10 August 2006

Michael Levin: Dyin' for Zion

An article in the most recent issue of the Zionist Forward reports on the death of Michael Levin, a Land-Grabbing Zionist Soldier who left his Pennysylvania home in 2002 to serve the cause of Apartheid and slaughter Arabs with impunity. The piece begins:
More than 1,200 men, women and children came together... on the evening of July 31 to demonstrate their support for the State of Israel. The evening's most poignant moment came when a speaker recognized the presence of Mark and Harriet Levin, noting that their son, Michael, had immigrated to Israel and become a paratrooper in the Israeli army. The spontaneous standing ovation reduced Mom, who was wearing a paratrooper's shirt, to tears.
At the time of this sadistic rally in support of Apartheid Israel's slaughter of Lebanon, Levin and his colleagues had already crossed into Lebanon to do there what the Zionist Land-Grabber Army does every day in Palestine: confiscate land, bulldoze homes, bomb apartment buildings, and massacre whole villages.

But for Levin, Hizbullah's fierce resistance ensured that things did not go according to plan. The article continues:
Less than 24 hours later, Michael Levin, a first sergeant, was one of three Israeli soldiers killed when their platoon was hit by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile in the southern Lebanese town of Aita al-Shaab.
Levin was one of the many Land-Grabbers that Hizbullah gunned down since Apartheid Israel decided to attack. Because Levin's family lives here on Sam's Plantation, many words have been spilled about his death lauding his valor and courage.
Rabbi David Silverstein, a close family friend, noted that Levin wasn't content to support the State of Israel and pledge allegiance to the Zionist ideal from the comfort of his suburban Philadelphia home. So after his 2002 graduation from Council Rock High School in Newtown, Pa., he immigrated to Israel. However, Levin wasn't content to merely live in Israel; he wanted to defend the Jewish homeland... The 5-foot-6-inch, 118-pound Levin had a burning desire for higher service, and his determination led him to become one of the few Americans admitted into an elite paratrooper unit.
We at Savage Justice do not share these sentiments.

We believe Levin's death will serve as a warning to anyone thinking of traveling to Apartheid Israel and acting as an instrument of imperialism and conquest. It should serve as a platform to defend Hizbullah's right to self defense. The fantasies and myths spun to exonerate Apartheid Israel's criminal and barbaric actions should only reinforce our committment to anti-imperialism.

Because he chose to fight and die for Apartheid, one should memorialize Levin not by speaking of self-sacrifice but by pointing to his death as a consequence - perhaps a Divine consequence - for those who wantonly invade, plunder, and massacre the innocent.