24 February 2006

Defaming Palestine's Dead: The ADL and Apartheid Israel's 'Museum of Tolerance'

We learn from reports in today's pro-Apartheid Israeli media that the 'Anti Defamation League' - a racist Zionist clique based in the United States - now supports the excavation of the "main Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem" so the Simon Wiesenthal Center, another pro-Apartheid lobbying group, can build a so-called 'Museum of Tolerance' atop land stolen from the Palestinians in 1948 and claimed illegally in 1992 by the city of Jerusalem.

"Workers have uncovered dozens of skeletons at the construction site," according to Ha'aretz. The piece continues:
Reports obtained by Ha'aretz showed for the first time the extent of the work at the site, as well as claims of carelessness by many of those involved in uncovering the remains... Skeletons have been damaged because of improper handling by workers who have no training in such work. One worker told Haaretz that he smashed a skull by mistake. The worker said the instructions they were given were that 'when we reach [a skeleton] we are not to take it out but to dig around it with a spade and a brush. Real archaeological work.'
By ignoring these reports, the pro-Apartheid ADL exposes their lack of concern for defaming dead Palestinians.

One should also note that the same Simon Wiesenthal Center now paying $200,000,000 to destroy the priceless cemetary bore responsiblity for the fraudulent propaganda attack on Commandante Hugo Chavez, who they accused of anti-Semitism, an utterly baseless claim rejected out of hand by the President of Venezuela's 'Confederation of Jewish Associations.'

The attack on Chavez is nothing new. We see time and time again how groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL opportunistically smear anyone who supports the Palestinians in their struggle to remove the shakles of Aparthied with the slur of 'anti-Semitism.' In reality, though, their attack has nothing to do with anti-Semitism at all. They use it as a weapon to demonize anyone opposing the policies of Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel.

In fact, Zionist groups like the SWC & ADL have no problem with anti-Semitism when the anti-Semite in question takes his orders from Uncle Sam. Their behaviour towards, Victor Yuschenko, who Sam's 'Orange Revolution' election fixers thrust into power just over a year ago, demonstrates their lack of concern for real anti-Semitism.

Compare the Zionist outcry against Chavez to the virtual silence by pro-Apartheid Jewish groups concerning the actions of Sam's ally Yuschenko, who recently "awarded Ukraine's highest honor -- the 'Hero of Ukraine' medal -- to a notorious anti-Semite, Ivan Spodarenko."

Why no outcry from Zionist groups? They certainly have not gone mute, as their attack on Chavez proves.

The truth is that there was no outcry because these racist groups don't really care about anti-Semitism at all.

The raging hypocrisy of the whole litany of anti-Arab lobbying groups - the ADL, the SWC, and of course AIPAC - expose what has become increasingly clear as the policies of Apartheid Israel lose legitimacy around the world. These groups deploy the 'anti-Semite' slur with monotonous, uninteresting, and predictable regularity because attacking messengers critical of Israel has become the last vestige left for them to justify their policies of apartheid.

Because of the Zionist state's brutality, the attack is the last piece of clothing used to conceal from the world a naked emperor.

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