17 February 2006

Apartheid Israel Plans Genocidal Siege of Palestine

The pro-Apartheid press in Israel has extensively noted the evolving strategy devised by the interim Apartheid government to punish Palestinians for Hamas's landslide electoral victory under Zionist occupation. Apartheid Israeli Minister Dov Weisglass hearkened back to the bygone days of the Nazism and eloquently described his government's genocidal strategy: "impose a diet on Palestinians, but not let them starve."

Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz elaborated on the plan, which calls for:
a freeze on further transfers of the tax revenues that Israel collects on behalf of the PA; a ban on the entry of workers from the Gaza Strip into Israel; a ban on the movement of Palestinians between Gaza and the West Bank; freezing a plan to upgrade the crossing points between the territories and Israel; freezing plans to build a port and airport in Gaza; and preventing transfers of military equipment to the PA from foreign countries, such as donations of armored personnel carriers and communications gear.
The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post calls it a policy aimed at, "tightening the noose around the Palestinian Authority in an effort to isolate the Hamas internationally until it renounces violence and recognizes the Jewish state."

As noted, the arrangement severly limits movement of people and goods into and out of Occupied Palestine that apply not only to Hamas officials or people "traveling from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank city of Ramallah for Saturday's swearing-in ceremony" but to every Palestinian. In other words, the Zionist strategy imposes, openly and flagrantly, collective punishment against all Palestinians.

It also calls for the theft of Palestininan tax money by the government of Apartheid Israel.

Taken in conjunction with the extension of the Apartheid Wall, Zionist clearly aim to realize their psychotic, genocidal Zionist vision of a Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates, free of Palestinians.

For one year, Hamas has not attacked Apartheid Israel even as the Zionist state continued to maim and murder its members. In response to Hamas's electoral victory, Apartheid Israel tightened the screws further. But their apoplectic response to the election and decisions made by Russia, Turkey, France and others to recognize Hamas, coupled with the desperate, brutal, and ultimately counterproductive moves by the Zionist government to brutalize the Palestinian people actually reveals its isolation and weakness, not strength.

And if they aren't careful, the siege may incite Hamas to resist the Israeli occupation in a way that will ensure that the deluded Zionist fantasy of expelling all Palestinians will remain just that.

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