08 June 2007

With Help from CrimeBill Clinton, WarOn Druggies Solicit Uncle Sam's Welfare $$

On Wednesday, the Financial Times ran 2 stories highlighting the servile dependence of Colombia's WarOn Druggie President - Alvaro Uribe - on Uncle Sam for guidance and, of course, his Welfare Checks.

The first story, written by Benedict Mander and appearing on Wednesday, begins:
President Alvaro Uribe arrives in Washington this week to continue his campaign to persuade Congress to continue military aid to Colombia, a draft bill for which is announced on Wednesday. But his battle is being undermined by a deepening political crisis at home.

In what has become known as the "para-politics" scandal, growing numbers of ministers and officials have been accused of co-operating with rightwing militias.
Not just 'accused', right Mr. Mander? In fact, hasn't evidence been pretty clear-cut for some time? Doesn't Mauricio Romero, who you quote, seems to think so?
"If the extent of government involvement with paramilitaries becomes public, "things will get very complicated, and the executive's ability to govern will be seriously weakened," [says Romero]. Paramilitary chiefs say they have had ties with as much as a third of congressmen, almost all pro-government.
The scandal did not begin today. It did not even begin Under CrimeBill Clinton (hat tip to Slave Revolt Radio),. But CrimeBill did authorize "Plan Colombia," an Apartheid Israel-sized Welfare Check to Uribe's WarOn Druggies to defend their Coke.

Remember: going back all the way to his days in Arkansas, CrimeBill's family supported the WarOn Druggies!

Uncle Sam's Colombia policy didn't begin with CrimeBill, but it clearly remains close to his heart. At least that's what Eoin Callan & Anastasia Molony report in Wednesday's Financial Times:
Colombia will ask Bill Clinton this week to imbue its lobbying efforts with his renowned charm as it seeks to persuade reluctant Democrats to embrace a leader tainted by scandal.

President Alvaro Uribe will host a gala cocktail party with the former US president in Manhattan on Friday, joined by Shakira, the Colombian pop diva.
While everyone knows that CrimeBill likes dancing with the stars, his true ambition is far more sinister:
One person involved in the lobbying effort said: “Bill Clinton is a political rock star. If he supports it, you’ve got to take a second look”...

Mr. Uribe also had a meeting on Wednesday with Charles Rangel and Sander Levin, veteran congressmen who are shaping Democratic trade policy and are both politically close to the Clintons.

“Charlie Rangel and Sandy Levin have been very generous with their time in meeting Uribe throughout this,” said a person involved in the dialogue, adding: “My hope is that they wouldn’t be doing that if it wasn’t worth the effort.”
CrimeBill's job: to put the Rangel in line. After obeying his Massa and ensuring the flow of drugs into his district, he'll look mighty sincere attacking ComradeChavez when he's giving them heating oil.

While Uncle Sam barks and howls at the Venezuelan government's decision to return a radio frequency to the Bolivarian people, he bankrolls WarOn Druggie Alvaro Uribe and his merry band of WarOn Druggie Death Squadders.

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