20 February 2006

Commandante Hugo tells Condi, "Shut your face, Sambo!"

Calling for an "inoculation strategy" and "a united front against some of the things that Venezuela gets involved in," last Thursday before Congress 'Condoloence' Rice unleashed another blistering attack against Venezuela. In many ways, her words echoed the year-old rhetoric from her confirmation hearings when she called Venezuela a "negative force in the region." This time Venezuela responded to Sam's rhetoric with a promise to act.

"She said something very serious and she let the world know that she is calling foreign ministers, that she called the ministers of Spain, Brazil and Austria, to alert them about Venezuela," their President Hugo Chavez noted. Understanding the serious nature of her attack, Chavez responded with a stark threat of his own: "The government of the United States should know that if they go over the line, they are not going to have Venezuelan oil. I have started taking measures in that respect, I'm not going to say what."

Rice's attack was no doubt linked to the announcement, made earlier in the week by Venezuela's energy minister, calling on OPEC to cut production. Rafael Ramierz told the Financial Times, 'I think we should cut between 500,000 and 1,000,000 [barrels per day]."

Sambo Rice's comments also stem from Venezuela's full-throated opposition to Uncle Sam's campaign to kill Iranians, which he warned will be "10 times worse than Iraq," as well as his support for the Iranian people's right to nuclear technology. Calling G-Dub "Mr. Danger" and "the greatest terrorist in the world," Chavez recently spoke out against Sam's Iran policy. "[Mr. Danger] thinks of himself as the owner of the world and now they are making plans to invade Iran, and plans against Venezuela too."

Chavez understands that the oil-infused alliance he has cultitvaded with the Iranian government greatly complicates Uncle Sam & Apartheid Israel's plans to attack. The simple fact is that without Venezuela's oil, Sam cannot wage the war it's itching to fight. This oil weapon remains for Chavez the card that may avert a world war, and his ability and willingness to use it against Sam explains the why he's a marked man.

As is often the case when one of Sam's minions attacks Chavez, the fallout from Sambo Rice's incendiary bluster backfired. On Monday Bloomberg reported, "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his country's natural gas is for the domestic market and South America, not for the United States, whose policies he described as unfriendly toward his government."

On Sunday, Chavez declared his nation ready to "resist an 'imperialist attack.'" "We are breaking the imperialist chains that bound us," he said. Modifying lyrics from a Venezuelan folk song, Chavez joked, "I sting those who rattle me, don't mess with me Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl."

Blustery, arrogant rhetoric aside, events over the last year underscore Sam's impotence in the regioin. Unable to successfully rig elections in Haiti and Bolivia as they did in Ukraine and in Georgia, the expression of democracy has proven to be an insurmountable adversary for Sam's election fixers. Bolivia's elections thrust Chavez ally Evo Morales into the Presidency of that nation. And despite Sam's effort to fix upcoming elections in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Peru, these campaigns virtually guarantee that other Leftists - in places where Sam formerly had allies - will emerge victorious.

Historically, Sam has relied on its ability to rig elections or stage coups & juntas when South America begins to slip out of its control. Given all that has occurred over the past 4 years, whether they can contain the leftward momentum in the region remains an open question. But one cannot question the centrality of stopping Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution to any final solution Sam offers.

If they don't, he'll continue to mock and ridicule Uncle Sam while he slowly turns off the spigot.

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