27 December 2006

Welcoming some Comrades in the Fight

Over the last few days, we have had the opportunity to do some maintenance to this blog. In doing so, we wanted call attention to the addition of a few comrades who - from Palestine to the Plantation - have thrust themselves into the fight for freedom and social justice.

To our "Radio" section, we have added the powerful and timely radio show, The Block Report, produced by the Prisoners of Conscience Committee's Minister of Information, JR. The P.O.C.C., led by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., has become one of the foremost organizations today in the fight to emancipate Black people from the shackles of Uncle Sam's Plantation. The continued development of this show will no doubt pay a large role as the P.O.C.C. spreads its message of Black empowerment and Black liberation throughout the plantation.

The Hip-Hop War Report contains great interviews and information about artists and musicians while also serving as a clearinghouse for news and information about the Black Freedom Struggle here on the Plantation.

We came across The Liberator blog in doing some research about the assassination of Sean Bell in Queens by the New York Pigs for an upcoming Savage Pigwatch entry. The video clip they posted of the murder chillingly details the crazed, brazen rapaciousness of the Pigs' attack. We welcome The Liberator's insight into this and many other issues concerning the Black Freedom Struggle.

And finally, after reading her powerful entry entitled "And the Truth Shall Set You Free..." we have added the beautifully written blog Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a Sealed Bottle... This blog not only contains fantastic analysis, but also beautiful art and powerful words of resistance from a population that finds itself particularly singled out and under attack by Zionism and imperialism.

As this blog continues to develop, we will strive to take note of newly discovered sources of information that aid in the rising up of poor and oppressed people throughout the world. If readers have recommendations or suggestions for other sites to which we should link, please let us know.


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