28 December 2006

Savage Welfare: Zionist Land-Grabbers Demand Money from Apartheid Israel to Flee Palestine

Since the UN met in New York to carve Apartheid Israel out of Palestine in 1947, its lily-white settler population of European Zionists has demanded massive amounts of welfare to cover their land-theft.

Those demands continue unabated to the present.

So when Apartheid Israel told the white Europeans to whom it had given welfare checks to move into Gaza that it could no longer protect them from the indigenous semitic population, the same Zionists who so bravely stole Palestinian land turned tail and ran, insisting on even more welfare to cover their retreat.

And thus, a lesson was learned about Zionist cowardice: Once the Apartheid government no longer promises to protect them with tanks and bulldozers - themselves ironically paid for with welfare checks - they will always run away rather than defend themselves.

Of course the Apartheid government granted their request, agreeing to give away billions to the fleeing White European settlers. But the sum wasn't nearly enough to satisfy Zionists so accustomed to living off the dole. Tovah Lazaroff reports on The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post on testimony before Apartheid Israel's Knesset in which uprooted Land-Grabbers demanded more:
Disengagement has cost former Gaza farmer Ronit Balaban NIS 5 million, her long-standing clients and her pride.

She was one of several farmers who came to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning to testify before the Knesset State Control Committee and to demand that the cabinet change the way the Evacuation-Compensation Law addresses the problems of those Gaza farmers who want to rebuild their businesses.
Lest anyone try and convince you that the demands for welfare are purely financial in nature, Balaban cites the cold weather... and the lack of sufficiently subsidized infrastructure... and lack of sufficiently subsidized spy equipment... and her commute.... and her insomnia. The piece continues:
The new site is colder than the old one, she said. So she had to spesnd more to heat the hothouses and to put in infrastructure to accommodate the new temperatures.

She also needed a different irrigation system to adjust for changes in the water quality between Gaza and Mavki'im.

Early on, Balaban's tractor was stolen, so she understood she now needs a surveillance system, something that was almost unheard of in Gush Katif, where the hothouses were located next to farmers' homes.

She now has a one-hour commute from her modular home in Yad Binyamin to the hothouses...

Balaban can't sleep at night for fear she will never get out of debt. "It shouldn't be this way," she said.
Unlike the paralysis that pervades Apartheid Israel's government when it comes to dealing with the Palestinian Resistance, to these requests for welfare the Zionist colonial government responded swiftly - perhaps because they're so used to making similar requests of Uncle Sam.
Both left- and right-wing parliamentarians at Wednesday's meeting agreed.

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon (Labor) called for the law to be changed.

MK Ami Ayalon (Labor) said he didn't understand how the government could plan to withdraw from additional territory without first properly compensating the Gaza evacuees.
Appeals to Apartheid Israel for welfare, as seen above, come frequently from a settler population living on stolen land by the grace and charity of European imperialism. The Zionist settler colony produces very little of value to the outside world; this explains why its survival depends on welfare: Apartheid Israel's sole raison d'etre is as a tool used by those same imperialist powers to blunt the rise of economic self-determination in the oil-rich region.

Stories like Balaban's only reinforce that reality.

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