27 June 2007

The Bolivarian Revolution Again Silences Uncle Sam's Vanilla Revolutionaries

The forces of counter-revolution have grown silent in Venezuela after a 2 June protest in which more than a half-million Bolivarian revolutionaries took to the streets in Caracas supporting the decision to return a television broadcasting frequency to the people of Venezuela.

The rally was a spectacular and systematic demonstration of democracy in action.

Before taking to the streets, Venezuelanalysis reported how accurately participants grasped the issues and distiled them clearly. At home and abroad, Public consciousness is - above all - Uncle Sam's greatest nemesis. That's why Uncle Sam needs his WarOn Commies: he needs everyone stupid!

He needs Vanilla Sam!

Chris Carlson reports, "more than six hundred different social organizations, including communal councils, political movements, collectives, community media, and cooperatives" signed a document rejecting the "imperial interference to destabilize and overthrow the Bolivarian government." He continues, "the organizations support the Venezuelan government's decision not to renew the broadcast license of the private TV network RCTV and insist that the protests in the country are a part of an imperial strategy."

This concrete manifestation of democracy stymied the nascent protest-movement of college students turned Vanilla Revolutionaries, who, as the day of RCTV's network feed expired, traveled the most affluent locales of Venezuela in search of devotees and demanding the government ignore the public will and renew RCTV's license. As soon as the Bolivarian masses took to the streets, the campaign collapsed, and today the WarOn Commies at RCTV have to make due with their cable and satellite empire.

But of far more interest than the shopping mall protests of Uncle Sam's Vanilla Revolutionaries are actions taken by the WarOn Commies at RCTV. They clarify, in a clear and compelling way, what led to the Bolivarian people's demand for more a democratic airwaves. Media Lens reports:
[F]or two days before the April 11, 2002 coup, RCTV canceled regular programming and instead ran constant coverage of a general strike aimed at ousting Chavez. A stream of commentators delivered fierce criticism of the president with no response allowed from the government. RCTV also ran non-stop adverts encouraging people to attend an April 11 march aimed at toppling the government and broadcast blanket coverage of the event. When the march ended in violence, RCTV ran manipulated video footage falsely blaming Chavez supporters for the many deaths and injuries.
Like the WarOn Commies who run the Fox Network here on Uncle Sam's Plantation, RCTV ordinarily pedals a healthy dosage of 'bread & circuses' - a mix of religion and reaction, smut, sillyness, and sport - to promote, advance, and conceal the machinations of the ruling class.

But when Duty to Uncle Sam calls, these WarOn Commies - along with assorted other lackeys, coupsters, WarOn Druggies, and sellouts (in other words, the same perennial election-losers who gave us the April 2002 coup and the management lockout of PDVSA later that year) - respond. And in May and June, they predictably busied themselves with rallying support for Vanilla Revolutionaries to riot against the government like Uncle Sam's Orange Revolutionaries did in Ukraine less than 20 months earlier.

We know that, "the student protests in Venezuela... '[were] not spontaneous,' but are rather a part of a plan to provoke violence." The Vanilla Revolutionaries sought spilled blood in Venezuela to provoke an international outcry and did all they could - from posting phony video clips from YouTube to attacking government buildings - to confect it, but they failed. Defenders of Uncle Sam assert that the protests were spontaneous. Nonsense. At every step of the way, the Vanilla Revolutionaries had guidance and direction.
Assembly members released two different recorded phone calls in which a leader of the opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), Alfonso Marquina, and his wife Tibisay converse about the protests and the necessity for them to continue but without the appearance of any political leaders in order to preserve their supposed spontaneity..."

The recordings are evidence that the student protests are directed by sectors that are adverse to the government. They assured that the protests are media-directed by the opposition and that they have the ultimate objective of producing "a death" so that they can "put in march a chain reaction that will create the conditions for another coup attempt like the one in April 2002"
When Sambo Rice arrogantly rose at the OAS and, acting as Uncle Sam's mouthpiece, made a paean to the WarOn Commies one sees "every night on CNN, on ABC, on CBS, on NBC" before denouncing Comrade Chavez, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro had a response ready:
"The OAS would have to make a special commission in order to study the daily violation of human rights along the southern borders of the United States." he replied denouncing "the wall of indignity" that Washington is building along the border with Mexico.

Maduro also made reference to the violation of human rights that takes place in the military base of Guantanamo, Cuba. "How many prisoners do you have in the Guantanamo prison, we ask the government of the United States. How many are there? Who are they? Do they have the right to a trial? Where did you kidnap them from? Do they have due process? Men and women, without a face, without a name, kidnapped," said Maduro.
Of course Maduro knew before he spoke these words that Sambo Rice would not listen. Uncle Sam never views its own actions by the same standards he uses to judge others.

Vanilla Sam!

Unlike Uncle Sam's wholly subsidized Venezuelan front-group Sumate, the groups endorsing the creation of the new station, TVes, actually originate in Venezuela. Their powerful march dispelled the myth and blew the lid off the propaganda - advanced by Uncle Sam's seditious, government-funded minions in Venezuela and his lackeys here on The Plantation - that the decision lacked popular support.

Forced to rely on its satellite and cable TV empire, RCTV's WarOn Commies cry and lament their plight to the heavens. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam decided "to allot $10 million for [Voice of America] broadcasts to Venezuela," a maneuver sponsored by the ancient WarOn Commie, Connie Mack.

Sam's decision to rely upon the Voice of America and his reliance upon such a stale 'Plan B' - in other words, Sam's absolute lack of options short of violence - point to failure in Venezuela.

With every campaign - the coups, lockouts, elections, and now a purely confected "protest movement" - Uncle Sam has failed to smash the Bolivarian Revolution. In fact, just the opposite has occurred. Whenever Sam does in Venezuela boomerangs, leaving him on shakier ground than before.

Yet another failure driven home again by the Bolivarian Masses has no doubt led Comrade Chavez to conclude that the same people who saved the Bolivarian Revolution in 2002 and saved the airwaves this month - the true source of his power - must rule Venezuela. His plan for Communal Councils will do exactly that:
Directly elected by Venezuelans over the age of 14, most councils have their own communal banks and command centers to organize public works projects, 30 percent of which are related to infrastructure.
The councils must defend their homeland, too. In an AP report entitled, "Chavez Warns of Resistance War With US," Christopher Toothaker quotes Chavez.
We must continue developing the resistance war, that's the anti- imperialist weapon. We must think and prepare for the resistance war everyday.

It's not just armed warfare. I'm also referring to psychological warfare, media warfare, political warfare, economic warfare."
Chavez understands Uncle Sam's "slow-fuse" campaign to smash the revolution relies principally on propaganda aimed at discrediting the Bolivarian Revolution. The Bolivarian masses understand it, too. That's why the decision by the government to refuse RCTV's renewal and turn the license over to the people themselves strikes at the heart of Uncle Sam's strategy there.

By viewing the first 20 or so minutes of TVes, the popularly-run network that replaced RCTV, one can easily see why the people of Venezuela support the move to take the airwaves back from the WarOn Commies. Rather than peddling Vanilla Smut and WarOn Commie Rants, the frequency now has a distinctly Bolivarian voice.

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