12 December 2006

Important News from Uncle Sam's Key Allies

While Uncle Sam's mouthpieces and lackeys drone on endlessly about a totally confected war against Islam (born largely out of the 911 fairy tale), two interesting developments have taken place among Sam's Sepoys in the so-called Muslim world that underscore his close relationship with the region's most reactionary and undemocratic elements.

The Bush family's Saudi Arabian comrades yesterday announced the resignation of the kingdom's ambassador to Sam's Plantation, Prince Turki al-Faisal. While they reported that al-Faisal wanted to spend time with his family, the piece goes on to report that he could assume the reigns as Foreign Minister - perhaps to assume control of Saudi Arabian forces in Iraq, as DEBKA reported?

Was this discussed during Five Deferment Cheney's recent visit?

Elsewhere, the Times of India reports:
The US government has awarded an initial $78 million as part of a $144 million contract to Lockheed Martin for tasks related to the production of 18 new Advanced Block 52 F-16 aircraft for Pakistan.
While ignorant platitudes about Uncle Sam's completely confected 'War on Terror' proliferate the neo-fascist blogosphere, in reality Sam is swimming upstream, fighting to steal whatever resources he can manage to steal, working with anyone willing to degrade themselves for the sake of the almighty (but not for much longer) Greenback.

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