15 February 2006

The Death of 'Greater Israel': Zionist Religious Fanatics Lament the Latest Israeli Retreat

You've got to feel sorry for Israel's land-grabbing religious fundamentalist settlers. After feeling secure for so long in the knowledge that their racist government allows them to to steal Palestinian land with impunity and without consequence, these hapless wackos have been totally abandoned by their Apartheid government since Israel decided to retreat from land they illegally confiscated from Palestinian civilians.

Under the leadership of Mr. Veggie, the man who masterminded the strategy of stealing Palestinian land gradually by establishing Jewish-only Apartheid Settlements, the Zionist State mobilized its army against Jewish fundamentalists who have occupied themselves in the wake of this eviction destroying property and attacking soldiers.

Ha'aretz reports today that these fundamentalist land thieves have begun protesting against their Apartheid government and vandalizing property belonging to those who represent the Zionist state.
Vandals torched and destroyed the car of the police commander of the January evacuation of the West Bank outpost of Amona, in an arson attack next to the commander's home in Shoham late Tuesday night.

Brigadier General Meir Bukovza, deputy commander of the Samaria and Judea district police, was the on-site commander of the evacuation, which quickly turned into a scene of runaway violence.
These lunatics will soon recognzie what all cheerleaders of Apartheid Israel must recognize: The psychotic fantasy of 'Greater Israel' is Dead and the ongoing Zionist retreat is simply the beginning.

They may not believe it yet, but the Zionist state will not steal another single, solitary dunam of land from the Palestinian people.

Hamas' victory and Apartheid Israel's retreat means that the Zionist government must turn their attention (and many of their guns) entirely to keeping land they've already stolen and fighting the same lunatic settlers Sharon encouraged to move there years ago.

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