16 August 2006

Did alCIAda Kidnap Two Fox 'News' Reporters in Palestine?

The mysterious kidnapping of 2 Fox 'News' reporters became even more intriguing on Wednesday after all Palestinian political factions denied responsibility for the operation. AP reports:
The wife of a kidnapped Fox News cameraman said Wednesday she's been told by Palestinian officials her husband's captors acted on their own, without support from militant groups....

"The bottom line is, there is no good reason for these two men to be held," said McNaught, a BBC World presenter. "They are friends of the Palestinians. They are here telling the Palestinian story for weeks now, when the rest of the world's media has not been here."
While it hardly bears mentioning that reporters from Fox are not friends of Palestine, it is noteworthy that while most media have dropped the ball there, these stayed, covering the story. Their exposure of what Apartheid Israel routinely does in Palestine may tells a story by itself. That story may explain why they were attacked.

Considering that just last month Zionist Land-Grabbers fired on a different Fox 'News' reporting crew, this speculation is not without foundation.

Just as Uncle Sam has trained teams of Mosque Bombers and Death Squads in Iraq whose operations are meant to deligitimate the Resistance and divide the country, we must at least speculate, as Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel aim to foment a civil war between Hamas and Fatah, that the same strategy may be in motion in Palestine.

In the past, as we have covered at Savage Justice, Uncle Sam, Apartheid Israel, and Palestinian collaborators like Mahmoud Abbas have invoked the spectre of EVIL alCIAda GOBLINS like Zarqawi to demonize the Palestinian Resistance.

We have seen in recent days, with the absurd campaign of Trans-Atlantic fear mongering, the concrete manifestations of how Uncle Sam and his surrogates and offshoots like the ISI and MI6 use their own creation - the Psy-Op alCIAda conspiracy - to advance their respective political agendas.

So amidst the creation of a unity government in Palestine that will unite all political factions in opposition to Apartheid Israel, it makes sense to assume that similar a political calculation underscores this brazen kidnapping.

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