21 February 2006

Hamas and Iran Strengthen Each Other; Apartheid Israel Retreats

After failing to garner enough support to impose a medieval siege upon the Palestinian people in the wake of the Hamas landslide, Apartheid Israel continued their diplomatc retreat, backing away from statements that they would not deal with Hamas.

Despite the Zionist state's change, Hamas's position remains steadfast. "Until Israeli leaders decide to leave the Palestinian territories," Hamas argues, "negotiations with Israel are a waste of time." We learn much about the political landscape when we consider that while Hamas refuses to meet with Apartheid Israel until they recognize international law, the Zionist state has already begun to retreat from their overblown rhetoric days earlier.

Though they failed to lay siege to all of Palestine, the Zionist government did still manage to steal $50,000,000 in taxes collected 'on behalf of' the Palestinian Authority - money that Apartheid Israel can take whenever it pleases. Additionally, Uncle Sam demanded that Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas return $50,000,000 in direct aid supposedly given by Sam to the Palestinian people.

Additionally, Sam has taken his 'Starve Palestine' Roadshow on a regional tour aimed at preventing others from filling the vacuum. Obediently, several of the region's chief collaborators and vassals - people like Abbas, who is trying to create a paramilitary gang in Occupied Palestine under his direct control, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and the government of Jordan - have each heeded the call, refusing to recognize Hamas's victory or aid the impoverished Palestinian people.

(While Mubarak & King Hussein apparently refuse to meet with Hamas until they recognize the state of Israel, their governments remain unconcerned by Apartheid Israel's refusal to do the same for Palestine.)

The government of Iran, on the other hand, has stepped up to announce their interest in aiding the Palestinian government. In fact, Olmert's diplomatic retreat comes on the heels of the statement made in Tehran by Hamas' top political leader Khaled Meshal that Iran would play an increasing role in Palestinian affairs and the political future of Palestine. "With respect to the challenges that we have ahead of us," Meshal said at a joint news conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, "Iran's role in the future of Palestine should continue and increase."

The Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference have also announced their willingness to step in and help.

Other nations, too, have begun to step in to assist the Palestinian people, ignoring the murderous diktat from Sam and Apartheid Israel. Ha'aretz reports Russia's offer of aid as an example.
Russia offered yesterday to provide emergency assistance to the Palestinians, a day after Israel decided to freeze transfers of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov offered the aid as part of international human relief efforts during a conference call between Russia and the three other members of the Mideast peace Quartet.
The AP notes also that, "Sweden's foreign aid agency said Monday it will give 50 million kronor (€5.3 million, US$6.4 million) in humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza." Based on contributions like this one, we may eventually see that Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam's campaign to starve Palestine ultimately strengthens and enriches Hamas - monetarily and politically - in a way that their inaction could never have done.

The continued refusal of other nations to starve Palestine weakens not only the prospects for crushing Hamas, but also of building a coalition of Arab states complicit in an attack against Iran. Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel's anti-Hamas propaganda campaign has emboldened Iran and its allies to take a stronger stand on behalf of the Palestinian people in the region. Meanwhile, their brutal treatment of the Palestinian people - simply because they voted - will boomerang against them with an unimaginable intensity.

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