14 February 2006

Haitian Democracy Battles Uncle Sam's Election Fixers

Haiti's citizens have taken to the streets in Port-au-Prince, staging what amounts to a general strike to protest the widespread campaign of vote rigging and fraud by the US election fixers at the National Endowment for Democracy whose job is to ensure that Sam's interests 'win' out electorally by any means necessary.

In the last few months, similar NED vote-rigging campaigns in Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Palestine have all failed. Consequently, Haiti has become a laboratory to test their relevance and viability in the service of Sam's Plantation.

So the vultures who can't shoot straight anywhere else in the world now have their sights fixed on not 'losing' Haiti to democracy. It's an uphill battle considering that 'their' guy - a white sweatshop owner - won less than 10% of the vote.

But hey, when Sam's doing the counting, anything is possible.

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