30 August 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Abraham's children of war

Slave Revolt Radio
Abraham's children of war, genocide, and Imperial State colonization: Israel and Sudan'
by Tracey James

Hierarchical beliefs in the form of the State construct or religious beliefs construct is a form of discipline on the mass population. In monopolistic privatize societies dominating elites weather in the form of Kings, Queens, Corporations, Presidents, Sultans, etc. Or in the form of all power full universe creating invisible spacemen (Gods), or of course 'Gods' administrators of 'his word' Priest, Prophets, Popes, Ministers, etc, serve as a system of institutionalized thought. In hierarchical societies the institutionalized population can often be lead into imperial wars. The State is but a institution of advance warfare for the interest of the elite. Many religions are a form of mass disciplining of the masses that benefit those elites within those privatized Hierarchical State constructs of death and control.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) piece called Abraham's children of war, genocide, and Imperial State colonization: Israel and Sudan'. Slave Revolt addresses this subject. We deal with how in the name of a 'greater Israel' the state of Israel justifies it's imperial ambitions to the 'believers' in part by it religion and a ethnic identity tied to that religion. At the same time Those in power in Sudan have expanded their wars on the indigenous populations by the logical use of their Abrahamic religion and ethnic (Arab) identity claims. Both Ab's really want to expand their privatized power, influence, and monopolize the resources for the interest of the few. This is how States function. Yet in many Abrahamic societies religions help shape their populations into war making cheer leading drones.

A religious glove fitted over a steel State fist. And a fist that like the glove demand submission from the slaves. Is a world that the Slaves, the ones who live without Sorcery based myths. Who h
ave tasted the chains of your genocidal war producing 'civilizations' can no longer absorb.

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