28 February 2006

The Slow Death of Uncle Sam's 'Starve Palestine' Strategy

Could the plans that Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel made to combat the Hamas landslide fail any more totally?

Not only has their campaign to starve the Palestinian people utterly backfired, resulting in promises to aid Hamas by the EU, Turkey, France, Russia and several others. Additionally, their maneuvering has strengthened Iran, whose promise to more than make up for the shortfall has further solidified their tenuous alliance with the Arab world as they prepare for a western onslaught.

The AP reports today that, "Iran promised Hamas to transfer $250 million to the Palestinian Authority after Israel and the United States cut off PA funding."

Iraqi Resistance Reports

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

25 February 2006

Reconciliation between Sadrists & Sunni Resistance: IRR, 25 February '06

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US soldier in Hit.
  • Sunni Association of Muslim Scholars and Shi‘i Muqtada as-Sadr movement denounce sectarian attacks, blame US for sectarian violence, demand American withdrawal.
  • Muqtada as-Sadr: Sadr forces not involved in attacks on Sunnis; Jaysh al-Mahdi to protect Sunni mosques from attacks.
  • Observers see continuation of US effort to ignite sectarian conflict continues as mysterious car bomb kills or wounds dozens of Shi‘i civilians in holy city of Karbala’.

Uncle Sam Welches on Promise to Aid Palestinians

Despite Sambo Rice's failed minstrel show in the Middle East this week aimed at isolating Hamas and denying humanitarian aid to those occupied by Apartheid Israel, Uncle Sam's psy-op game against the Palestinian people continues unabated.

Along with the interesting and hopeful news that Palestinian President and Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas may resign, the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reports on Saturday that David Welch, Uncle Sam's envoy to the Palestinians, promised that aid to the Palestinians would continue.

Sam's pledge, made through Welch, is a transparent lie meant to dampen Palestinian rage over Sambo Rice's failed 'Starve Palestine' tour. The public record tells us as much. In actuality, Sam managed to break its pledge before even making it. Last week, Uncle Sam brutally demanded that the Palestinian Authority return $50,000,000 in humanitarian aid.

So we must analyze the situation with the understanding that Sam has already denied aid to Palestinians living under occupation from Apartheid Israel. Welch is just spitting rhetoric.

A recent speech made by Bush on Friday demonstrated the nakedness of Welch's lie. In it, G-Dub directly addressed this question. "The international community must continue to make clear to Hamas that democratically elected leaders cannot have one foot in the camp of democracy and one foot in the camp of terror. The world is waiting to see what choice Hamas makes."

On the question of recognizing Apartheid Israel now, Hamas has already made their choice. They have said time and time again, that they cannot recognize Israel while the Zionist state's borders remain without demarcation and include Palestinian territory. And as long as Apartheid Israel's genocidal policies - attacking refugee camps, killing children and assassinating leaders - accelerate, this is the proper position to take.

Far from demonstrating strength, Uncle Sam's use of such an obvious and brutal psy-op reflects its incapacity and impotence to to force a change in Hamas' policy with diplomatic blackmail. Sam's position – refusing to aid the Palestinian Authority, and even taking back aid already given to them - reflects its heartlessness. They use psy-ops like Welch's bogus lie to to conceal it.

24 February 2006

Defaming Palestine's Dead: The ADL and Apartheid Israel's 'Museum of Tolerance'

We learn from reports in today's pro-Apartheid Israeli media that the 'Anti Defamation League' - a racist Zionist clique based in the United States - now supports the excavation of the "main Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem" so the Simon Wiesenthal Center, another pro-Apartheid lobbying group, can build a so-called 'Museum of Tolerance' atop land stolen from the Palestinians in 1948 and claimed illegally in 1992 by the city of Jerusalem.

"Workers have uncovered dozens of skeletons at the construction site," according to Ha'aretz. The piece continues:
Reports obtained by Ha'aretz showed for the first time the extent of the work at the site, as well as claims of carelessness by many of those involved in uncovering the remains... Skeletons have been damaged because of improper handling by workers who have no training in such work. One worker told Haaretz that he smashed a skull by mistake. The worker said the instructions they were given were that 'when we reach [a skeleton] we are not to take it out but to dig around it with a spade and a brush. Real archaeological work.'
By ignoring these reports, the pro-Apartheid ADL exposes their lack of concern for defaming dead Palestinians.

One should also note that the same Simon Wiesenthal Center now paying $200,000,000 to destroy the priceless cemetary bore responsiblity for the fraudulent propaganda attack on Commandante Hugo Chavez, who they accused of anti-Semitism, an utterly baseless claim rejected out of hand by the President of Venezuela's 'Confederation of Jewish Associations.'

The attack on Chavez is nothing new. We see time and time again how groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL opportunistically smear anyone who supports the Palestinians in their struggle to remove the shakles of Aparthied with the slur of 'anti-Semitism.' In reality, though, their attack has nothing to do with anti-Semitism at all. They use it as a weapon to demonize anyone opposing the policies of Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel.

In fact, Zionist groups like the SWC & ADL have no problem with anti-Semitism when the anti-Semite in question takes his orders from Uncle Sam. Their behaviour towards, Victor Yuschenko, who Sam's 'Orange Revolution' election fixers thrust into power just over a year ago, demonstrates their lack of concern for real anti-Semitism.

Compare the Zionist outcry against Chavez to the virtual silence by pro-Apartheid Jewish groups concerning the actions of Sam's ally Yuschenko, who recently "awarded Ukraine's highest honor -- the 'Hero of Ukraine' medal -- to a notorious anti-Semite, Ivan Spodarenko."

Why no outcry from Zionist groups? They certainly have not gone mute, as their attack on Chavez proves.

The truth is that there was no outcry because these racist groups don't really care about anti-Semitism at all.

The raging hypocrisy of the whole litany of anti-Arab lobbying groups - the ADL, the SWC, and of course AIPAC - expose what has become increasingly clear as the policies of Apartheid Israel lose legitimacy around the world. These groups deploy the 'anti-Semite' slur with monotonous, uninteresting, and predictable regularity because attacking messengers critical of Israel has become the last vestige left for them to justify their policies of apartheid.

Because of the Zionist state's brutality, the attack is the last piece of clothing used to conceal from the world a naked emperor.

23 February 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Suspicious bombing of Shi'i shrine in Samarra’ signals start of Shi'i sectarian rampages throughout Iraq.
  • Mysterious bombs partly destroy golden dome of tomb of Shi'i Imam 'Ali al-Hadi in Samarra’ at dawn Wednesday. Sunni religious leaders rush to condemn attack. Sources claim puppet "Interior Ministry Shock Troops (Maghawir)" carried out the bombing.
  • Iraqi Baath Party denounces bombing of Shi'i shrine, says Badr Brigades and US are responsible, analyzes background.
  • Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq Denounces bombing of Imam 'Ali al-Hadi Tomb.
  • Shi'i sectarian gunmen including pro-American Badr Brigades and Muqtada as-Sadr’s Jaysh al-Mahdi attack 33 Sunni mosques, one Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad, burning, wrecking, and looting all day Wednesday.
  • Sunni families in al-'Amarah and an-Nasiriyah receive asylum, protection from Arab tribal leaders against rampaging pro-Iranian Badr Brigade Shi'i sectarian gunmen.
  • Chaos reported in al-Basrah as Shi'i sectarian gangs attack Sunni sites throughout the city.
  • Sectarian murders of Sunnis continue in southern Iraq following reported arrival of new hit list from Iranian Intelligence.
  • Late Wednesday night bulletin: Resistance forces deploy in strength in Sunni areas of Baghdad ready for battle with Badr Brigade and puppet "Shock Troop" sectarians.
  • Resistance bomb blasts US troops in an-Najaf.
  • Resistance bomb in ar-Ramadi leaves two US troops reported dead.
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US soldier in al-Karmah, east of al-Fallujah.
  • Resistance carries out attacks on Danish occupation troops in southern Iraq.

Another Day in Apartheid Israel: Zionist Invaders Bulldoze Parks and Shoot Children

Just another day of ruthless, brutal violence by Apartheid Israel in Occupied Palestine:
  • Middle East Online reports that "More than 30 Israeli army jeeps and four bulldozers," were involved in an invasion into the occupied city of Nablus, killing 5 Palestinians.
  • Wire services report that, "the Israeli Occupation army has bulldozed a US-funded public park, including a children's playground and swimming pool, in a West Bank village."
  • Ha'aretz reports that in the Gaza Strip, Zionist invaders shot a 4-year old boy standing "near a window in his home."
  • Ha'aretz also reports that the Zionist Army attacked and wounded ten people at a peaceful demonstration against the Apartheid Wall. Dozens of protestors and around 200 village residents participatied in the non-violent demonstration, delaying construction for several hours before the Apartheid Army fired rubber coated bullets and sprayed tear gas into the crowd, paving the way for the bulldozers to confiscate more Palestinian land.
Meanwhile, Sambo Rice's 'Starve Palestine' tour across the Middle East aimed at preventing Occupied Palestine's Arab neighbors from offering humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority has failed miserably. After Russia, France, and Turkey rebuffed Sam and their Zionist collaborators last week, this week Sam has failed to secure support from their two main vassal states in the region - Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The Daily Star reports that even Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah Party "tentatively accepted Wednesday an offer from Hamas to become the junior partner in a coalition government." Meanwhile, China announced its intent to aid Hamas and Iran promised aid in conjuction with the Arab League with Ali Larijani, Iran's Supreme National Security Council, affirmating that, "The United States proved that it would not support democracy after it cut its aid to the Palestinian government after Hamas won the elections. We will certainly help the Palestinians." He added that, "we will definitely help this government financially in order to resist America's cruelty to this country."

In other words, Sambo Rice's bid to starve and strangle Hamas but cutting off support has totally and utterly completely failed. In fact, the brutal and inhumane campaign has backfired, making Hamas stronger while weakening the diplomatic standing of both Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam.

Butcher of Sabra and Shatila Remains Catatonic

The AP reported today that the genocidal murderer of more Palestinians than anyone alive, Ariel Sharon, just had a procedure in which doctors removed fluid from his stomach.

Perhaps he should have stuffed that stomach with a little less food when he fed himself.

But regardless, we hope that Sharon feels a great deal of pain.

Attack on the Askariyah Shrine: Uncle Sam's Psy-Op Declaration of War against Sadrists

Political events in Iraq, chief among them the rise of the Sadrist Movement, have made Uncle Sam's political situation profoundly precarious. The fiercly nationalistic Sadrists are now the largest single political party in Iraq, owning 32 of the 128 seats in 'parliament'. This gives them incredible power, which they've shown a great interest in using. What are their demands?
  • Sadr says that ridding Iraq of Sam's GI Joes "should be the priority of the future Iraqi government."
  • His party has categorically rejected participating in a government that includes Sam's collaborator and assassin, Iyad Allawi. Allawi midwifed Sam's August '04 massacre of Sadr's followers in Najaf. As a result, in the words of Fatah al-Sheikh, "Allawi's particiaption in government is a red line for the Sadr stream."
  • His movement opposes the Kurdish land-grab of oil-rich Kirkuk. "No one has the right to demand Kirkuk," Sadr told al-Jazeera, adding that the city "is owned by all Iraqis."
  • He rejects the 'constitution' imposed on Iraq country by Uncle Sam and the IMF. "I reject this constitution which calls for sectarianism and there is is nothing good in this constitution at all."
  • After meeting with President Assad of Syria, Sadr vowed that in case of an attack by Uncle Sam, he would "help defend Syria and Iran."
Sadr has also made clear that his Mehdi Army will remain armed. Thus, if Uncle Sam attacks them, the Sadrists have proven twice before that they will fight back. And tied down with the largely Sunni Resistance in Baghdad and Basrah, Fallujah and Ramadi, Latfiyah and Mada'in, Sam cannot afford that now.

In light of the shrine attack, it is noteworthy that Sadr planned on spending the week travelling between Syria and Lebanon in an effort "to help the Lebanese and Syrian governments to mend their ties and consequently to establish security in the region." Sadr also planned to meet with Hizbullah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Shortly after landing, Sadr spoke from the Lebanese-Syrian border:
The visit is aimed at consolidating relations between Lebanese and Iraqis and to solve problems that Israel and the U.S. have created in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq so we can build this region and make it safe.
Given Uncle Sam's effort to destabilize the region, one imagines that Sadr's overture drew scorn, outrage, and perhaps calls for retaliation.

Without this context, we cannot understand Wednesday's brazen assault on the al-Askariyah Shrine in as-Samarra for what it was: a terrorist attack and a psychological attack aimed at both the Mahdi Army and the citizens of Samara who have heroicly resisted Sam's onslaught.

The Financial Times decribed the scene: "Wednesday’s early morning blast at the Askariya shrine in Samarra, 150km north of Baghdad, devastated the tombs of the tenth and eleventh of the 12 Imams believed by Shia to have been infallible successors to the prophet Mohammad."

Baghdad Political Scientiest Hazim al-Naimi compared the attack on the shrine of the Mahdi's father, "to an attack on Mecca for all Muslims," that "could push the country closer to civil war."

Upon hearing the news, Sadr promptly cancelled his trip. Prior to returning to Iraq, he spoke. "We urge Iraqis to be up to the level of responsibility and the size of the catastrophe, asking you to keep Iraq’s unity and safety.” He called for "unity and consolidation," and warned "not to be dragged into schemes aimed at their unity with the emphases on punishing criminals by the most strict penalties."

Sadr explicitly called for calm and unity. Then he blamed the occupation and demanded a vote in the Iraqi parliament over forcing Occupying forces to leave Iraq. At no point did he blame Sunni Muslims.

It is noteworthy, then, that Uncle Sam's totally exposed STRATFOR propaganda organ explicitly lied about Sadr's reaction, claiming on their 'newswire' that, "Iraqi Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr blamed Sunni Arab militants for the Feb. 22 bombing of the Al-Askariyah Shrine in As Samarra and vowed revenge against them, adding that his Mehdi Army is ready to act."

Adding to the 'irony,' a report in Reuters consciously misrepresented Sadr's position by quoting a man not authorized to speak on his behalf.

According to The Independent, however, Sadr's followers in Kut and Sadr City refused to comply with Sam's artful storytelling:
As news spread of the attack on the Golden Mosque yesterday, thousands of young men marched shouting anti-American slogans through Sadr City, the great Shia slum with a population of two million. About 3,000 people marched through the Shia city of Kut shouting slogans against America and Israel and burning US and Israeli flags.
Thousands of Sadr's Mahdi Army, poured into onto the streets throughout Iraq, focusing their rage upon those collaborating with Uncle Sam. "In Basra," the Guardian reported that, "Sadr militants surrounded and attacked the office of the mainstream Sunni Iraqi Islamic party." By 'mainstream,' the pro-occupation Guardian means that they receive their orders and paychecks from Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Death Squads trained by Uncle Sam, on the other hand, went on an ethnic purge throughout Southern Iraq, assassinating prisoners and attacking mosques.

Uncle Sam, citing no evidence, predictably blamed the usual suspects. Sambo Rice's State Department Flak for Iraq policy, James Jeffrey, alleged that the attack, "can be traced back to the Zarqawi al Qaeda movement."

Was the elusive Zarqawi, who Sadr calls 'fictitious,' really behind the attack? Or should we assume that Sam simply used Zarqawi's image like "a knife or a pistol in the hands of the occupier," as Sadr has said, and turn our attention elsewhere?

If we reject Sam's Zarqawi conspiracy and examine other explanations, we find other likely culprits: A year ago, the Washington Post reported that the Defense Intelligence Agency, "using 'reprogrammed' funds, without explicit congressional authority or appropriation," has armed the Strategic Support Branch "in secret for two years."

"Designed to operate without detection and under the defense secretary's direct control," the SSBs, led by a corrupt fraudster with questionable credentials, "conduct surreptitious missions" using intelligence gathered "from 'notorious figures' whose links to the U.S. government would be embarrassing if disclosed."

At the moment, we do not know whether the SSB or the British SAS (who shares the SSB's legacy of black-ops, off-the-books terrorism) or anyone else played a role in Wednesday's attack on Askariyah Shrine.

We do know, however, that the position of the occupiers gets more and more precarious every day, largly due to the growing strength of the Sadrist movement in Iraq. And the attack on the shrine - whether stated or not - represents a frontal attack on the Sadrist forces meant to drive a sectarian wedge between Iraqis.

To the question, "who would do such a thing?" Moqtada al-Sadr responds, "We do not want a sectarian government, the U.S. wants one. The U.S. is the source of sectarianism."

"Amid the calls for calm" from Sadr and others, Sam's 'state run' Iraqiya network "included in its evening schedule a graphic music video hailing 9th-century Shi’ite leaders’ battles against Sunni dominance."

You can tell from the propaganda that Sam wants civil war and intends to use sectarian Death Squads to achieve it. They and their allies in the corporate media mention it whenever they can.

Sadr and the Iraqi resistance want the Occupiers to leave. That's a fundamental contradiction.

Uncle Sam stays in Iraq as long as it successfully uses death squads to manufacture a psy-op 'civil war.' The attack on the Askariyah Shrine aided that campaign.

How the Mahdi Army responds will determine the course Iraqi affairs long after Uncle Sam cuts and runs.

22 February 2006

Uncle Sam's Naked Nuclear Hypocrisy Exposed

Uncle Sam, in addition to being the only nation in the world to use nuclear weapons, is also the world's largest manufacturer and distributer of Weapons of Mass Destruction. And as Sam and Apartheid Israel leverage virtually all of their political might and technological know-how behind their foolhardy campaign to kill thousands of Iranians and steal their resources, it has become incumbant on the aggressor nations to compel India to support the attack by any means necessary.

To do this, Sambo Rice's State Department has conditioned its sale of nuclear technology to India on its support for Sam's bloodthirsty campaign.

Ironically, the technology Sam is attempting to proliferate not only "undermines the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty" but also goes well beyond the nuclear technology for which it has referred Iran to the UN. Not that Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel have any problem with being hypocrites on this, or any other, issue.

Hopefully, however, India's need for Iranian gas and their general opposition to genocide will lead them to resist Sam's blackmail.

21 February 2006

Reconciliation between Sadrists & Sunni Resistance: IRR, 25 February '06

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

Sam's Vassal State Georgia Denies Role in Iran Attack

Caught flat-footed by a report in Monday's Jerusalem Post, the government of Georgia today announced a full-throated denial that they will assist Uncle Sam in its upcoming attack on Iran.

Given Uncle Sam's interest in attacking Iran, the role of Sam's NED election fixers in the coup that installed Saakashvili as President, and Georgia's strategic location on the border with Iran, both we and Iran must assume that this denial has no legitimacy.

Hamas and Iran Strengthen Each Other; Apartheid Israel Retreats

After failing to garner enough support to impose a medieval siege upon the Palestinian people in the wake of the Hamas landslide, Apartheid Israel continued their diplomatc retreat, backing away from statements that they would not deal with Hamas.

Despite the Zionist state's change, Hamas's position remains steadfast. "Until Israeli leaders decide to leave the Palestinian territories," Hamas argues, "negotiations with Israel are a waste of time." We learn much about the political landscape when we consider that while Hamas refuses to meet with Apartheid Israel until they recognize international law, the Zionist state has already begun to retreat from their overblown rhetoric days earlier.

Though they failed to lay siege to all of Palestine, the Zionist government did still manage to steal $50,000,000 in taxes collected 'on behalf of' the Palestinian Authority - money that Apartheid Israel can take whenever it pleases. Additionally, Uncle Sam demanded that Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas return $50,000,000 in direct aid supposedly given by Sam to the Palestinian people.

Additionally, Sam has taken his 'Starve Palestine' Roadshow on a regional tour aimed at preventing others from filling the vacuum. Obediently, several of the region's chief collaborators and vassals - people like Abbas, who is trying to create a paramilitary gang in Occupied Palestine under his direct control, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and the government of Jordan - have each heeded the call, refusing to recognize Hamas's victory or aid the impoverished Palestinian people.

(While Mubarak & King Hussein apparently refuse to meet with Hamas until they recognize the state of Israel, their governments remain unconcerned by Apartheid Israel's refusal to do the same for Palestine.)

The government of Iran, on the other hand, has stepped up to announce their interest in aiding the Palestinian government. In fact, Olmert's diplomatic retreat comes on the heels of the statement made in Tehran by Hamas' top political leader Khaled Meshal that Iran would play an increasing role in Palestinian affairs and the political future of Palestine. "With respect to the challenges that we have ahead of us," Meshal said at a joint news conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, "Iran's role in the future of Palestine should continue and increase."

The Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference have also announced their willingness to step in and help.

Other nations, too, have begun to step in to assist the Palestinian people, ignoring the murderous diktat from Sam and Apartheid Israel. Ha'aretz reports Russia's offer of aid as an example.
Russia offered yesterday to provide emergency assistance to the Palestinians, a day after Israel decided to freeze transfers of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov offered the aid as part of international human relief efforts during a conference call between Russia and the three other members of the Mideast peace Quartet.
The AP notes also that, "Sweden's foreign aid agency said Monday it will give 50 million kronor (€5.3 million, US$6.4 million) in humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza." Based on contributions like this one, we may eventually see that Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam's campaign to starve Palestine ultimately strengthens and enriches Hamas - monetarily and politically - in a way that their inaction could never have done.

The continued refusal of other nations to starve Palestine weakens not only the prospects for crushing Hamas, but also of building a coalition of Arab states complicit in an attack against Iran. Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel's anti-Hamas propaganda campaign has emboldened Iran and its allies to take a stronger stand on behalf of the Palestinian people in the region. Meanwhile, their brutal treatment of the Palestinian people - simply because they voted - will boomerang against them with an unimaginable intensity.

20 February 2006

Commandante Hugo tells Condi, "Shut your face, Sambo!"

Calling for an "inoculation strategy" and "a united front against some of the things that Venezuela gets involved in," last Thursday before Congress 'Condoloence' Rice unleashed another blistering attack against Venezuela. In many ways, her words echoed the year-old rhetoric from her confirmation hearings when she called Venezuela a "negative force in the region." This time Venezuela responded to Sam's rhetoric with a promise to act.

"She said something very serious and she let the world know that she is calling foreign ministers, that she called the ministers of Spain, Brazil and Austria, to alert them about Venezuela," their President Hugo Chavez noted. Understanding the serious nature of her attack, Chavez responded with a stark threat of his own: "The government of the United States should know that if they go over the line, they are not going to have Venezuelan oil. I have started taking measures in that respect, I'm not going to say what."

Rice's attack was no doubt linked to the announcement, made earlier in the week by Venezuela's energy minister, calling on OPEC to cut production. Rafael Ramierz told the Financial Times, 'I think we should cut between 500,000 and 1,000,000 [barrels per day]."

Sambo Rice's comments also stem from Venezuela's full-throated opposition to Uncle Sam's campaign to kill Iranians, which he warned will be "10 times worse than Iraq," as well as his support for the Iranian people's right to nuclear technology. Calling G-Dub "Mr. Danger" and "the greatest terrorist in the world," Chavez recently spoke out against Sam's Iran policy. "[Mr. Danger] thinks of himself as the owner of the world and now they are making plans to invade Iran, and plans against Venezuela too."

Chavez understands that the oil-infused alliance he has cultitvaded with the Iranian government greatly complicates Uncle Sam & Apartheid Israel's plans to attack. The simple fact is that without Venezuela's oil, Sam cannot wage the war it's itching to fight. This oil weapon remains for Chavez the card that may avert a world war, and his ability and willingness to use it against Sam explains the why he's a marked man.

As is often the case when one of Sam's minions attacks Chavez, the fallout from Sambo Rice's incendiary bluster backfired. On Monday Bloomberg reported, "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his country's natural gas is for the domestic market and South America, not for the United States, whose policies he described as unfriendly toward his government."

On Sunday, Chavez declared his nation ready to "resist an 'imperialist attack.'" "We are breaking the imperialist chains that bound us," he said. Modifying lyrics from a Venezuelan folk song, Chavez joked, "I sting those who rattle me, don't mess with me Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl."

Blustery, arrogant rhetoric aside, events over the last year underscore Sam's impotence in the regioin. Unable to successfully rig elections in Haiti and Bolivia as they did in Ukraine and in Georgia, the expression of democracy has proven to be an insurmountable adversary for Sam's election fixers. Bolivia's elections thrust Chavez ally Evo Morales into the Presidency of that nation. And despite Sam's effort to fix upcoming elections in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Peru, these campaigns virtually guarantee that other Leftists - in places where Sam formerly had allies - will emerge victorious.

Historically, Sam has relied on its ability to rig elections or stage coups & juntas when South America begins to slip out of its control. Given all that has occurred over the past 4 years, whether they can contain the leftward momentum in the region remains an open question. But one cannot question the centrality of stopping Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution to any final solution Sam offers.

If they don't, he'll continue to mock and ridicule Uncle Sam while he slowly turns off the spigot.

Iraqi Resistance Reports

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

France Wants a Coup in Lebanon

"[French President Jacques] Chirac is personally supervising an urgent plan to oust Lahoud," the Lebanese daily An-Nahar reported on Sunday.

Citing Chirac's 'personal involvement' in "supervising a working group charged with coordinating ... (an action) ... to provoke a constitutional coup aiming at ousting President Lahoud before the end of his mandate on October 24, 2007," the piece exposes the behind-the-scenes role the French play in Lebanon to emaciate the government and, more importantly, vilify Hizbullah.

"Accusing France of attempting to oust Lahoud, a pro-Syrian Maronite Christian," the Middle East Online piece continued, "a Syrian government daily claimed US ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman was working to push Lahoud out of office."

It's clear that the EU and Uncle Sam, along with Apartheid Israel, have elected to pursue multiple tracks in their propaganda campaign against Arabs and Muslims. As long as they can start a war in Southern Lebanon, or in Palestine, or in Iraq, or Iran, or Syria, they'll be pleased for a short while... until the adversary they tried so hard to stigmatize and abuse fights back.

19 February 2006

Merkel and Other Western Warmakers Arm Iran

Perhaps instead of spouting incendiary rhetoric and comparing other world leaders to Hitler, German Chancellor Angela Merkel should instead begin watching her own country's weapons proliferators with a more wary eye. Her failure to do recently dealt yet another blow to the floundering European propaganda campaign meant to prepare the world for an assault against Iran.

According to the Associated Press, "several German companies are under investigation for alleged involvement in Iran's disputed nuclear program, a German magazine reported Saturday.

"Police searched the premises of eight firms as well as private homes on February 8 as part of the investigation, the Spiegel weekly said in an article released before its publication Monday."

Germany - along with France, Britain, Apartheid Israel and, of course, Uncle Sam - has begun waging a coordinated propaganda campaign ultimately aimed at killing thousands of innocent Iranian civilians and stealing their vast resources. However, circumstances these nations cannot ignore continue to complicate their plans. Sam and Jack's presence inside Iraq has undoubtedly become the most problematic of these.

Arguing last Friday that, "the presence of the British military forces in Basra has led to the destabilisation of the security situation in the city," Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called for British troops to withdraw from southern Iraq. The Financial Times piece continued, "Mr Mottaki was speaking during a visit to Lebanon, in a week where Basra has seen a series of demonstrations following the release of a video allegedly showing Iraqis being badly mistreated by British soldiers. This led Basra’s provincial council to cut ties with the British forces." Additionally, Moqtada al-Sadr's willingness to put his Mahdi Army 'in the service of Iran and Syria' ensures that in the case of an attack on Iran, Southern Iraq will become far bloodier for Sam, Jack and their mercinary army ever imagined.

Invading Iran has proven problematic for other reasons. Iran has effectively used the campaign led by Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam to demonize and strangle Hamas, calling "on Muslim nations... to provide annual financial aid to a Hamas-led Palestinian government and supported the radical group's refusal to recognize Israel." This call has led to increased resistance to Sam and Apartheid Israel's anti-Hamas campaign from the Arab League, the UN, and even the Quartet (Israel nullified the Quartet position by stealing tax money from the Palestinian Authority) just as Sambo Condi heads to the region to ensure "that Arab countries do not provide financial aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority." The moves - Iran to support Palestine; the West to starve it - further contrast Iran's regional intent with that of the brutal, racist, and inhumane occupiers of Iraq and Palestine.

The emerging oil alliance between Venezuela and Iran, and Russia's willingness to work alongside Iran rather than opposition to it also persist in complicating the campaign by the Merkels, Olmerts, Blairs, and Cheney's itching to slaughter Iranian civilians.

This evidence shows that, unless they have a serious deathwish, the architects of this campaign of brutality and mass murder will delay their plans to hit Iran until the political circumstances become more favorable. Unfortunately, with crises in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan all increasingly falling from of their control, they realize the need to act quickly. Caught between a these two forces moving in opposite directions, we must assume that the clique will call in all their bets decide will opt for the maximum bloodshed... even if it means triggering a world war.

17 February 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: 16 February 2006

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

Slave Revolt Radio: Best Radio Show in the Country

Slave Revolt Radio
A Tale of Two Cities: Malibu and New Orleans
by Tracey James

If one honestly wants a hawks eye view of how race and class preference are played out and are intertwined in America and it's cities this true living tale is for you. It is a classic tale of American inclusion and exclusion. Support and denial. Generosity and genocide.

This hour Slave Revolt! in a (Beyond the shadow) segment titled 'A tale of two cities: 'Vanilla' Malibu, 'Chocolate' New Orleans' we explore how Fema responds to 'Vanilla' Malibu when it's frequent and natural firestorms blaze it's way through the zones that Malibu residents insist on living. This is in comparison to 'Chocolate' New Orleans. How public money is distributed is contrasted in black and white.

The response of Mayors, Governors, and the 'Orders' law enforcement agencies in the two cities gives some insight what flavor is prefered in this society. The privatized racialized order then blends together who profits off of these disasters regardless of what city you reside in. Making it clear that this 'Vanilla' koolade is a human made capitalist drink with the ingredients of a hierarchical elitist, economic, psychological, social political mixture that puts the Jim Jones/CIA koolade to shame.

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Apartheid Israel Plans Genocidal Siege of Palestine

The pro-Apartheid press in Israel has extensively noted the evolving strategy devised by the interim Apartheid government to punish Palestinians for Hamas's landslide electoral victory under Zionist occupation. Apartheid Israeli Minister Dov Weisglass hearkened back to the bygone days of the Nazism and eloquently described his government's genocidal strategy: "impose a diet on Palestinians, but not let them starve."

Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz elaborated on the plan, which calls for:
a freeze on further transfers of the tax revenues that Israel collects on behalf of the PA; a ban on the entry of workers from the Gaza Strip into Israel; a ban on the movement of Palestinians between Gaza and the West Bank; freezing a plan to upgrade the crossing points between the territories and Israel; freezing plans to build a port and airport in Gaza; and preventing transfers of military equipment to the PA from foreign countries, such as donations of armored personnel carriers and communications gear.
The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post calls it a policy aimed at, "tightening the noose around the Palestinian Authority in an effort to isolate the Hamas internationally until it renounces violence and recognizes the Jewish state."

As noted, the arrangement severly limits movement of people and goods into and out of Occupied Palestine that apply not only to Hamas officials or people "traveling from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank city of Ramallah for Saturday's swearing-in ceremony" but to every Palestinian. In other words, the Zionist strategy imposes, openly and flagrantly, collective punishment against all Palestinians.

It also calls for the theft of Palestininan tax money by the government of Apartheid Israel.

Taken in conjunction with the extension of the Apartheid Wall, Zionist clearly aim to realize their psychotic, genocidal Zionist vision of a Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates, free of Palestinians.

For one year, Hamas has not attacked Apartheid Israel even as the Zionist state continued to maim and murder its members. In response to Hamas's electoral victory, Apartheid Israel tightened the screws further. But their apoplectic response to the election and decisions made by Russia, Turkey, France and others to recognize Hamas, coupled with the desperate, brutal, and ultimately counterproductive moves by the Zionist government to brutalize the Palestinian people actually reveals its isolation and weakness, not strength.

And if they aren't careful, the siege may incite Hamas to resist the Israeli occupation in a way that will ensure that the deluded Zionist fantasy of expelling all Palestinians will remain just that.

16 February 2006

CITGO and the politics of oil

Over the last few weeks, screaming headlines recording record oil profits have become ubiquitous.

The Washington Post reported on 31 January that, "Exxon Mobil Corp. yesterday reported the highest profit in U.S. history: $10.71 billion for the fourth quarter of 2005 and $36.13 billion for the year." Another report noted that "Chevron's earnings rose twenty percent to a record high in the fourth quarter on the strength of high fuel prices." "Soaring oil prices in 2005 have helped Royal Dutch Shell report a record annual profit for a UK-listed company," the BBC reported on 2 February. On 8 February, BP "reported a 26% rise in annual profit to $16.2bn (£8.7bn) after benefiting from high oil prices."

Congress acted with predictable impotence, refusing to endorse any measures aimed at addressing the industry-wide conspiracy to inflate oil prices while camouflaging their utterly disgraceful inaction with hyperbole, lectures, and rhetoric.

Called before Congress to testify, the leaders of each of the main oil companies - save one - refused to concede anything to a desperate, oil-dependent nation strangled by high oil prices. The one company who took another course was CITGO, the wholly-owned American subsidiary of Venezuela's nationalized oil company, PDVSA. For months, CITGO has provided low-cost heating oil to poor families - most recently in Delaware but in Boston, New York City and elsewhere, too - living on Sam's plantation.

Uncle Sam responded by defending ExxonMobil and reacting with indignant outrage to CITGO's gesture! Representative Joe Barton (R-Texaco) and Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Chevron) shrieked, calling the move to discount oil "part of an unfriendly government's increasingly belligerent and hostile foreign policy toward the United States."

Barton & Whitfield's comments, though ghastly, racist, and absurd, are par for the course. Sam's government treats any gesture on the part of Venezuela or President Chavez to reach out to poor people on Sam's Plantation as a hostile act. And, in reality, I suppose it is. The last thing that Sam wants is a sincere outpouring of concern and compassion from another nation that exposes the war the ruling class wages daily here against its poorest.

In Haiti, Sam's N.E.D. Election Fixers Stung by Failure Once More

For the third time in 15 years, despite every effort to rig the vote and promote chaos in Haiti, the Financial Times reports today that by virtue of a OAS mediated agreement, Rene Preval will assume the Presidency. Leslie Manigat, who received 1/3 of the votes Preval received, announced he would stand aside.

So congratulations, NED! Try as you did, for 2 years, to smash the spirit of the Hatian masses and crush them into submission - you've failed again!

"Apartheid Israel Week" at Oxford

All this week, Oxford University in Britain is appropriately commemorating the "30th anniversary of the international convention on the suppression and punishment of the crime of apartheid" with a series of speakers and events around the theme of 'Apartheid Israel'.

The proceedings will address ongoing events like the Apartheid State's routine killing of Palestinian children, the imposition of Jim Crow Jewish-only voting restrictions within Apartheid Israel, and their re-occupation of "Gaza" after the public relation's psy-op 'withdrawal' last summer. They will analyze the continued work on the Apartheid Wall, whose latest expansion "will likely obstruct the view in the desert and is expected to negatively impact the area's ecosystem... by blocking the paths of the wild animals in the desert," according to the pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz. And the proceedings will decry the Apartheid state's plan to "steal tax money belonging to the Palestinian Authority" as collective punishment for voting Hamas in flagrant violation of international law.

The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post further elaborates on the agenda:
Ilan Pappe from Haifa University... will speak on "Resisting Apartheid: Divestment and Solidarity" on Friday. Chairing the meeting is Prof. Steven Rose, a major supporter of an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Other speakers include Prof. Gabi Piterberg from University of California at Los Angeles, who spoke on Monday night on "Zionism and Apartheid." Piterberg, an Israeli anti-Zionist, added his signature to a petition in 2003 calling for divestment from Israel.

On Wednesday, Karma Nabulsi, a politics fellow at Oxford and former PLO representative, will talk about "Palestinian Resistance." In a recent article, Dr. Nabulsi's accused Britain and Europe of "funding Israel's occupation and expansion."

On Tuesday night participants saw a film about an Israeli activist who married a Palestinian and founded a theater group in Jenin, where she taught children to express anger, bitterness and fear through acting and art.
Of course, while the tone of the Post's reporting is one of indignity and horror, they ignore the basic and obvious fact that every topic addressed bears an intimate connection to the ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign in Palestine and the Apartheid regime institutied and sanctioned by their Zionist administrators.

15 February 2006

Iraqi Resistance Reports

Black Alabama Burns... and the FBI Helps

In 1963, after the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham was burned to the ground by arsonist Klansmen, the FBI mounted an 'investigation' in which former Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley accused the team of "concealing evidence and aiding the Klan for decades afterwards.".

In the years prior to the 16th St. Baptist Church bombing the Klan staged dozens of attacks which were usually not investigated. Instead, the FBI busied themselves spying on Martin Luther King, Jr. and other national security threats.

We've learned in the years following these bombings that FBI informants, in particular a man named Gary Thomas Rowe, not only knew of them, but even participated in a few! It is in this context that we must analyze the recent bombings of Alabama churches.

Today's New York Times reports that
BATF agents, teamed with the F.B.I., the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the office of the state fire marshal and local sheriffs' departments, have fanned out across western and central Alabama, where all 10 fires were set. And, in hopes that the arsonists will contact them, the investigators have set up a phone line and an e-mail address.
Taking a break from their usual duties as Uncle Sam's secret police force, the FBI are at it again. And, like the 1960s, we must assume that the FBI has people on the inside. We also must consider the possibility of FBI complicity in these attacks just as they were complicit 4 decades ago.

Based on the historical record of the federal agencies involved in the 'investigation', can we afford to assume otherwise?

Uncle Sam Beats a Retreat Against Hizbullah

Whining and barking over the dead letter, UN 1559, Uncle Sam continues to lament the fact that, faced with almost daily attacks by Apartheid Israel into Southern Lebanon, Hizbullah audaciously refuses to unconditionally disarm and cede the southern part of their country to the Zionist state.

But the fact remains that Uncle Sam can't do a thing about it - all it does is spout words! And to these words, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah has appropriately told Uncle Sam to "Shut Up!"

Hizbullah will never disarm in the face of Uncle Sam's impotent threats. They will continue to resist Zionist aggression and prevent Apartheid Israel from stealing any of Lebanon's territory.

Uncle Sam Caught in the Act... again


After years of stalling, prevaricating, and violating court orders, some brave soul burried deep within the bowles of Uncle Sam's machinery of death must have gotten tired of Sam's support for torture and leaked more pictures of Uncle Sam's savagery to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Of course the craven American media didn't break the story (worried as they are about establishing a timeline for "Birdshot" Cheney), but what could we expect? They've got a job - flaking for Empire - and they do it splendidly!

We'll see whether they decide to pick this story up or it goes down the memory hole like other major stories leaked by the same paper - notably the story broken by Paul McGeough on 17 June 2004 that Sam's puppet Prime Minister at the time, Iyad Alawi:
pulled a pistol and executed as many as six suspected insurgents at a Baghdad police station, just days before Washington handed control of the country to his interim government, according to two people who allege they witnessed the killings.

The Death of 'Greater Israel': Zionist Religious Fanatics Lament the Latest Israeli Retreat

You've got to feel sorry for Israel's land-grabbing religious fundamentalist settlers. After feeling secure for so long in the knowledge that their racist government allows them to to steal Palestinian land with impunity and without consequence, these hapless wackos have been totally abandoned by their Apartheid government since Israel decided to retreat from land they illegally confiscated from Palestinian civilians.

Under the leadership of Mr. Veggie, the man who masterminded the strategy of stealing Palestinian land gradually by establishing Jewish-only Apartheid Settlements, the Zionist State mobilized its army against Jewish fundamentalists who have occupied themselves in the wake of this eviction destroying property and attacking soldiers.

Ha'aretz reports today that these fundamentalist land thieves have begun protesting against their Apartheid government and vandalizing property belonging to those who represent the Zionist state.
Vandals torched and destroyed the car of the police commander of the January evacuation of the West Bank outpost of Amona, in an arson attack next to the commander's home in Shoham late Tuesday night.

Brigadier General Meir Bukovza, deputy commander of the Samaria and Judea district police, was the on-site commander of the evacuation, which quickly turned into a scene of runaway violence.
These lunatics will soon recognzie what all cheerleaders of Apartheid Israel must recognize: The psychotic fantasy of 'Greater Israel' is Dead and the ongoing Zionist retreat is simply the beginning.

They may not believe it yet, but the Zionist state will not steal another single, solitary dunam of land from the Palestinian people.

Hamas' victory and Apartheid Israel's retreat means that the Zionist government must turn their attention (and many of their guns) entirely to keeping land they've already stolen and fighting the same lunatic settlers Sharon encouraged to move there years ago.

14 February 2006

Haitian Democracy Battles Uncle Sam's Election Fixers

Haiti's citizens have taken to the streets in Port-au-Prince, staging what amounts to a general strike to protest the widespread campaign of vote rigging and fraud by the US election fixers at the National Endowment for Democracy whose job is to ensure that Sam's interests 'win' out electorally by any means necessary.

In the last few months, similar NED vote-rigging campaigns in Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Palestine have all failed. Consequently, Haiti has become a laboratory to test their relevance and viability in the service of Sam's Plantation.

So the vultures who can't shoot straight anywhere else in the world now have their sights fixed on not 'losing' Haiti to democracy. It's an uphill battle considering that 'their' guy - a white sweatshop owner - won less than 10% of the vote.

But hey, when Sam's doing the counting, anything is possible.

Lunatic Zionists try to Censor the Oscars

The nightmarish clique of "Palestinians don't Exist" racists have launched an audacious and infantile assault on the principle of free speech, lobbying "organizers of next month's Academy Awards not to present a nominated film about Palestinian suicide bombers as coming from 'Palestine'."

This insideous campaign is but another indication that the racism and hostility Zionists hold for the people of Palestine has no limit.

And for that hostility, the people of their settler state will continue paying a heavy price.

Assassin Shual Mofaz calls fighting Apartheid "Evil"

Apartheid Israel's Minister of Land Theft & Ethnic Cleansing Shual Mofaz called Palestinians 'evil' yesterday in a typically loony rant meant to stigmatize and delegitimate Hamas to the world. "Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority will be part of an axis of evil which starts in Iran, passes through Syria and Hezbollah and reaches Hamas and every state that contains Islamic terror organizations," the crackpot raved.

As a sign of just how panicked they are, Ha'aretz reports on efforts by Uncle Sam and the Zionist state to turn the collaborator Abbas a dictator and topple the Hamas government to facilitate their brutal straglehold over the Palestinian people. Just as they did in Lebanon a year ago, Sam's election fixers and Zionist Secret Police will be working tirelessly to undercut Palestinian democracy while spewing words about its virtues.

However, because their hypocrisy is so naked - because Apartheid Israel continues to murder innocent Palestinians with impunity - Mofaz's racism no longer has traction around the world. They see him and his ilk for what they are - brutal, racist murderers.

Underscoring this fact, on Monday Venezuela dismissed the paranoid ravings of Apartheid Israel and announced that they will meet Hamas "with pleasure," adding "They've just won an election."

13 February 2006

Lebanese Collaborator Jumblatt and the Zionist Campaign to Kill Iranians

The Daily Star reports that Zionist collaborator Walid Jumblatt has attacked Hizbullah for supporting Iran amidst Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel's ongoing propaganda campaign.

What a pathetic, shameless hack.

To side with Israel in the confrontation, as Jumblatt has, necessitates an amazing ability to ignore the 20,000 Lebanese civilians killed by Zionist invaders and their proxies - men like Jumblatt - two decades ago.

Napalm Death for Uncle Sam's GI Joe's in Iraq

A piece in this week's US News & World Report reports that GI Joe's killing for Empire in Iraq are dying in a more frightening and bloody way since the resistance there has begun using "a primative form of Napalm" - a weapon originally designed by Dow Chemical and used by Uncle Sam to murder people - in their IEDs.

The piece notes:
Even if soldiers escape the shrapnel of the artillery shell, the ensuing fire can cause serious burns. The complexity of the napalm bombs lies not it their manufacture but in their after-effects. Not only do they burn; they also grab attention for the insurgency.
Unfortunately for the GI Joe's, nobody's paying attention. 'Just a few ordinary lives,' the Masters of War say.

12 February 2006

Hamas, Apartheid Israel, and the Blowing Winds

The NY Times reports that France, caught between a rock and a hard place, reluctantly "endorsed Russia's decision" to talk with Hamas, saying the discussion "can contribute to advancing our positions."

Their decision required France, an important co-conspirator in Uncle Sam's campaigns to topple governments in Lebanon, Haiti, and Syria, to disregard a furious, apopleptic outcry from Zionist politicians denouncing Russia. Racists like Chirac and Sarkozy do make such determinations without considerable knashing of teeth.

Their maneuver tells us a great deal about the world's intense opposition to the global campaign launched by Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel to tyranize Palestinians and isolate Hamas. And these shifting winds that explain the Zionist outcry.

In an interview with The New York Sun, Apartheid Israel's foreign minister Tzipi Livni, "warned... against a 'slippery slope' effect that might result from a tendency by 'some in the international community' to compromise with Hamas," which, she cautioned, "will result in a negative effect - not only for Israel, but also for the Palestinian people and for the international community."

The Daily Star reports that Education Minister Meir Sheetrit said the Zionist state "should consider recalling its ambassador to Russia in protest." Invoking the old Nazi slogan, Sheerit accused Putin of "stabbing Israel in the back" and told Israeli Public Radio that "Russia cannot fill any position regarding negotiations with the Palestinians."

An anonymous Israeli official said, "It's not just a slap in the face to Israel. It's a slap in the face to Western countries." Housing Minister Zeev Boim issued a not-so-thinly veiled threat: "Putin is dancing with wolves."

A front-page headline in Yediot Aharonot, Apartheid Israel's leading paper, screamed: "Anger in Israel: Putin is Spitting in Our Face." The Jerusalem Post reports that raving lunatic Binyamin Netanyahu "wrote a letter... to Russian President Vladimir Putin requesting he retract his invitation of Hamas leaders to come to Moscow" and condemning it for providing Hamas legitimacy.

Uncle Sam, caught totally unaware by the maneuver, responded with confusion and impotence. The same Post article reports, "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday to send a clear, strong message in any meetings with Hamas officials that the terror group must stop terror attacks on Israel." It also noted that "the US ambassador in Russia, William J. Burns, has requested clarification of the message Putin intends to give to the Hamas officials."

In contrast to the utter confusion in the State Department, Rummy continued barking denunciations to Russian arms makers, condeming deals made to solidify Russian alliances in Central Asia and Venezuela, both of which he considers threats to American hegemony.

The difficulty for Rummy and others on Sam's Planation and in Apartheid Israel to reverse this momentum and alienate Hamas is that their words no longer carry any moral or political legitimacy. Their policies in Iraq and in Palestine expose them as genocidal killers, global terrorists, and pathological liars. That makes it impossible to generate the credibility needed to sufficiently denounce Hamas.

That inability to bring the world together against Hamas in a campaign of propaganda and terror marks the difference between the post-Iraq world and the pre-Iraq world.

The other major difference is the number of head coffins required for Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel to maintain their crusader ambitions - an ominous sign as Persia moves into Sam's crosshairs.

Uncle Sam on the Warpath Against Puerto Rican Independence

Last September, FBI paramilitaries murdered 72-year old Puerto Rican Independence leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios without provocatation.

The AP reports that on Friday, offering no evidence to support their claim, the same FBI raided five homes and a business belonging to pro-independence Puerto Ricans to stop what it called a 'domestic terrorist attack' against 'privately owned interests' - an obvoius lie.

"Hundreds of protesters staged a demonstration late Friday outside the federal building in San Juan, accusing the FBI of persecuting the pro-independence movement," the AP reported.

"They burned an American flag and chanted, 'If the Yankees don't leave, they'll die in Puerto Rico!'"

G-dub replies, "Bring it on!"

Uncle Sam's anti-Iran Agitprop Backfires

In a recent televised speech, Venezuela's revolutionary Socialist President Hugo Chavez powerfully denounced the pending invasion of Iran plotted by 'Mr. Danger,' who "thinks of himself as the owner of the world," and Tony Blair - "the madman's unconditional and subordinate ally."

Chavez, like every other politically lucid person on the planet, realizes the seriousness of their massive propaganda campaign to kill Iranians, protect the petro-dollar, support Zionist Apartheid, and secure control of the spigot. Considering Uncle Sam's effort to overthrow Venezuela's government, kill Venezuelan people, and still Venezuelan oil, his alliance with Iran, China, and Russia shows that he has positioned his nation accordingly.

While tactical differences may exist depending on geography, the campaign against Iran falls perfectly in line with Sam's global strategy of killing poor people and stealing their resources - i.e., 'The Global War on Terror'.

Writing for the pro-Apartheid World Net Daily, 'Professor' Jerome R. Corsi offers his take on the Iran-Venezuela axis. "Whether we realize it or not, we are already involved in an economic war that could easily turn into a shooting war, starting with Iran."

Casting events from the recent past into the memory hole, propagandists like Corsi ignore Uncle Sam's attempted coup and lockout in 2002 which failed to topple Chavez. He also ignores that Uncle Sam continues to spend millions of dollars on spies and election fixers - with the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, and the Office for Transition Initiatives - assigned to to unseat Chavez electorally.

Facing a similar propaganda campaign to the one against Venezuela, Iran responded aggressively to Uncle Sam and its vassals' lies, intimidation, and propaganda before the IAEA last week.

The AP reported from Tehran on Saturday where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking at a rally marking the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, "rejected Western pressure to freeze the country's nuclear program and issued a veiled threat to walk away from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty."

Ahmadinejad told the crowd:
"The nuclear policy of the Islamic Republic so far has been peaceful. Until now, we have worked inside the agency (International Atomic Energy Agency) and the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) regulations."
He then warned:
"If we see you want to violate the right of the Iranian people by using those regulations (against us), you should know that the Iranian people will revise it's policies. You should do nothing that will lead to such a revision in our policy."
The problem the Masters of War now face concerning Iran is that, outside from their propaganda and lies spewed to justify war, there's little they can do. And while they march to war with words, Iran responds with actions damaging to the propagandists.

Because the IAEA got bullied by Sam into referring Iran to the UN without legal justification, Iran demanded that the body remove their cameras which Iran had voluntarily allowed inside its nuclear energy plants.

This move on the part of the Iranian government demonstrates that Uncle Sam, Apartheid Israel or anyone else who attacks Iran will pay a heavy price for doing so.