13 June 2007

Palestinian Fighters Stun Zionist Land-Grabbers; Storm Key Occupier Base

On Saturday, a team of Palestinian resistance fighters launched a surprise attack on an outpost of the Zionist occupiers near the Kissufim Crossing - one of 4 routes in which Apartheid Israel occasionally allows Palestinians to enter and exit the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist propaganda outfit Debka reported:
Three Palestinian groups mount joint surprise cross-border attack on Israeli position guarding the Israel-Gaza Kissufim border crossing Saturday. The attack... was staged in broad daylight by Hamas, Jihad Islami and Fatah-al Aqsa with the aim of killing and snatching Israeli soldiers, just a year after the kidnap of Gilead Shalit...

The Palestinians claim several Israeli soldiers were hit and one is held captive by an infiltrator inside Israeli territory.
Again, the story undoubtedly contains Zionist Propaganda, but it also no-doubt contains in it some truth.

Ma'an, a decidedly more reliable source than Debka, offers some details about the attack from those carrying it out:
The spokesmen of the Al Quds Brigades, Abu Ahmad, reported ... that "four men – two from Al Quds and two from Al Aqsa Brigades... were able to break into the base using a jeep, which was locally-enforced and armoured. They managed to destroy an Israeli jeep before clashes erupted between the fighters and Israeli forces."

Abu Ahmad added "the operation was complicated, the fighters managed to break through the gate after detonating explosives at the entrance and then four martyrs clashed with the Israeli soldiers in the post, while a reinforcing unit launched mortar shells into the base..."
Interestingly, Debka also reports - without any evidence - that "Al-Qaeda-Palestine may also have taken part" in the raid.

It's funny where alCIAda turns up, isn't it?

Now obviously Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists have nothing to do with this operation, since their main objective has always been to deepen, not retard, Sam's involvement in the region.

How so?

Months ago, Debka reported on the collaboration between Uncle Sam and Palestinian Zionist Mohammed Dahlan his merry brigade of Zionist killers-for-hire. This story was particularly noteworthy because of the news that Dahlan has teamed up with alCIAda's Palestine franchise to attack the Hamas movement using weapons furnished by Uncle Sam's Welfare Checks.

This alliance between anti-Hamas Zionist mercinaries and alCIAda - an alliance marinated by Uncle Sam's 'generosity' - works in unison to preserve the Zionists genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

At every step, Apartheid Israel has facilitated this ongoing operation, working to ensure Dahlan is well-supplied with Uncle Sam's guns. Meanwhile, the Zionist fake-state continues to steal millions of dollars every month belonging to the people of Palestine while maintaining its medieval siege aimed at "putting the Palestinians on a diet," in the words of a famous Zionist.

Under such a threat, Hamas's has acted to root out such brazen collaborators - people whose supplication for Apartheid Israel's welfare appears on the front pages. Consequently, the Hamas movement has gone on the offensive in Gaza to eliminate Dahlan's power-base.

And thus far, to the palpable chagrin of both Apartheid Israel and the collaborator government of Mahmoud Abbas, the Hamas fighters have succeeded.

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