27 August 2006

Free Arab Voice:
Declaration in Support of the Arab Resistance in Lebanon

The invaluable Comrades who translate the Iraq Resistance Reports into English, Free Arab Voice, recently published a powerful statement in support of those resisting the Zionists' long-planned imperialist attack against Lebanon.

The piece, written by Nabila Harb, makes clear that anyone refusing to categorically condemn the Zionist attack on Lebanon, anyone who claims to remain neutral, has made a fundamental political choice. By saying nothing, one gives their assent to the enless convoys of weapons, arming and funding the Zionist blitzkrieg, as well as Apartheid Israel's ongoing siege of Lebanon.

I've posted a selection of the text below.
To every Arab Nationalist, to every Muslim, to every supporter of the Resistance against imperialist and/or Zionist aggression, to every supporter of justice and freedom:

Any one who attempts to argue that Hizb'ullah is nothing more than a Lebanese Shi'a organisation might as well give active support to the Zionists. Any one who attempts to argue that Hizb'ullah is the instigator of unprovoked aggression here has his/her head in the sand and is in danger of finding a new world map when he/she finally takes a look at the world.

Western media propaganda is as far from the truth as the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Surely the Arab Nation, constantly victimised by Zionist-dominated Western media, has the sense to look elsewhere for the facts! We know that the majority of Arab leaders are corrupt and are concerned only with their own selfish and greedy interests. Motivated by a combination of greed and fear, they have seen fit to bow to Western pressure and have abandoned the forces who actually have the courage and determination to strike a blow against the enemies of the Arab Nation. Who will dare to show the same sort of courage?

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