20 February 2006

France Wants a Coup in Lebanon

"[French President Jacques] Chirac is personally supervising an urgent plan to oust Lahoud," the Lebanese daily An-Nahar reported on Sunday.

Citing Chirac's 'personal involvement' in "supervising a working group charged with coordinating ... (an action) ... to provoke a constitutional coup aiming at ousting President Lahoud before the end of his mandate on October 24, 2007," the piece exposes the behind-the-scenes role the French play in Lebanon to emaciate the government and, more importantly, vilify Hizbullah.

"Accusing France of attempting to oust Lahoud, a pro-Syrian Maronite Christian," the Middle East Online piece continued, "a Syrian government daily claimed US ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman was working to push Lahoud out of office."

It's clear that the EU and Uncle Sam, along with Apartheid Israel, have elected to pursue multiple tracks in their propaganda campaign against Arabs and Muslims. As long as they can start a war in Southern Lebanon, or in Palestine, or in Iraq, or Iran, or Syria, they'll be pleased for a short while... until the adversary they tried so hard to stigmatize and abuse fights back.

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