23 December 2005

Apartheid Israel: "We Rape and Torture"

Pro-apartheid Israeli daily Ha'aretz reports today that after kidnapping Lebanese man Mustafa Dirani "from Lebanon in 1994 by an elite Israeli force... an Israeli court upheld Dirani's right to demand compensation for alleged [sic] torture and rape he endured in an Israeli prison, but barred him... from receiving any funds as a result."

The racist verdict rendered by Israel's apartheid 'judicial' system - where victims of Israeli brutality, torture, and terrorism routinely receive no recompense for the abuse they're made to suffer at the hands of the apartheid terrorist state - is customary.

Much like the racist judicial system here in the United States, in Israel the best any Arab or Muslim can hope for is the acknowledgement of Zionist criminality.

Of late many United States politicians, like pro-torture Senator John McCain, have taken to the airwaves applauding the fact that apartheid Israel doesn't torture. This case, like many that have preceded it (including a report from Reuters in today's press), puts to bed that lie.

McCain ignores the well documented history widely available to anyone who cares to look, which reveals quite obviously that the Zionist state routinely tortures.

Like their renewed campaign of increased mass murder of Palestinians by cutting off powre to Gaza and launching an "ariel siege" - also reported in today's Ha'aretz - the manner in which Zionists package and justify terrorism may change, but the content remains constant.

22 December 2005

Apartheid Israel's War on Democracy

With its decree that Palestinians living in Jerusalem cannot vote in their upcoming elections apartheid Israel has once again demonstrated its utter hostility to the principle of democracy.
The move by the apartheid settler state has provided cover for Mahmoud Abbas, the PA chair since Arafat's assassination, to 'postpone' the upcoming election. Because of his servile collaboration with Sharon and the rest of the terrorist gang running Israel, Abbas has splintered the ruling Fatah party in two and now risks losing power to Hamas.

Also providing apartheid Israel assistance in thwarting democracy in the occupied territories is that paragon of liberty and freedom, Egypt. Citing "fear that Hamas would score a landslide victory," the pro-apartheid Jerusalem Post reports "Egyptian Intelligence Chief Gen. Omar Suleiman was scheduled to visit Ramallah on Wednesday in a bid to persuade Abbas to delay the elections."

The overriding principle here is that the apartheid state of Israel and its allies will go to any lengths to ensure that the Palestinian elections will not become a referendum on armed resistance, be it Hamas or Marwan Barghouti's Future faction of Fatah.

16 December 2005

The NYPD is Watching You... Abbetted by the NYCLU

The Independent reported Wednesday that over the summer the thugs running the NYPD, along with their fascist, union-busting boss Michael 'Mussolini' Bloomberg, has again intensified its surveilance of city residents.

The piece explains that while the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), "might not match the centralised police computer system seen in the movie Minority Report," it is nevertheless getting close.

The piece continues,
At the heart of the RTCC is the massive data warehouse, which provides the 37,000-strong police department, the nation's largest, with almost immediate access to billions of records, including more than five million New York State criminal records, parole and probation files; 20 million New York City criminal complaints, emergency calls and summonses spanning five years; and 33 billion public records.
Were the United States a country that treated its Constitution as something other than a "goddamned piece of paper," as my comrade said in an earlier post, this move would be immediately cast aside by the courts as an egregious and grotestque violation of civil rights on the part of a racist, authoritarian and abusive institution run by criminals and lunatics.

There is no doubt that the racist pigs at the NYPD will use "this Real Time Crime Center" to violate the Constitution. The RTCC "has 15 computer workstations and is staffed by 26 analysts and investigators, who work around the clock in shifts, delivering all manner of information to cops out in the field." The suggestion that a massive intrustion will not occur is the height of lunacy.

Which brings us to the New York Civil Liberties Union, whose principle job of late appears to be that of apogist for the police state. The NYCLU absurdly claims in the piece that it is too early to tell whether the RTCC will infringe civil liberties but promises to "keep an eye on it".

That's sure a relief - good to know they'll be on the case since it will no doubt require a real collection of super-sleuths to discover that the NYPD will use unvarnished access to billions of records to violate civil rights!

In their case challenging the constitutionality of the fear-mongering subway-searches that blatanly violates riders' 4th amendment rights, the same NYCLU refused to cross-examine NY Deputy Police Commissioner and CIA-propagandist David Cohen. Cohen, architect of the invasive and Orwellian Psy-Op, served from 1995-1997 as the CIA's Director of Operations, a euphamism for the head of covert/terrorist operations around the world. The confounding refusal on the part of the NYCLU to ask Cohen a single question sabotaged their case.

The WSWS reports,
Cohen provoked outrage among Muslim-Americans by arguing that the dropping of limits on police spying was justified at least in part by the "radicalization" of American Mosques and other Islamic institutions, which he said “shield the work of terrorists from law enforcement scrutiny by taking advantage of restrictions of the investigation of First Amendment activity.”
Tag-teaming with another technician of the police state, Judith Miller, Cohen has waged a racist campaign to scare and intimidate citizens into ceding their constitutional rights.

Using uncorroborated testimony from unnamed witnesses about undertermined threats at unknown times in uncertain places, Cohen and Richard Clarke, another serial fabricator and police state advocate, whipped up a bunch of lies about fanatical Mooooslem terrorist goblins to justify the instrusive searches. Relying on their fanciful testimony, the judge ruled that the threat of terrorism outweighed the obvious invasiveness of the searches, sanctioning them.

Significantly, Cohen's past is as pockmarked as the present. In the 1980s, he worked at the CIA under Deputy Director of Intelligence Robert Gates fabricating intelligence about the confected threat to the United States posed by the Soviet Union in a campaign similar to the one waged against Iraq in 2002/03 and against Iran today.

For the duration of his career, David Cohen has used violence and fear-mongering to advance and intensify the Military-Industrial complex's control of the US and the world. The refusal on the part of the NYCLU to raise Cohen's sordid past raises serious doubts about either their compentence or their commitment to civil liberties. Similarly, their refusal to adamently challenge the threat posed by Ray Kelly's fascistic RTCC before it has its intended effect raises serious questions about their role as enabler of and apologist for state crimes.

15 December 2005

More Apartheid Israel Psy-Ops

Every day I hope to blog on something other than the reprehensible actions of apartheid Israel. Unfortunatly, the moment I open up their newspapers in the morning, that sentiment becomes a pipe dream. Both of these articles come from today's online Ha'aretz:

Now we'll honor our word:
Israel bows to int'l pressure: Convoys to begin next week

Israel yesterday succumbed to international pressure and informed the United States it plans to complete preparations tomorrow for operating convoys between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, to begin next week. Israel will issue a formal announcement on the matter tomorrow...
Now we won't:
Israel delays agreement on Gaza-West Bank bus convoys

Israel decided on Thursday to further delay the launch of Palestinian bus convoys between Gaza and the West Bank until after next week, Israel Radio reported...

14 December 2005

Savage Jukebox: Best New Music 2005

From Hassan's cloud, at least...

1. Animal Collective, Feels (Fat Cat)
2. Antony & The Johnsons, I Am A Bird Now (Secretly Canadian)
3. Broadcast, Tender Buttons (Warp)
4. Skygreen Leopards, Jehovah Surrender E.P. (Jagjaguwar)
5. Gang Gang Dance, God's Money (The Social Registry)
6. Caribou, The Milk of Human Kindness (Leaf/Domino)
7. Colleen, The Golden Morning Breaks (Leaf)
8. Jan Jelinek, Kosmicher Pitch (~scape)
9. Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney, Superwolf (Drag City)
10. Isolee, We Are Monster (Playhouse)
11. CocoRosie, Noah's Ark (Touch & Go)
12. Akron/Family, Akron/Family (Young God)
13. Silver Jews, Tanglewood Numbers (Drag City)
14. The New Pornographers, Twin Cinema (Matador)
15. Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Buck Dharma (5 Rue Christine)
16. Konono No. 1, Congotronics (Crammed Disc)
17. Jack Rose, Kensington Blues (VHF)
18. Six Organs of Admittance, School of the Flower (Drag City)
19. Black Mountain, Black Mountain (Jagjaguwar)
20. Edith Frost, It's A Game (Drag City)
21. Boards of Canada, Campfire Headphase (Warp)
22. My Morning Jacket, Z (ATO)
23. Lightning Bolt, Hypermagic Mountain (Load)
24. Diane Cluck, Countless Times (Voodoo Eros)
25. Devendra Banhart, Cripple Crow (XL)

Apartheid Israel Launches More Terrorist Attacks in Lebanon

In addition to their routine daily shootings, bombings and shellings of Palestinians, Reuters reported on Friday 9 December that the apartheid government of Israel waged a terrorist attack inside Lebanon's borders, bombing the car of Hizballah official Hussein Assaf. Another bombing, on 12 December, killed 4 more including prominant pro-Israel MP Gibran Tueni.

During a weekend in which Israeli headlines reported on the bombing and killing of 3 Palestinians at a house in Beit Lahiya, the shelling of the Abu Safiyeh and Abasan areas in and around Gaza, the battle plans to attack Iran, and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's announcement of a military siege against Palestinians in Gaza (see also here), the biggest news dealt with Israel's latest car bomb attacks in Lebanon.

These attacks, carried out in flagrant violation of international law (ignored by the pro-apartheid Israeli Supreme Court, which has yet to decide on the 'legality' of killing innocent Palestinians) dovetails perfectly with their ongoing support for extrajudicial assassination of Palestinians. The policy has the approval of many Zionist lumanies including Mofaz, Sharon, and Israel Occupation Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Dan Halutz as well as former Shin Bet head Avi Dichter and former IDF chief Moshe Ya'alon, both of whom are being sued for their role in the 23 July 2002 Gaza Strip air strike that killed 14 Palestinians, including eight children.

The attacks on Assaf and Tueni share a great deal with their hit on Rafik Hariri. Despite clear evidence implicating the Israeli government in Hariri's killing, however, Israel, the US, and France have opportunistically used the assassination for their own political ends, demanding the accelerated implementation of UN Resolution #1559, an anti-Syrian wish list benefitting only Zionists, as well as an international investigation known as the Mehlis Commission.

Dispencing with the passe notion that the verdict comes after the trial, the flagrantly biased Mehlis commission has, from its inception, existed soley to fuel anti-Syrian sentiment at the UN and create the pretext for military aggression.

After a key commission witness against Syria recanted his testimony, the findings now hinge almost exclusively on the testimony of Zuheir al-Siddiq, a criminal convicted of fraud and embezzlement (much like Ahmad Chalabi) who has contradicted himself repeatedly during the proceedings.

The weakness of the case against Syria has not dissuaded the commission from racheting up their propaganda campaign against the Syrians. Yet the farcical evidence has provided an opening for Syria to demand the Mehlis commission substantiate findings it calls "littered with errors and false witnesses."

The propaganda function of the investigation becomes even more clear when we look into the background of Mr. Mehlis. According to xymphora, Mehlis served as "prosecutor of the case of the 1982 bombing of the La Belle Discotheque in West Berlin. "As Berlin public prosecutor," Nafeez Ahmed writes
Mehlis inadvertently but consistently covered up the dubious involvement of US, Israeli and German intelligence interests in the 1986 terrorist attack; actively built a selective politically-motivated case against suspects without objective material proof; while ignoring and protecting a group of suspects with documented connections to western secret services. This background fundamentally challenges the credibility of his investigation of the Hariri assassination.
To concoct a case against Libya, Mehlis relied on "alleged National Security Agency intercepts of coded exchanges between Tripoli and the East Berlin Libyan Peoples Bureau," later revealed by a former Israeli intelligence colonel to be fakes. Ahmed continues: "German public television’s Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) broadcast on 25th August 1998 reported that several leading suspects in the Berlin disco bombing were being protected from prosecution by western intelligence services."

As in the Hariri killing, Mehlis ignored incriminating evidence pointing to those protected by the West, choosing instead to partake in a Western propaganda campaign using cooked evidence and crooked witnesses to implicate the third party they wanted to see implicated. In the 1980s, it was Libya; today it's Syria.

While the killings of Assaf and Tueni share many similarities with Israel's assassination of Hariri, they share as much with the January 2002 assassination of Lebanese Phalangist militia leader and government minister Elie Hobeika in Beirut.

According to Robert Fisk, Hobeika's killing "occurred less than two days after he agreed to give evidence against Mr Sharon." Sharon was the Israeli defense minister who invaded and occupied Beirut in 1982, in direct contravention of a signed agreement with the United States. Hobeika's testimony implicated Sharon "for the murder of up to 1,700 Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in September 1982."

Largely because Hobeika was assassinated before testifying, the case against Sharon for the massacre collapsed. Hobeika's killing hardly exonerates Sharon. But, like any mafia hit, when the witnesses get axed, so does the case.

Racist Zionist violence against Arab and Muslim people - targeted killings, terrorist car bombings, special ops, and war scheming - all fall within apartheid Israel's broader agenda of land theft and ethnic cleansing.

Dozens of car bombs have exploded in Lebanon over the last few years. After each one, Western nations - France, Israel, and the US - accused Syria without any evidence. Yet in every case, the real beneficiaries of the crime were the accusers themselves.

As the truth unfolds, Savage Justice will continue to unmask the lies and the propaganda behind this well-oiled campaign of decit and deception whose intended result is to deepen the energy war and expand it into Syria, a country posing no threat to either the US or apartheid Israel.

Do you want to get bombed?

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if Iran goes around baiting the aparthied state Israel into attacking them. Newly elected President Ahmandinejad is on record denying the Holocaust. While I agree on some level that it is Europe's fault, I think we can all agree that German's are Europeans, I don't really see the population of Israel packing it in and moving to Alaska.

So, it makes me wonder...what is this really all about? Is this Ahmadinejad's way of escalating divides already occuring in the Middle East? Is this him just being stupid? Does he really want Israel to bomb Iran? And, what effect will this have on the on-going nuclear discussions? What do the Iranian people think of this man spouting of this garbage in their name?

I was willing to give this man the benefit of the doubt when he as elected but now I have to say that I am done with you, Mr. Ahmadinejad. I hope the Iranian people are tired of you as well.

Pro-Apartheid Fanatic Shaul Mofaz Steals More Palestinian Land

The two major English language pro-apartheid Israeli dailies, Ha'aretz and the Jerusalem Post, report today on Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's approval of a plan to steal more land from Palestinians and give it to Zionist thieves, "violating its obligations under the U.S.-backed road map peace plan". Ha'aretz notes,
Israel is obligated under the road map to freeze construction in all Jewish settlements, including the largest ones that it says it wants to hold onto under a future peace deal. However, it has not fulfilled its commitment, and construction has continued unabated since the road map was approved in June 2003.
The plan presented to and approved by Mofaz would have no chance of being implemented in a nation that respected human rights. But, in the case of an apartheid state like Israel, concerns for the rights of non-Jews are secondary to the racist, ethnic cleansing campagin against Palestinians. "The Construction of hundreds of apartments in the new neighborhood at the ultra-Orthodox settlement of Upper Modi'in is largely illegal," Ha'aretz concedes, "and the Civil Administration and State Prosecution's Office are ignoring the building violations. Some of the apartments are being built... in violation of Israel's commitment to the United States in the framework of the road map peace plan."

In the face of such inveterate criminality, is it any wonder that Israel has to fear increased attacks from those who resist their apartheid occupation of Palestine? Perhaps, if peace is what they desire - it isn't - they would quit killing innocent people and stop stealing land.

12 December 2005

"A Goddamned Piece of Paper"

President Bush, better known to Savage Justice readers as the dastardly "Mr. Danger," reportedly let his true feelings show once again in the Oval Office last month:

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a
goddamned piece of paper!”
We couldn't agree more. Read more about Nero and his fiddle here.

Richard Pryor, R.I.P.

"It's been a struggle for me because I had a chance to be white and refused."

A true hero who will be sorely missed.

Democracy Besieges Iraq

The pro-occupation Washington Times began their coverage of today's illigitmate 'election-under-occupation' in Iraq with these words,
Iraq's government announced yesterday it will impose a nationwide lockdown, shutting down roads, airports and borders, to ensure the safety of voters heading to the polls on Thursday.
The tone of this piece underscores the truth about what's occuring... imagine having that kind of freedom!

Undoubtedly, as was the case after the January election, the stories of US backed candidates rigging the vote will soon follow.

In Support Of New York Transit Workers

33, 700 transit employees in New York City are contemplating striking if a new contract is not negotiated before the deadline of 12:01am Friday 16 December. It is perhaps superfluous to point out that such an action could bring this city of 8 million people to a grinding halt.

In the face of a 1 BILLION dollar surplus, the MTA transit authorities are insisting on a a hike in retirement age (from the current 55 to 62), an increase in new-employee contributions to their health care packages, and have countered the union demand for an annual 8% pay increase to a paltry 2-3%.

This is, of course, right in line with the move to smash American labor unions, membership in which has fallen precipitously since the mid 1970s. According to a recent article in the New York Times (12 December 2005, "Transit Strike? Unlikely, but..."), if the transit union remains "hotheaded" and "irrational" it chances a crack-down by Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pitaki. Such measures - the specifics of which are uknown at this point, granted - could set a precedent for smashing other unions in, this, one of the most unionized cities in the country. In this way, Bloomberg and Pitaki could set national precedents and provide a case-specific example of how to dismantle large unions in other cities throughout the US.

We at Savage Justice express our full and unconditional solidarity with New York City transit workers. As for myself, I'm more than willing to ride my bike a couple of miles in the cold for your right to a sustainable existence. SHUT THE FUCKER DOWN!

Bush-Bin Laden Mafia Hungry for Dunkin' Donuts

In Friday's business section of the Washington Post, we learn that The Carlyle Group wants to buy the French owned Dunkin' Donuts chain.

For a firm like Carlyle, with a sordid history and deeply entrenched geopolitical connections, this venture raises eyebrows. As this story develops, we at Savage Justice will follow it closely.

The Carlyle Group (watch a documentary) is a firm of well-connected war profiteers. According to a piece in the 31 October 2001 Guardian, its partners include, "Frank Carlucci - Ronald Reagan's defence secretary and a former deputy director of the CIA," as well as "the first President Bush and his secretary of state, James Baker; [former British Prime Minister] John Major; one-time World Bank treasurer Afsaneh Masheyekhi and several south-east Asian powerbrokers."

"Carlyle partners," the piece continues, "own stakes that would be worth $180m each if each partner owned an equal slice." They solicit capital from the ruling class elites, greasing the skids for Carlyle's defence firms to make weapons of mass destruction.

Until October 2001, the firm also listed among its partners members of Bin Laden's family. In fact, the British Observer reported that "On 11 September, while Al-Qaeda's planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Carlyle Group hosted a conference at a Washington hotel. Among the guests of honour was a valued investor: Shafig bin Laden, brother to Osama."

This thread, when pulled, exposes the deep, long-standing relationship between the Bush family to the Bin Laden family - a relationship marinated in conspiracy, fraud, oil, and war profiteering - and that obliterates the narrative of Uncle Sam's phony Psy-Op, the 'War on Terror'.

United States Training Army Of Child Soldiers In Lithuania For Action In Next Color Revolution

The US imperial machine has now set its sights on Belarus, a former Soviet republic which shares a border with Russia, and the lap-dog nations of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. According to Russia's daily Kommersant (12 Dec. 2005), hordes of Belarussian youth have gathered at NATO bases in Lithuania. The Deputy Head of the Committe for State Security for Belarus, Viktor Vigera, has stated that these youth (many of them underage, according to the same article) have discussed plans on overthrowing the present government headed by President Lukashenko, and have been trained in the use of arms, thus suggesting a strong possibility of the use of force, the effects of which were witnessed inUzbekistan, a few months ago. In addition to the camps outside of Belarus, the so-called democratic opposition groups have attempted to set up militant Americanist training camps inside of Belarus, in the towns of Osipovichi and Lunenets, both in the Vileisky district. Those operations, however, were promptly closed by Belarussian authorities.

Spokesperson for the American led goon squad, Aleksei Shidlovskii, far from denying the allegation outright, has made only the vague and nebulous statement that, "military actions were out of the questions."

Let's get one thing straight - Lukashenko is not a nice man, and is by no means harbinger of democratic practices. However, the democratic credentials of those nations which have had governments toppled by the US in the past two years, are laughable at best.

So, let's take Lukashenko down and replace him with an American puppet. Maybe that way, Belarus can come close to emulating the legacy of Poland. Maybe they won't gas as many Jews or torture as many CIA captives as the Poles have been able to. But, I guess we all have to have a grand vision for the future.

11 December 2005

Apartheid Israel Plots to Attack Iran in the Spring

Citing "cross-border operations and signal intelligence from a base established by the Israelis in northern Iraq," where the apartheid government of Israel assists the occupation, the Sunday Times reports "Israel's armed forces have been ordered by Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran, military sources have revealed."

Of course, there's no more proof that Iran has any "secret uranium enrichment sites" than there was that Iraq had 'WMD'. This is merely a pretext to invade concocted by warmongers, profiteers, and liars bearing no connection to reality.

But the apartheid government of Israel can spread lies without consequence, so we can expect such propaganda to continue relentlessly between now and the invasion.

09 December 2005

And now for something completely different: an Innocent Black Man on Death Row!

As we count down the nanoseconds to the state-sanctioned extermination of
Tookie Williams at San Quentin, yet another disgustingly racist and unjust
death-penalty case is starting to come to light. Suprisingly, this one happened in Mississippi.

Via TheAgitator.com:

Let's summarize: Cops mistakenly break down the door of a sleeping man, late at night, as part of drug raid. Turns out, the man wasn't named in the warrant, and wasn't a suspect. The man, frigthened for himself and his 18-month old daughter, fires at an intruder who jumps into his bedroom after the door's been kicked in. Turns out that the man, who is black, has killed the white son of the town's police chief. He's later convicted and sentenced to death by a white jury. The man has no criminal record, and police rather tellingly changed their story about drugs (rather, traces of drugs) in his possession at the time of the raid.

The story gets more bizarre from there.

The story is here.

Apartheid Israel's Defense Minister Joins the 'Attack Iran' Chorus

I don't know something called International Principles. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian child's existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956). I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do.
- Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel

In today's pro-apartheid Israeli daily Ha'aretz, the defense minister, Shaul Mofaz, joined the chorus-line of true believers advocating a military attack on Iran.

With this, Mofaz adds his name to the growing list of Zionists who believe the best way for the state of Israel to 'handle' Iran is by killing Iranians. This racist obsession with killing Muslims is by no means unique. Since the partition of Palestine and formation of the colonial settler state in 1947, the content and strategy of Mofaz's remarks echo those of virtually every Israeli statesman and woman.

We've known since March that Israel plans to attack Iran just as we've known for months, thanks to the intrepid reporting of Seymour Hersch, that they are deeply involved in the arming and training of Iraqi Kurds in their losing battle against the fierce popular resistance.

It is in this context - the most heavily armed, militarized county in the Middle East murdering innocent people as they fight two genocidal wars and speak of starting a third - that Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently remarked that Israel should be moved to Germany and Austria, the main sites of the Shoah.

Ahmadinejad told the AFP,
You believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price? You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it.

So, Germany and Austria, come and give one, two or any number of your provinces to the Zionist regime so they can create a country there ... and the problem will be solved at its root.

Why do they insist on imposing themselves on other powers and creating a tumour so there is always tension and conflict? Is it not true that European countries insist that they committed a Jewish genocide? They say that Hitler burned millions of Jews in furnaces ... and exiled them.

Then because the Jews have been oppressed during the second world war, therefore they [the Europeans] have to support the occupying regime of Quds [Jerusalem]. We do not accept this.
Because Ahmadinejad called the Jewish holocaust a matter of belief and raised the legitimate free-speech question of whether those who question this belief should be bankrupted by the state and thrown into prison, he has been vilified and demonized by Western commentators.

[Of course, these same critics would never endorse imprisoning any United States historian who downplays the factually substantiated European genocide of 25,000,000 native North Americans.]

Ahmadinejad's incendiary statement brings to light the egregious hypocrisy and double-standards of the West. Bush, Blair, Sharon & Co. use Ahmadinejad as a foil to justify their ongoing campaign of black-op propaganda, spying, and terrorism against Iran while ignoring the outrage produced by their global campaign of torturing, raping (and here), and killing Muslims.

For the West, it's contemptable and unacceptable for men like Ahmadinejad say that Israel should move to Europe. Their silence is deafening, however, when it comes to Israel's founder David Ben Gurion commenting that, "we must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population" or saying that "we must expel Arabs and take their places."

Anti-Muslim racism permeates this debate just as it did in the lead-up to the March 2003 offensive against Iraq A short time after the ocupation of Iraq began, Paul Wolfowitz told the Independent that "we focused on alleged weapons of mass destruction as the primary justification... because it was politically convenient." And, just as the propaganda campaign against Iraq really had nothing to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction, the ongoing one over Iran has nothing to do with Iranian WMD and everything with the preservation of Israel's apartheid character and control over the world's energy supply.

To the West, Ahmadinejad's open support for Palestine's most potent weapons against the illegal occupation - democracy and resistance - pose a much more ominous threat than any bomb. His proposal to have "a referendum in Palestine for all the original Palestinians to decide on the future of what is now Israel, the Gaza Strip and West Bank," runs in diametric opposition to Israel's de-facto and de-jure apartheid system. Israel's real existential threat is democracy, not Iranian nukes.
Israel's refusal to hold such a democratic referendum exposes the racist ideology at its core as well as the myth of Israeli democracy.

Ahmadinejad knows full-well that Israel will never accept this. Consequently, he gives his full-throated, unequivocal support for the right of the Palestinian people to resist. "The best solution is resistance so that the enemies of the Palestinians accept the reality and the right of the Palestinian people to have land."

These two pillars - support for a democratic referendum to determine Palestine's future and the support given to Palestinians who resist Israel's illegal occupation - enable us to understand the true nature of this propaganda campaign. When we factor in Iran's natural gas reserves, the pending collapse of the petrodollar, geopolitics, and the history of Western intervention in Iran, we get a more nuanced view of this campaign.

And as in the case with Iraq, we know in advance that the stated reasons given by the West for this campaign, unlike the ones enumerated above, are lies.

08 December 2005

Lennon's Living Legacy

I walked out of my apartment this morning into an exceptionally cold New York morning. I exited my building and the wind immediately met me as I turned the corner onto the sidewalk. It pierced my woolen coat as if I were wearing nothing at all. I shuttered, wrapped my scarf around my neck one more time, pulled my hat down over my ears, and began my five minute walk to the subway.

After artfully maneuvering piled up garbage bags, groups of hyper and excited children on their way to school, and old Dominican women in winter coats and headscarves pushing their carts, I entered the corner bodega and ordered my customary cup of coffee.

The clerk behind the counter initiated our usual conversation. "Anything else?," he always asks. "No, that's all.," I respond. Our conversation never changes. It is an entirely mechanical act. Rational and functional words, with no other purpose than that of pure and absolute commerce - 100 proof capital exchange, completely void of emotional content. I robotically handed him my dollar bill; he smiled a staged smile. I turn and leave.

Standing on the corner of Broadway and Hillside waiting for the light to change, I noticed that there were literally hundreds of people on the streets; some entering and exiting buses, some on their morning jog, others still entering the post office engaged in an awkward balancing act with oversized packages wrapped in brown paper - a Christmas present for a relative, perhaps? I opened my bag in search of my iPod. "Damnit!," I uttered aloud. I had left it on the coffee table amidst a pile of empty cigarette packs, a stack of Oscar Peterson records, scattered notes, and a half empty bottle of beer - a sad leftover from two days ago. I quickly recover, as I realized that I did remember to bring a collection of Chomsky lectures lent to me by a comrade and friend. This, I reassured myself, would provide me that escape I so desperately looked forward to in the mornings. A productive way to blind myself to the fact that I was soon to be shoved onto the downtown A like the seventeenth crayon in a sixteen crayon pack.

I have always experienced the morning commute as the perfect manifestation of New York's central and defining contradiction. You are surrounded by hundreds of people with whom, on a particulalry crowded morning, you are in direct physical contact for prolongued periods of time. Your arm touches that of a stranger. Your knee rests against that of an elderly man. Standing back to back with an unidentified person whose presence is only known to you by that act of touching. Instead of wanting to recognize this experience as one shared between living human beings, however, we ignore it. We explicitly try and distance oursleves from these moments. iPods, books, shutting our eyes - we've all done it, and we all know why. Not because we particularly want to listen to music, to read, or to sleep but, rather, because we want to project ourself into a fantasy of isolation. And, consequently, this is exactly what happens. We feel ourselves to be alone and isolated from the world around us, while surrounded by the multitude. And this isolation is, in fact, a fantasy; an illusion recognized by writers and thinkers from Marx to Montaigne, from Christ to Camus.

This morning was different, however. While standing on the plaform waiting for the train to arrive, I overheard a conversation between a young man and woman. They weren't particularly well dressed, and the conversation wasn't particularly intersting. They were deciding on where to meet before going to the homage to John Lennon in Strawberry Fields, an area of Central Park he often visited while living in his flat on the Upper West Side. For whatever reason, I decided to interject. "Oh," I said. "I wasn't aware that this was going on. " At first, they seemed unsure of exactly whom I was adressing. I smiled, and asked them where and when it was going to be held. The next thing I knew, they were telling me about their life as students at Columbia, the stress of impending final examinations, and that they, like myslef, had been battling terrible colds.

The exact minutia of the conversation I have already forgotten. And, in fact, those were the least important details of this morning's exchange. But during a time of the day where I actively seek to ignore those around me, today I felt connected with a larger community. I had met two new interesting people with problems, worries, and interests with which I could relate. I felt - human.

And this is how I choose to commemorate John Lennon. Not for his revolutionary musical sensibility, displayed in every song the man has ever written. Not for his piercing analysis of class and power found in 'Working Class Hero'. And not for his political activism. All of these are important, and they are, indeed, the things that usually come to mind when I hear his name or his music. But today I recognize him for his achievement in that moment, on that platform, between myself and two other people I would have otherwise never spoken to. His achievement in bringing the three of us together for that split second before the sound of the buzzer, and before the train's lights materialized out of the darkness of that long, cold tunnel.

So, thank you John. Thank you for reminding us all to be a bit more....human.

Washington Post's Resident House Slave: 'Kill Tookie!'

The state of California plans to execute Stan 'Tookie' Williams in less than a week. They announced their intention to do so following his conviction 24 years ago in a farcical, racist show trial. During the trial Robert Martin, Tookie's prosecutor, used innuendo and evidence confected by racist police to make the charges stick. Two decades later, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to hear the case, averting its eyes from the case's flagrant racism.

When the state's racism and hypocrisy exposes itself so nakedly and the anger and rage of Black people intensifies to 'dangerous' levels, the media - a white, ruling-class institution - stand on the front lines in the fight to preserve the ruling order and supress incipient rebellion.

To confuse, confound, and misdirect blame and resentment, white-supremacist newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and the Washington Post hire black men like Clarence Page, Bob Herbert, and Eugene Robinson to write ineffectual, milquetoast, suppine pieces on race relations.

Their bosses would fire them if they thought or wrote like Malcolm, Mumia, Martin - in other words, if they told the truth.

We cannot expect them to do so. That's not their job.

Their job is to serve their master. In a recent column, Eugene Robinson put this servile quiescence to the white ruling class order - and its murderous syringe - on full display. In his 2 December column Robinson, with a head-spinning demonstration of logical gymnastics, claimed to oppose the death penalty in principle while accepting California's decision to murder author and Nobel Prize Nominee Tookie Williams.

Robinson says that he cannot bring himself to support clemency for Tookie Williams. "It can't be right to save Williams just because he's a famous desperado (or former desperado) with famous friends, and then blithely go back to snuffing out the lives of other criminals who lack his talent for public relations."

Instead of concerning himself with the facts of the case, Robinson assumes Tookie's guilt and scornfully vilifies the campaign to save his life. "Sorry, but I can't join the glitterati in showing the love," he nonchalantly quips.

Robinson continues, "Williams has been on death row since 1981; that he has consistently maintained his innocence of all four killings hardly makes him unique. There's no dramatic new DNA evidence or anything like that to cast doubt on his guilt."

Notice his rhetorical trick: Robinson doesn't describe how the trial was a charade from the start. He could care less that the prosecutor moved the trial from Los Angeles to lily-white Torrance and purged the Black jurors from the jury. He concerns himself not a whit with the total absence of physical evidence or to the blind trust granted without question by the court to a racist police force. Nor does he seem to mind that Martin compared Stan to a 'Bengal tiger in the zoo' and argued before his hand-picked, racially pure jury that Stan's 'environment' - South Central Los Angeles - was equivalent to the natural 'habitat of a Bengal Tiger'.

None of this merits a word from Robinson - it's not even on his radar. He ignores the racism built into this case, and the system as a whole, because that's what his masters pay him to do.

Robinson diverts the discussion away from the racist injustice system and focuses his attention on inane, asinine diversions like whether Williams's case is more about the 'power of celebrity' or the 'power of redemption'.

Robinson is clearly annoyed that Tookie has put up a fight. But he's angry that some high-profile people refuse to blindly accept the same judicial fairy-tale he's swallowed. He reserves particular scorn for rapper Snoop Dogg, who has lent his powerful voice to Tookie's cause.

Robinson attempts to delegitimate Williams's appeal for justice by lamenting and ridiculing the 'nihilistic violence' of Snoop's music. Rejecting out-of-hand Snoop's rationale for defending Tookie, he chose instead to launch a diversionary personal attack against him.

While Robinson's aghast at Snoop's lyrics, he somehow manages, in his most recent column about Saddam Hussein's staged show trial, to overlook the torture, murder, and corruption committed by the United States - the real 'nihilistic violence' - that has taken more than 100,000 Iraqi lives.

For a man so appalled by violent words, Robinson should be apoplectic about the real 'nihilistic violence' perpetuated by the savages now occupying Iraq, torturing innocent people in global concentration camps, and assassinating unarmed, mentally ill airline passengers.

But he isn't. Robinson accepts the atrocities in Iraq and brutal murders carried out by secret police in the United States, however unsettling, because they're ordered by the United States' white ruling elite. They always get a pass from Robinson because they sign his paycheck.

On Oct. 24, Superior Court Judge William Pounders smiled as he signed Tookie's death warrant. "This case has taken over 24 years to get to this point, that is a long delay in itself and I would hate to add to that."

Since that verdict, people of conscience from all over the world have rallied to condemn this racist calamity. But not Eugene Robinson. Like a good Sambo, he dutifully serves his master, consenting to the state murder and condemning anyone who doesn't.

07 December 2005

Aunt Jemima-Rice Continues Her Minstrel Show in Ukraine

While visiting the newly lap-dogged nation of Ukraine today, Aunt Jemima-Rice criticized a new Russian law, which would place greater restrictions on foreign NGOs working in Russian territory. A peliminary draft of the bill has already been approved by the lower house of the Russian parliament, and similar laws have already been enacted in the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan.

During a newsconference with the the President of Ukraine, Viktor Iushchenko (installed a year ago by his American overlords in a judicial coup d'etat; The Florida Syndrome anyone?), Rice stated that she, "hope[d] that the importance of non-governmental organizations would be understood by Russia."

Well, Aunt Jemima-Rice; Russia does understand the importance of NGOs. Putin understands perfectly well that NGOs have served as the primary method by which American capital flows directly into the coffers of so-called democratic opposition groups in the Former Soviet Union. The same oppositions groups which happened to overthrow governments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and which failed miserably to do so in Andijon, Uzbekistan only a few months ago. Russia's and Uzbekistan's new legislation amounts to nothing more than a strategic move, aimed at preventing more of the same. And what is, 'the same'? How have these newly 'democratic' governments in the regions fared?

The answer brings the level of hypocrisy in Aunt Jemima-Rice's critique of Putin as anti-democratic (which he is, no doubt) to levels reaching beyond simply laughable. While Putin may be a thug, we need to remember that the new 'democrats' in the regions have exhitibited political tendencies worthy of their region's Stalinist heritage (e.g. Iushchenko's sacking of his entire cabinet, the assassination of major political figures in Georgia, and the marginalization of those oppositions figures lucky enough to still be in full posession of the luxury of a pulse). Iushchenko and Sakhashvili may be criminals, killers and thugs, but they're OUR criminals, killers and thugs. The gall which Putin and Karimov have in preventing the American military-political machine from placing their thugs in power, in place of independent thugs!!! Truly and surely, they must hate freedom!

Well, Aunt Jemima-Rice - this newly proposed law is Putin giving you the finger. And this is me, wishing you a healthy dose of Savage Justice.

06 December 2005

Psychotic, Pro-Apartheid Lunatic Netanyahu says Bomb Iran Now

Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister of the state of Israel's pro-apartheid government, recently said that he supports bombing Iran. Taking the CIA/Mossad psy-op lie that Iran is on the verge of producing nuclear weapons as a known fact, Netanyahu says that his government must bomb the nation of 80,000,000 people to prevent them from obtaining the kinds of weapons that his ethnically purified settler state already possesses.

Of course, only the most unrepentant, racist, hypocritical madman could even contemplate this from deep within the bowels of the region's most flagrant terrorist state. 'Bibi' Netanyahu is just that man!

This genocidal cretin pulled out of a government led by serial mass murderer and war criminal Ariel Sharon during his recent racist psy-op trick, the Gaza 'pullout', because it was too deferential to the Palestinian people.

For Netanyahu, anyone who opposes the apartheid occupation of the Palestine must be disarmed and, if possible, killed. While his racism and the subordination he demands of all Arabs and Muslims to Jews is brazen and extreme, it is equally true that anyone condemning the resistance of the Palestinians or the Iranians to the unconscionable Israeli occupation believes essentially the same thing.

Cheney Kong's Personal No-Fly Zone

NYT December 4, 2005

Don't Fly Over Cheney, Weekend Pilots
By Matthew Wald

Anyone who doesn't know what Mickey Mouse, Saddam Hussein, Dick Cheney and the odd volcano have in common better not be a pilot. It's the no-fly zone.

Mr. Hussein got his without asking. The governors of several states wanted such zones over their nuclear reactors but were turned down. Same with the mayor of Chicago, who wanted one for the Sears Tower.

Last week, private pilots complained that the no-fly zone for the vice president's new home on the Chesapeake Bay - imposed indefinitely the week before - severely clipped their wings.

So who rates a no-fly zone, and how do you get one?

The zones are most commonly designated "temporary flight restriction," or T.F.R., and established by the Federal Aviation Administration, sometimes on its own initiative and sometimes on someone else's. The zone for Mr. Cheney's house in St. Michaels, Md., extending out a nautical mile in radius and up 1,500 feet, was established "at the request of another government agency," said an F.A.A. spokeswoman, Laura J. Brown, who would not identify the other agency. But around Washington, the agencies that make up the Interagency Airspace Protection Working Group - Ms. Brown's, as well as the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the Coast Guard and Norad - have a role.

Exactly how the government determines that the vice president is a more vulnerable target, or more valuable, than a nuclear plant, is not always clear to outsiders. "You have to balance the security need with the best available information, and being able to keep the airspace clear for commerce and everything else," Ms. Brown said.

The Republican and Democratic national conventions rate zones; so do big chemical spills, space-shuttle launchings, Mount St. Helens (to protect the plane, not the volcano), the occasional very big highway accident and, of course, the Disney theme parks.

Campaign stops by presidential candidates often rate a T.F.R. There are zones around Camp David and around the Bush ranch in Texas, but those get bigger when Mr. Bush is actually there.

Mr. Cheney's T.F.R. breaks ground, says the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, because it is in effect even when he is not in residence. Chris Dancy, a spokesman for the group, noted that all previous T.F.R. zones for vice presidents were in effect only when the vice president was there.

The private pilots object mostly because it's so easy to stray into the zones. Violations nationwide occur more than 1,000 times a year. "There's not a big red line drawn across the landscape that a pilot can see," Ms. Brown noted.

And why are their itty-bitty planes a problem anyway, the private pilots wonder? A bumper sticker seen in airport parking lots sums up their derision: "I Fly a Cessna 150, the Mighty Airplane that Brings Cities to Their Knees! Fear Me ... 2 Seats, 26 Gallons of Gas, 100 HP and 90 Knots of Screaming Terror!"

An Open Letter to NYU President Sexton

Dear President Sexton,

I just read that after refusing to acknowledge that those who do the bulk of teaching and grading at NYU actually work, you're now threatening them with a severe financial punishment and an academic blacklist of anyone who dares have the audacity to organize, too. How admirable! Good work!

You should really consider attacking them with tear gas and pepper spray. And what about Tasers? After all, you can't show weakness in the face of this menace to order!

If these non-working workers refuse to grade finals this semester, bring out the Pinkertons to beat the living hell out of them. That will really teach them a lesson!

All this is laughable considering these threats eminate from a Board of Trustees who have made millions of dollars every year stealing people's money while representing a university that claims to be a paragon of progressive thought.

You're a disgusting peon of a man - total scum - and you're going to lose.

Rot in hell.