07 June 2007

"What's New in the Zoo?": A Savage Klanwatch Primer

As one can see from the blizzard of bizarre, homoerotic, sexually perverse, racist comments, our pets in the Savage Klanwatch have been particularly active of late.

In addition to the comments, their ringleader - on this occasion - hastened to send dozens of unsolicited e-mails to many erstwhile comrades using my name.

The Klanwatchers are also taking another crack at a parody blog.

I know, I know: Name a way to be me and these guys have tried it!

But they're so cute!

One may recall their first attempt at the blog, a short-lived effort they called Thavage Justice. That's right: DON'T LOOK NOW -- they're at it again"!!

Zany, right? Kind of cute, even!

Here's what's ironic: they earned their place on the Klanwatch by censoring their own blogs!

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