02 March 2006

Ignoring Zionist Onslaught, Useful Idiot Abbas Spouts Nonsense about 'Al Qaeda'

Ignoring Apartheid Israel's ongoing siege of Palestine, Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas continues to deflect attention from the suffering imposed on the Palestinian people by the Zionist state. Abbas's decision to swallow hook, line, and sinker the recent reports from anonymous, unconfirmed, and unverified sources that the CIA's 'Al-Qaeda' organization has infiltrated Palestine.

That Abbas takes these obviously false claims seriously - claims he surely received from the same Zionist intelligence operatives who routinely execute Palestinians - reveals his total and complete servility to the Apartheid government of Israel for his own political survival.

He has become a useful idiot - a tool of occupation.

Abbas's efforts to deflect attention from Apartheid Isarel's actions expose that he has now fully given his services over to the Zionist campaign to label the whole Palestinian population 'terrorists' and worthy of collective punishment.

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