09 August 2006

In Word and Deed, Comrade Chavez Opposes Zionist Genocide

"It really causes indignation to see how the state of Israel continues bombing, killing... with gringo planes, with all of the power they have, with the support of the United States... so many innocents, children, women."

- Hugo Chavez -

When Comrade Chavez on Thursday announced that Venezeuala had recalled its charge d'affaires to Apartheid Israel in response to the war crimes against the people of Lebanon and Palestine, he drew a line in the sand for anyone that claims to oppose imperialism.

To aid the people of Lebanon, Xinhua reports that Venezuela has pledged more than 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid.

As he made the announcment, Chavez lamented: "It's hard explain to oneself how nobody does anything to stop this horror."

Chavez knows it isn't hard to understand. Imperialist horrors continue because not enough people act to stop them. They continue because too many people refuse to support Resistance. In this specific case, the horror continues because many who claim to oppose Zionist aggression skirt the issue, equating the crimes of the aggressor with the victim's right to self-defense.

With its own action, Venezeula has helped to render this position untenable. By acting as it did, Venezuela says to the world: you cannot be neutral in this conflict. There is no "third camp". Either you oppose the aggression of Apartheid Israel against the people of Lebanon, or you support it.

It's a clear choice.

Quickly following Chavez's move, Apartheid Israel retaliated, recalling its own envoy and asserting that, "we are disturbed by the one-sided Middle East approach of the president of Venezuela."

Of course Chavez has taken a one-sided approach. Such is the only position a decent human being could adopt. He has done so because Apartheid Israel has launched a genocidal, unprovoked war of aggression against millions of innocent Lebanese.

Likening the actions of Apartheid Israel to Hitler and calling the attack on Lebanon a "new genocide," Chavez further underscored his committment to the Lebanese people early this week by moving to sever diplomatic ties with Apartheid Israel over its savage and ghastly war crimes.

By taking such a resolute position in solidarity with Lebanon and in support of its right to resist Zionist aggression, Comrade Chavez resisted the temptation to sit out the conflict, to espouse parlor-room socialism while blaming both sides - oppressor and oppressed - with equal vigor. Instead, as with Venezuela's alliance with Iran demonstates, Comrade Chavez has chosen to involve himself in the struggle for popular liberation and anti-imperialism.

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