18 December 2006

Apartheid Israel: A Nation of Sewage

Fake Zionist - the blogosphere's most vile European Islamophobe - must have gotten a kick out of this story.

If he actually lived Zionism rather than spitting 'tough-guy' rhetoric talking about it, one might even suspect him responsible.

Ma'an today reports:
The residents of the northern West Bank town of Bruqin, west of Salfit, have appealed to international and domestic environmental protection and ecological conservation institutions to help them stop the flow of Israeli sewage into their town.

The residents told Ma'an's reporter that the sewage overflowing from the nearby Israeli settlement of Ari'el threatens to cause a health disaster in their town.
What a surprise! "Must have been an accident!" cry the lackeys. "We promise to investigate!"

... and of course, the corporate propagandists zip it.

Considering that Apartheid Israel has already blessed the world with the Nakba - with Deir Yassin, Sabra & Shatilla, Qana, Jenin, Qana II, Beit Hanoun... - the knowledge that its chief export - sewage - made its way onto land still occupied by the indigenous Semitic people there hardly comes as a surprise.

To Fascist European anti-Semites - people who have already sunk to the lowest imagineable depths of savagery - using their own shit as a chemical weapon actually makes sense.

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