22 August 2007

Mumia, MOVE, and Michael Vick

Two noteworthy radio pieces overlap in interesting ways:
In Mumia's latest Prison Radio broadcast, he addresses the fanatic outcry over Uncle Sam's conspiracy charges against Michael Vick. He notes the the striking contrast between the Vanilla Sam's venom towards Vick and the apathy over the brutal bombing of the MOVE headquarters on 13 May 1985, when Philadelphia's Pigs used C4, tear gas, explosives, and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition to murder 11 men, women, and babies - along with several dogs.

The second interview features Ramona Africa, the only surviving adult member of the MOVE bombing. She gives an historical background to the attacks on her family beginning with the capture and frame-up of 9 MOVE members in 1978, when the Philadelphia Pigs assaulted the MOVE headquarters for the first time.
In different ways, both of these interviews illuminate the ongoing struggle for freedom on Uncle Sam's Plantation. They are both worth your time.


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