22 February 2006

Uncle Sam's Naked Nuclear Hypocrisy Exposed

Uncle Sam, in addition to being the only nation in the world to use nuclear weapons, is also the world's largest manufacturer and distributer of Weapons of Mass Destruction. And as Sam and Apartheid Israel leverage virtually all of their political might and technological know-how behind their foolhardy campaign to kill thousands of Iranians and steal their resources, it has become incumbant on the aggressor nations to compel India to support the attack by any means necessary.

To do this, Sambo Rice's State Department has conditioned its sale of nuclear technology to India on its support for Sam's bloodthirsty campaign.

Ironically, the technology Sam is attempting to proliferate not only "undermines the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty" but also goes well beyond the nuclear technology for which it has referred Iran to the UN. Not that Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel have any problem with being hypocrites on this, or any other, issue.

Hopefully, however, India's need for Iranian gas and their general opposition to genocide will lead them to resist Sam's blackmail.

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