28 April 2008

New Jersey's Finest: Kiddie Fiddling Pig Also Screws Cows

It isn't enough for Pigs to run up and down Uncle Sam's Plantation gunning down Black and Brown people without hesitation, but a recent story in The Trentonian illustrates that as an institution, the sexual perversion of the roided up thugs wearing the badge has no peer:
Robert Melia Jr., the Moorestown cop facing accusations of molesting young girls, found himself back in court yesterday charged with committing additional illicit sexual acts.

But this time the victim wasn’t human.

It was a cow.

Melia was charged with tormenting the beast, “specifically by having a cow perform fellatio upon him,” according to documents filed in Superior Court yesterday...

Melia, 38, was arrested and charged last week with numerous counts of sexual assault stemming from alleged incidents involving three underage (human) females.
That's right - this little Piggy, not satisfied enough with raping adolescents, took to forcing a cow (at gunpoint?) for a blowjob.

Wow!  We at Savage Justice are rarely surprised by actions undertaken by Uncle Sam's ghoulish thugs... but not this time!

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