16 December 2006

Uncle Sam Steps Up Campaign of Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans

More than one year ago, Uncle Sam used Hurricane Katrina as a pretext to begin a genocidal campaign of land theft and ethnic cleansing against the people of New Orleans.

This attack commenced when Uncle Sam refused to evacuate the city. It continued when "the 17th Street levee was bombed," according to Katrina survivor Clara Barthelemy, "by the Army Corps of Engineers to save the more valuable real estate in the city."

In the months since the hurricane, Uncle Sam has saught to parlay the calamity of Katrina into a financial opportunity for the ruling class - a phenomenon that continues today.

The 'New Orleans Housing Authority' - run by Donald Babers - unilaterally decided last week that the demolition of salvageable and much-needed public housing would commence in order to build what ethnic cleansers call 'mixed-income construction' (i.e., neighborhoods where Vanilla Sam can remain willfully blind to the overall poverty on Sam's Plantation).

Gwen Filosa writes in last Friday's New Orleans Times-Picayune:
The Housing Authority of New Orleans on Thursday approved plans to demolish the city's four largest public housing complexes and other smaller sites, blaming Hurricane Katrina for leaving about 7,500 apartments not worth repairing.

No dates have been set, but HANO plans to demolish the St. Bernard, C.J. Peete, Lafitte and B.W. Cooper developments to make way for an estimated $681 million worth of mixed-income neighborhood construction.
In making this decision, HANO has hardly acted alone, however. The piece continues:
HANO will submit its demolition applications to HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, who in June announced the government's desire to replace complexes with mixed-income neighborhoods that will include a portion of subsidized housing.
While he does not have the same political usefulness for ruling class politicians as Colin Cancer Powell or Sambo Rice, Sambo Jackson has - in doing ruling order's genocidal wetwork in New Orleans - proven himself a quite valuable asset to Uncle Sam. With his willingness to deny thousands of internally displaced people from the city the Inalienable Right to Return to their Homelands (a policy that quite familiar to those of you who worship the Zionist Apartheid colony), Jackson, along with former Cox Communications CEO Ray Nagin and Babers have each taken a paramount role in the quest to make New Orleans a more 'Vanilla' city.

Filosa continues:
Babers and his staff made no comments on the monumental decision the demolition plan represents. But housing advocates and residents called the citywide razing plan immoral and illegal.
Of course the plan is both immoral and illegal, but morality hardly serves as a disincentive for Uncle Sam to attack Black people. Sam carries out these practices for material reasons, not moral ones.

From FEMA's psychological warfaretrailer-park campaign to the theft of hurricane victims' land by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Uncle Sam has - for 15 months - waged a methodical and ruthless war to expel the city's poorest residents.

Like the Middle Passage of old, Uncle Sam corraled flood victims into pits of filth and squalor (Convention Center and Superdome) with lies and deceit before ultimately scattering them like dust.

We know that FEMA openly sabotaged the relief effort (going so far as to bar the Red Cross).

We know that the media vilified victims as 'looters'.

We know that Uncle Sam brought in mercinary killers fresh from Iraq to patrol the streets and confiscate guns in the service of wealthy paymasters aiming to make the city 'Vanilla' through 'Urban Renewal'.

One must understand the latest developments in the Katrina genocide as both tragic and predictable. Undestand it in context.

From the earlies moments of the calamity, there developed a sharp, clear conflict between Uncle Sam's economic interests and the interests of those entitled to return. To achieve his ends, Uncle Sam has acted with vengeance and brutality to suppress any opposition from his victims, and one engages in folly to think anything short of mass action will alter this genocidal behavior.

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