23 February 2006

Another Day in Apartheid Israel: Zionist Invaders Bulldoze Parks and Shoot Children

Just another day of ruthless, brutal violence by Apartheid Israel in Occupied Palestine:
  • Middle East Online reports that "More than 30 Israeli army jeeps and four bulldozers," were involved in an invasion into the occupied city of Nablus, killing 5 Palestinians.
  • Wire services report that, "the Israeli Occupation army has bulldozed a US-funded public park, including a children's playground and swimming pool, in a West Bank village."
  • Ha'aretz reports that in the Gaza Strip, Zionist invaders shot a 4-year old boy standing "near a window in his home."
  • Ha'aretz also reports that the Zionist Army attacked and wounded ten people at a peaceful demonstration against the Apartheid Wall. Dozens of protestors and around 200 village residents participatied in the non-violent demonstration, delaying construction for several hours before the Apartheid Army fired rubber coated bullets and sprayed tear gas into the crowd, paving the way for the bulldozers to confiscate more Palestinian land.
Meanwhile, Sambo Rice's 'Starve Palestine' tour across the Middle East aimed at preventing Occupied Palestine's Arab neighbors from offering humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority has failed miserably. After Russia, France, and Turkey rebuffed Sam and their Zionist collaborators last week, this week Sam has failed to secure support from their two main vassal states in the region - Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The Daily Star reports that even Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah Party "tentatively accepted Wednesday an offer from Hamas to become the junior partner in a coalition government." Meanwhile, China announced its intent to aid Hamas and Iran promised aid in conjuction with the Arab League with Ali Larijani, Iran's Supreme National Security Council, affirmating that, "The United States proved that it would not support democracy after it cut its aid to the Palestinian government after Hamas won the elections. We will certainly help the Palestinians." He added that, "we will definitely help this government financially in order to resist America's cruelty to this country."

In other words, Sambo Rice's bid to starve and strangle Hamas but cutting off support has totally and utterly completely failed. In fact, the brutal and inhumane campaign has backfired, making Hamas stronger while weakening the diplomatic standing of both Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam.

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