12 February 2006

Uncle Sam's anti-Iran Agitprop Backfires

In a recent televised speech, Venezuela's revolutionary Socialist President Hugo Chavez powerfully denounced the pending invasion of Iran plotted by 'Mr. Danger,' who "thinks of himself as the owner of the world," and Tony Blair - "the madman's unconditional and subordinate ally."

Chavez, like every other politically lucid person on the planet, realizes the seriousness of their massive propaganda campaign to kill Iranians, protect the petro-dollar, support Zionist Apartheid, and secure control of the spigot. Considering Uncle Sam's effort to overthrow Venezuela's government, kill Venezuelan people, and still Venezuelan oil, his alliance with Iran, China, and Russia shows that he has positioned his nation accordingly.

While tactical differences may exist depending on geography, the campaign against Iran falls perfectly in line with Sam's global strategy of killing poor people and stealing their resources - i.e., 'The Global War on Terror'.

Writing for the pro-Apartheid World Net Daily, 'Professor' Jerome R. Corsi offers his take on the Iran-Venezuela axis. "Whether we realize it or not, we are already involved in an economic war that could easily turn into a shooting war, starting with Iran."

Casting events from the recent past into the memory hole, propagandists like Corsi ignore Uncle Sam's attempted coup and lockout in 2002 which failed to topple Chavez. He also ignores that Uncle Sam continues to spend millions of dollars on spies and election fixers - with the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, and the Office for Transition Initiatives - assigned to to unseat Chavez electorally.

Facing a similar propaganda campaign to the one against Venezuela, Iran responded aggressively to Uncle Sam and its vassals' lies, intimidation, and propaganda before the IAEA last week.

The AP reported from Tehran on Saturday where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking at a rally marking the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, "rejected Western pressure to freeze the country's nuclear program and issued a veiled threat to walk away from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty."

Ahmadinejad told the crowd:
"The nuclear policy of the Islamic Republic so far has been peaceful. Until now, we have worked inside the agency (International Atomic Energy Agency) and the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) regulations."
He then warned:
"If we see you want to violate the right of the Iranian people by using those regulations (against us), you should know that the Iranian people will revise it's policies. You should do nothing that will lead to such a revision in our policy."
The problem the Masters of War now face concerning Iran is that, outside from their propaganda and lies spewed to justify war, there's little they can do. And while they march to war with words, Iran responds with actions damaging to the propagandists.

Because the IAEA got bullied by Sam into referring Iran to the UN without legal justification, Iran demanded that the body remove their cameras which Iran had voluntarily allowed inside its nuclear energy plants.

This move on the part of the Iranian government demonstrates that Uncle Sam, Apartheid Israel or anyone else who attacks Iran will pay a heavy price for doing so.

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