20 July 2006

Uncle Sam's Welfare Checks Bankroll Zionist Genocide

As the Zionist onslaught throughout Palestine and Lebanon continues and the cost of waging such an intense and savage blitzkrieg against both the civilian population and the means of production in both nations mounts, Apartheid Israel has predictably turned to Uncle Sam for financial support necessary to sustain the assault.

And of course, Uncle Sam is all too happy to oblige. After all, marching in lockstep with Uncle Sam's actions in occupied Iraq, Apartheid Israel proudly admits that it will use the welfare checks to kill Arabs. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports:
The U.S. Defense Department is selling Israel jet fuel “to keep peace and security in the region,” the Pentagon said.

Last Friday’s statement announcing the sale did not say when Israel requested the fuel, valued at up to $210 million.

"The proposed sale of the JP-8 aviation fuel will enable Israel to maintain the operational capability of its aircraft inventory,” the Pentagon said in the notice of such sales that it’s required to give Congress, according to a Reuters report.

The fuel will be consumed while Israeli aircraft are "in use to keep peace and security in the region," the notice said. The air force’s bombardment of Lebanon since last week is its most serious engagement since the 1982 Lebanon War.
Because neither Uncle Sam nor Apartheid Israel cares a whit for Arab lives, both understand the massive ethnic cleansing campaign in Lebanon and Palestinians as a way "to keep peace and security in the region." Thus, even among those on Sam's Plantation who want to cut foreign aid to the bone find welfare checks ensuring that the onslaught continues prefectly acceptable.

But to the wider world, such a brazen act further proves Uncle Sam's complicity in and aggreement with the Zionist slaughter, exposing its role and its utter inability to act as an unbiased mediator.

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