21 June 2007

Slave Revolt Radio
'Snow Job': Democrats, Progressives, and the Imperial War Machine

When the Democrates and Republicans worked out their funding (in the form of the Nancy Pelosi Bill) for the imperial war expansion in the Mid-East theater, many of progressives in America labeled it as a 'sellout'. A 'betrayal' of the will of the American public. In reality the Democrates and their 'progressive' side kicks like Moveon.org did what they were set up to do. Snow the public by portraying themselves as a opposition force to the Imperial war agenda while helping to carry out the mandate of Empire and the Administrators within it.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) segment called 'Snow Job: How the Democrates and the Progressive Movement are a Component of the Imperial War Machine' Slave Revolt attempts to expose just that. Clips from John Conyers, Hometown Baghdad, Nancy Pelosi and others help expose the grand illusion that many of those who claim their 'anti-war' yet support a Imperial war party (Democrates), in the hopes of stopping a genocidal war for Empire are in. And how their relationship to the State makes them easy 'Snow Job' candidates at the very least.

The program wraps up with a Tracey James Sound Design called 'Be all that you can be'. Which for the Slaves in Revolt means more than being disposable connon fodder by the Machine, and confused Snow Puppies for the 'Order'.

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