14 February 2006

Assassin Shual Mofaz calls fighting Apartheid "Evil"

Apartheid Israel's Minister of Land Theft & Ethnic Cleansing Shual Mofaz called Palestinians 'evil' yesterday in a typically loony rant meant to stigmatize and delegitimate Hamas to the world. "Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority will be part of an axis of evil which starts in Iran, passes through Syria and Hezbollah and reaches Hamas and every state that contains Islamic terror organizations," the crackpot raved.

As a sign of just how panicked they are, Ha'aretz reports on efforts by Uncle Sam and the Zionist state to turn the collaborator Abbas a dictator and topple the Hamas government to facilitate their brutal straglehold over the Palestinian people. Just as they did in Lebanon a year ago, Sam's election fixers and Zionist Secret Police will be working tirelessly to undercut Palestinian democracy while spewing words about its virtues.

However, because their hypocrisy is so naked - because Apartheid Israel continues to murder innocent Palestinians with impunity - Mofaz's racism no longer has traction around the world. They see him and his ilk for what they are - brutal, racist murderers.

Underscoring this fact, on Monday Venezuela dismissed the paranoid ravings of Apartheid Israel and announced that they will meet Hamas "with pleasure," adding "They've just won an election."

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