27 December 2006

Who Feels a Draft?

Even as media windbags disparage the suggestion, the drip... drip... drip of news stories anticipating war with Iran coupled with the pounding Iraq's Resistance keeps dishing out to Uncle Sam's GI Joes continues to fuel speculation that Uncle Sam may soon need to re-instate the draft.

Those anticipating such a call got an added gust of support with the report last week that:
The Selective Service System is making plans to test its draft machinery in case Congress and President Bush need it, even though the White House says it doesn't want to bring back the draft.
The Selective Service has gone to great lengths to curtail any and all news about a renewal of the draft. However, we read in the article that:
Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson prompted speculation about the draft... when he told reporters in New York that "society would benefit" if the U.S. were to bring back the draft.
Speculation about the draft periodically gets added backing by the relentless calls by Harlem's own Democratic stalwart and Bush lackey Charles Rangel who has moved over and over again, in a political charade typical of the Party to which he belongs, to re-instate the draft. Using deeply flawed logic and betraying a profound historical ignorance, Rangel asserts that economic and racial disparities exist in the military today due to the absence of a draft rather than the systemic racism and class bias of capitalism or his own party's war agenda.

Whether or not there is a draft, we know one thing for certain: the crazed war hawks who frequent this blog - MULLAH BEAK the DHS UNEMPLOYED PEDOPHILE, FAKE ZIONIST, and CENSORMAN the SLAVING LEFIST will flee fast and furiously from the suggestion that they go and fight even though they now qualify for service under the revised guidelines for admission into the service. "In recent years, the Army has accepted recruits with lower aptitude test scores."

According to the article, there's a place for you at Uncle Sam's table, guys... what's holding you back? Some of you don't even have jobs (right Mickey?).

Make no mistake about it: we at Savage Justice do not foresee a draft in the short-term. However, we cannot relegate the coming war between Apartheid Israel and the Republic of Iran to the realm of idle speculation - the Zionist settler colony has backed itself into a corner from which it cannot retreat any further. We also know that in this coming fight, imperialist powers have quite clearly taken sides - Uncle Sam, England, France and Germany with Apartheid Israel; Russia and China with Hizbullah, Iran and Syria - and deployed their military hardware in abundance.

Once a spark - in Zionist-occupied Palestine, Zionist-occupied Lebanon, or Zionist-occupied Syria - ignites the conflagration in the Near East, nobody can know how events will follow. For many governments, the fantastic today may become the logical solution tomorrow.

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