisticated attacks have proven to be a serious problem. Monday's Wall Street Journal further elaborates on the Zionist conundrum:
Despite Israel's most intense aerial and sea offensive in more than three decades... Hezbollah has nonetheless fired more than 1,000 missiles into Israel in the past five days.

Israeli military officials and politicians responded by promising to expand their offensive in Lebanon even further in the coming days. Nonetheless, officials said it remains unclear how, or even if, Israel will find a military means of eliminating Hezbollah's rockets, which are well concealed and are presented as potential targets for just fleeting moments before launch. "It's a big problem for us," a senior Israeli military official said Sunday. "The launchers pop up only for a few minutes before the rocketgoes. We just can't get to them all."
Even as some of the Apartheid State's leaders - Avi Dichter and Tzipi Livni in particular - continue to float requests to the UN for assistance, others have begun to openly call for a ground invasion. Karby Legett's Journal piece gets to the heart of what makes such a strategy untenable:
For Israel, the problem is that, unlike conventional Arab armies, Hezbollah doesn't keep its weapons in normal places. It hides them in the homes of its supporters, in remote valleys and caves and factory workshops spread across remote villages, according to Israeli and Lebanese military experts and the group itself. Ardent Hezbollah members willing to die for the movement protect these sites. Many are booby-trapped with explosives.

The upshot: getting at Hezbollah's rockets is shaping up to be one of the most complicated tasks ever for Israel's military. "There are no Hezbollah bases anywhere," says Timur Goskul, a former United Nations official who lives in Beirut and has tracked Hezbollah's military capabilities for two decades. "So the only way to find the weapons is to go on foot and look for them."

That reality reflects the core conundrum Israel now faces: defeating Hezbollah means tracking down and destroying this enormous arsenal of missiles as well as equally large amount of explosives and machine guns. But doing that means Israel will likely need to search house by house and cave by cave throughout the hostile territory of southern Lebanon, where the bulk of Hezbollah's missiles are stored, some military officials and analysts here say.

That could potentially create an unprecedented number of civilian and Israeli military casualties. It could also spark strong international controversy and condemnation. Some Israel officials worry that could force an end to the campaign before it makes much progress. Already, signs of such a dynamic emerged over the weekend as a number of European leaders called openly for Israel to end its offensive.
Aparthied Israel is stuck. While neither willing nor able wage a gound invasion that promises to deliver them only more captured soldiers or military casualties. Militarily it stubbornly continues to bomb the same targets over and over again, escalating its collective punishment against the people of Lebanon and Palestine.

Meanwhile diplomatically, it refuses to contemplate releasing any of the more than 10,000 political prisoners as it aims to preserve the guise of caring for its own abducted soldiers and desiring a diplomatic solution. The conditions Apartheid Israel has set for such negotiations betray this lie, however, since it has stipulated Hizbullah's unconditional surrender as a precondition for negotiatiatons.

Obviously Hizbullah has rejected these terms and has stated that, "the Lebanese resistance is preparing a retaliation parallel to Israel's military actions. Hassan Nasrallah will address the people of Tel Aviv and warn them to evacuate the city within one hour. As soon as the delay ends, hundreds of heavy missiles will start landing in the city which has been divided into squares in order to let damage reach every inch of the city. An estimated 500 missiles are expected to land in Tel Aviv in a short period of time."

Such a ferocious attack on Tel Aviv - whether it comes today, tomorrow, or anytime, will change the reality on the ground in the Middle East as nothing has done since Uncle Sam's occupation of Iraq began.