07 December 2006

Nasrallah: "We will win with our voices, and not with our arms!"

The only place bullets should be directed is at the chests of the Israeli enemy."

- Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Speaking before the National Opposition's demonstration-turned-celebration in Beirut Thursday night, Hassan Nasrallah issued a final warning of sorts - "share power with us, or we will take it from you" - to the illegitimate Siniora government that has clearly, transparently cast its lot with Zionism against the people of Lebanon. Rym Ghazal reports in the Daily Star:
The leader of Hizbullah vowed Thursday to press on with the rally for a unity government, but he also made a solemn oath that Lebanon's Shiites would not be "dragged" into a sectarian war with Sunnis. "If anyone thought that we would be frightened away and just surrender and go back home, they are gravely mistaken and are living in illusions, illusions, illusions!" Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared in live television address.

Tens of thousands of cheering demonstrators crammed around two large screens erected in the heart of Downtown Beirut to watch the speech.

"We will not be dragged into any strife even if you kill a thousand of us," Nasrallah promised in the speech.

"We will not raise our arms in the face of anyone in Lebanon ... Our weapons have only been raised against our Israeli enemy," he added, speaking from an undisclosed location, as has been the case in most instances since the July-August war with Israel.

"We will win with our voices, and not with our arms!" vowed Nasrallah, calling for a greater turnout for yet another mass demonstration on Sunday aimed at forcing the government to step down.
With its party-like atmosphere, the demonstration has taken on a life of its own, becomming a festive celebration. Demonstrators have thwarted attempts by Uncle Sam's March 14 Sepoys to incite violence. Earlier this week - an incitment made manifest in the cold-blooded, mafia-style hit on Ahmed Mahmoud, an unarmed 20 year old.

Not unlike the murder of Sean Bell by the Pigs of New York.

The National Opposition demand of a unity government that gives the majority of Lebanon's population a more representative voice in the government. They will continue to make this demand, and, as Christian leader Michel Aoun has said, they will raise the degree of popular pressure to carry it out.

And judging both from Hizbullah's successess and the Siniora government's myriad failures, one has no doubt they will succeed.

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