17 February 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Best Radio Show in the Country

Slave Revolt Radio
A Tale of Two Cities: Malibu and New Orleans
by Tracey James

If one honestly wants a hawks eye view of how race and class preference are played out and are intertwined in America and it's cities this true living tale is for you. It is a classic tale of American inclusion and exclusion. Support and denial. Generosity and genocide.

This hour Slave Revolt! in a (Beyond the shadow) segment titled 'A tale of two cities: 'Vanilla' Malibu, 'Chocolate' New Orleans' we explore how Fema responds to 'Vanilla' Malibu when it's frequent and natural firestorms blaze it's way through the zones that Malibu residents insist on living. This is in comparison to 'Chocolate' New Orleans. How public money is distributed is contrasted in black and white.

The response of Mayors, Governors, and the 'Orders' law enforcement agencies in the two cities gives some insight what flavor is prefered in this society. The privatized racialized order then blends together who profits off of these disasters regardless of what city you reside in. Making it clear that this 'Vanilla' koolade is a human made capitalist drink with the ingredients of a hierarchical elitist, economic, psychological, social political mixture that puts the Jim Jones/CIA koolade to shame.

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