19 February 2006

Merkel and Other Western Warmakers Arm Iran

Perhaps instead of spouting incendiary rhetoric and comparing other world leaders to Hitler, German Chancellor Angela Merkel should instead begin watching her own country's weapons proliferators with a more wary eye. Her failure to do recently dealt yet another blow to the floundering European propaganda campaign meant to prepare the world for an assault against Iran.

According to the Associated Press, "several German companies are under investigation for alleged involvement in Iran's disputed nuclear program, a German magazine reported Saturday.

"Police searched the premises of eight firms as well as private homes on February 8 as part of the investigation, the Spiegel weekly said in an article released before its publication Monday."

Germany - along with France, Britain, Apartheid Israel and, of course, Uncle Sam - has begun waging a coordinated propaganda campaign ultimately aimed at killing thousands of innocent Iranian civilians and stealing their vast resources. However, circumstances these nations cannot ignore continue to complicate their plans. Sam and Jack's presence inside Iraq has undoubtedly become the most problematic of these.

Arguing last Friday that, "the presence of the British military forces in Basra has led to the destabilisation of the security situation in the city," Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called for British troops to withdraw from southern Iraq. The Financial Times piece continued, "Mr Mottaki was speaking during a visit to Lebanon, in a week where Basra has seen a series of demonstrations following the release of a video allegedly showing Iraqis being badly mistreated by British soldiers. This led Basra’s provincial council to cut ties with the British forces." Additionally, Moqtada al-Sadr's willingness to put his Mahdi Army 'in the service of Iran and Syria' ensures that in the case of an attack on Iran, Southern Iraq will become far bloodier for Sam, Jack and their mercinary army ever imagined.

Invading Iran has proven problematic for other reasons. Iran has effectively used the campaign led by Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam to demonize and strangle Hamas, calling "on Muslim nations... to provide annual financial aid to a Hamas-led Palestinian government and supported the radical group's refusal to recognize Israel." This call has led to increased resistance to Sam and Apartheid Israel's anti-Hamas campaign from the Arab League, the UN, and even the Quartet (Israel nullified the Quartet position by stealing tax money from the Palestinian Authority) just as Sambo Condi heads to the region to ensure "that Arab countries do not provide financial aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority." The moves - Iran to support Palestine; the West to starve it - further contrast Iran's regional intent with that of the brutal, racist, and inhumane occupiers of Iraq and Palestine.

The emerging oil alliance between Venezuela and Iran, and Russia's willingness to work alongside Iran rather than opposition to it also persist in complicating the campaign by the Merkels, Olmerts, Blairs, and Cheney's itching to slaughter Iranian civilians.

This evidence shows that, unless they have a serious deathwish, the architects of this campaign of brutality and mass murder will delay their plans to hit Iran until the political circumstances become more favorable. Unfortunately, with crises in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan all increasingly falling from of their control, they realize the need to act quickly. Caught between a these two forces moving in opposite directions, we must assume that the clique will call in all their bets decide will opt for the maximum bloodshed... even if it means triggering a world war.

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