25 February 2006

Uncle Sam Welches on Promise to Aid Palestinians

Despite Sambo Rice's failed minstrel show in the Middle East this week aimed at isolating Hamas and denying humanitarian aid to those occupied by Apartheid Israel, Uncle Sam's psy-op game against the Palestinian people continues unabated.

Along with the interesting and hopeful news that Palestinian President and Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas may resign, the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reports on Saturday that David Welch, Uncle Sam's envoy to the Palestinians, promised that aid to the Palestinians would continue.

Sam's pledge, made through Welch, is a transparent lie meant to dampen Palestinian rage over Sambo Rice's failed 'Starve Palestine' tour. The public record tells us as much. In actuality, Sam managed to break its pledge before even making it. Last week, Uncle Sam brutally demanded that the Palestinian Authority return $50,000,000 in humanitarian aid.

So we must analyze the situation with the understanding that Sam has already denied aid to Palestinians living under occupation from Apartheid Israel. Welch is just spitting rhetoric.

A recent speech made by Bush on Friday demonstrated the nakedness of Welch's lie. In it, G-Dub directly addressed this question. "The international community must continue to make clear to Hamas that democratically elected leaders cannot have one foot in the camp of democracy and one foot in the camp of terror. The world is waiting to see what choice Hamas makes."

On the question of recognizing Apartheid Israel now, Hamas has already made their choice. They have said time and time again, that they cannot recognize Israel while the Zionist state's borders remain without demarcation and include Palestinian territory. And as long as Apartheid Israel's genocidal policies - attacking refugee camps, killing children and assassinating leaders - accelerate, this is the proper position to take.

Far from demonstrating strength, Uncle Sam's use of such an obvious and brutal psy-op reflects its incapacity and impotence to to force a change in Hamas' policy with diplomatic blackmail. Sam's position – refusing to aid the Palestinian Authority, and even taking back aid already given to them - reflects its heartlessness. They use psy-ops like Welch's bogus lie to to conceal it.

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