17 December 2007

Uncle Sam's alCIAda Fails to Frame-Up the Liberty City Seven

In one of the most comedic spectacles of Vanilla Justice in recent memory, Uncle Sam failed last week to frame-up 7 Florida residents on charges that they hoped to some day, with the help of the FBI, blow up the Sears Tower.

The plan was hatched by a FBI 'investigator' doubling as an alCIAda operative and had, as its mission, the entrapment of the 7 men. But the plan never got off the ground. The AP reports:
The group never actually made contact with alCIAda. Instead, a paid FBI informant known as Brother Mohammed posed as an alCIAda emissary.
The operative word, here, is 'posed.' Brother Mohammed was just a Pig.

The FBI/alCIAda team has worked together conducting terrorist operations for more than a decade. And just as the FBI took the lead before, during, and after 911 to engineer the cover-up, they took the lead here. However, rather than load a couple buildings with explosives, this time the Feds simply wanted to frame-up some brown folk and make a statement.

Defense Attorney Albert Levin hits the nail squarely on the head when he said after the trial: "This was all written, directed and produced by the FBI,"

Reuters reports that in its effort to entrap the men, the alCIAda operative promised "machine-guns, a rocket launcher, military uniforms, bullet-proof vests and other gear to build an army." Once the FBI organized the army, they planned to "spread chaos by poisoning salt-shakers in restaurants and blowing up buildings."

Luckily, the jury wasn't taken by the blatant and careless huckstering that characterizes the actions and behavior of the FBI/alCIAda tag team.

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